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800,000,000 SC has just been transferred into your bank account from the SGA Bank!Uummmm!!!

A couple of minutes later, Felix\'s eyes snapped open as he bit on the leather belt as hard as he could while letting out muffled noises.

His fingers were digging deep into the concrete floor, making him sit stiffly in his place.

If he didn\'t do so, he would have started thrashing everything in sight to alleviate just a tiny bit of his anguish.

After seeing his reaction, Asna knew that she needed to be on tiptoes and save him from fainting.

She might enjoy watching him squirm and scream in pain, but she was always ready to stop him from fainting in the middle of the integration.

14 minutes later...

Felix\'s handsome visage was nowhere to be seen, as tears, snort, and saliva were all gushing down his chin.

With his twisted expression, his face couldn\'t get any worse.

Yet Asna wasn\'t laughing one bit at the way he looked, as she was completely engrossed in cheering him up, Come on Felix! only 43 seconds left.

You can do it!


Just as she opened up the connection between their minds, she heard a high-pitched shriek resembling the same one Felix let out during the time she took his ass v.i.r.g.i.nity.

\'Oooof!\' She swiftly reclosed the connection, not wanting to bleed her ears.

Felix might not have been screaming in his room, but he was sure screaming internally at the top of his voice.

10 seconds Felix! 7 seconds you can do it! 4 seconds!..1 second! She kept shouting with her fist in the air, acting just like a cheerleader.

The instant Asna finished counting, the pain withdrew at once, leaving Felix feeling absolutely nothing.

\'Thank go...\' His eyes rolled at the back of his head as he slammed face-first at the floor.

The belt was released from his mouth, showing deep teeth marks on it. 

Damn it! Next time use 1%! Exhausted and annoyed, Asna sat down on the bed while waving her hand at her face.

She was shouting for 14 minutes straight, making sure that Felix feels like he wasn\'t alone.

Ah, I worked too hard today.

I must reward myself with half a day of sleep!\' She wiped a single drop of sweat from her forehead with a fatigued expression.

Not bothering herself with the passed out Felix, she closed her eyes and started snoring softly.

She was truly the prime example of laziness.


Two hours later...

\'Argh! My head!!\'

Just like last time, the moment Felix regained his consciousness, his head was hit with the worst headache he ever experienced before.

He swiftly started drinking rejuvenation potions, one by one until the headache was alleviated.

\'Uhmm The hell! Asna are you seeing this as well! Shocked silly, Felix shouted in his mind while pointing his shaky finger at the air in front of him.

His shock was understandable, as two humongous violet eyes with thin slits, resembling exactly his eyes, were gazing at him akin to a god gazing at an ant.

Felix\'s breaths quickened as the dreadful eyes were getting bigger and bigger in his vision until he began to feel like he was about to be engulfed by one of those horrifying slits.

However, the moment he blinked, those eyes were nowhere to be seen in his room.

Felix\'s senses kept telling him that he was all alone in the room and he was merely hallucinating.

Regardless, Felix still walked forward step by step with a fl.u.s.tered expression.

After reaching the wall of the room, he waved his hand back and forth continuously, yet he felt nothing.

Asna please tell me that you saw that as well!

Bewildered and somewhat spooked, Felix retreated to the bed and started gazing at that spot, wanting to see if the eyes were going to reemerge.

Asna Did you sleep again! Felix could only guess so after having his questions get ignored twice.

If it was another time, Felix would have left her to sleep in peace.

However, he couldn\'t do so now, as he needed to know if he was tripping or what he saw was a reality.

Thus, he immediately closed his eyes and entered his consciousness.


Asna wake up! Felix kept poking her forehead with his finger, trying to annoy her into waking up.

Leave me alone.

Too bad, she just murmured softly while covering her entire body with bedsheets, not letting a single part of her skin exposed.

It\'s a serious matter. Felix got close to her head and said with his voice cracking a bit, I think I just saw the Jörmungandr gazing at me.

Jörmungandr, what The instant Asna heard what he said, she exposed her face, which was showing a dumbfounded expression.

However, it soon was replaced with a solemn expression, making Felix gulp a mouthful as he rarely saw Asna being this serious before.

Are you for real She asked while sitting up.

That\'s why I am here! He pointed at his temple and clarified, I need you to see my memories and check again.

I see. Asna nodded her head in understanding.

Without further ado, she closed her eyes and dove within Felix\'s latest memories.

Since the memory was still fresh, it didn\'t take her even a millisecond before she snapped her citric eyes wide-open with clear agitation in them.

Felix, I think you are screwed. She gave him a bitter smile while closing her eyes, No, we are both screwed big time!


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