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A month and a week had gone by in a jiffy, as Felix spent all of it within the camp, practicing battle formations, synergies, and spending hours studying the abilities of their rivals.

He absolutely abhorred being in this camp, as the food was **, rooms weren\'t soundproof making him hear the juniors\' shouts in the training field, and above all, the annoyance of having Adam roaming around him 24/7 trying to act friendly with him.

The guy literally had the memory of a goldfish, as the moment he regrouped with the team, he didn\'t show a single hint of awkwardness or even humiliation after what Felix had done to him and his team.

He just kept trying his best to integrate himself within the main team until everyone started feeling comfortable around him.

For Felix, the entire Hiltons were bad news even Adam.

He might look polite and charming, but who knows if he was going to stab Felix in the back the moment he had the chance

Thus, Felix kept his distance from him, treating him even worse than Walton and the rest of the captains.

Within all the annoyances and horrible experiences, there was a silver lining, which made Felix forget about everything.

And that was the fact his elemental potion was concocted successfully ten days before!!!

After hearing the news delivered by Madam Hala\'s assistant, Felix couldn\'t help but feel a burst of relief in his chest.

He knew that neither his mind nor his bank account could handle having the potion concoction failing.

Thankfully, Madam Hala didn\'t disappoint him, making Felix post a positive review in her profile.

Right now, Felix was lying on a steady single-sized bed, which he bought online before.

He had his cheek resting on his palm as he kept waiting for a call from Bodidi.

It had been one hour or so now, and he was starting to lose his patience.

You see, three days before, Felix was informed that the elemental potion had been delivered to Galactical Cargo Company in the Mariana Empire.

He was asked if they should send it to him or he would handle the procedures himself.

Obviously, Felix chose the latter, making Bodidi pick it up for him in addition to the latest bloodline bottles from Mr.

Goati\'s stock.

However, since Felix was currently in such a heavily guarded camp and specifically in a tiny room without soundproof, there was no way Fatty would be able to deliver his items here without making a scene in the entire camp.

In order to avoid that situation, Felix gave Bodidi coordination outside of the camp by a mile and told him to give a call when he makes it there, so he could sneak out of the camp.

So far an hour or so had passed above the expected time of Bodidi\'s arrival.

Thankfully for Felix, he only had to wait an extra ten minutes before he received the call.

What took you so long Felix immediately asked in irritation.

I messed up the coordination.

I opened a wormhole 100 miles under the area you gave me. Bodidi used the Queen\'s voice to speak, as he wasn\'t in the room to speak telepathically with Felix.

Useless! Where are you now Felix asked while standing up, planning to move.

I am at our meeting spot.

I dug myself upward.

Wait a minute, I am on my way. Felix said while beaming a potion that seemed empty in his hand.

It might look empty but it was actually filled to the brim.

it just that the content was invisible just like the effects it provides!

That\'s right, this was one of the invisibility potions that Felix purchased in his first shopping spree.

Right now, he was planning on using it to sneak outside of the camp and meet up with Bodidi.

Felix unsealed the lid and drunk all of its content in one mouthful.

He shook his head with his eyes closed tightly at its disgusting taste.


F*ck me, poison tastes better than this **. Felix cursed under his breath while looking at his bracelet, Ten minutes of invisibility starts in three, two, one...now!

A moment after, his entire body started to disappear from his feet to his head until he was wholly invisible.

The potion\'s effectiveness was extremely good as even Felix\'s clothes disappeared with him.

Without wasting time, Felix opened the door slowly, not alarming any of the passing juniors.

After doing so, he closed it off and started walking through the hallway avoiding having contact with anyone.

After a while, Felix made it to the camp\'s wall without being noticed in the slightest by the soldiers on top of the towers.

\'That\'s a good distance.\' He thought to himself while leaning forward, planning to build momentum to fuel his jump.

The Walls were 7 meters or so in height and for him to reach the outside, he needed a good jump.


Unworried about landing on the barbed wires on top of the wall, Felix sprinted as fast as he could and jumped with all of his strength, hurling himself 9 meters in the air, passing right next to the face of one of the soldiers.


Cluck cluck...Cluck!

Who\'s there!

The four soldiers on the tower immediately aimed their guns at Felix after hearing the loud noise of his landing.

Though, they only saw grass and bushes, making them doubt their senses.

Felix showed them a smirk as he sprinted through the bushes, making the leaves rustle noisily.

Now, the soldiers were truly spooked.

Should we report this One of them asked.

Report what That we heard rustling noises A soldier pulled back his gun as he said, Stand down, no need to bother the director with nothing.

The rest of the soldiers all pulled back their guns and returned to their positions.


2 minutes later...

Felix stopped sprinting in the woods as he noticed a fat blue scaled worm floating in the air near a hole dug in the ground.

\'He really wasn\'t joking.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched at this sight.

Oh, you are here! Fatty Worm sent a telepathic message after spotting Felix approaching him.

Felix might be invisible but before the receptors of Fatty Worm, he appeared as clear as crystal.

How can you mess up such a basic reading of coordination Felix berated him while looking at the hole.

He knew that Bodidi was forced to dig himself upward as he couldn\'t open two wormholes tunnels one after the other without recovering his energy first.

Cough, none of your business. Embarrassed, Bodidi swiftly opened his mouth and spat Felix\'s items near his feet.

Here is your stuff.

With this delivery, my part of the contract has been fulfilled.


I am finally free! Bodidi\'s receptors kept flailing randomly while laughing in Felix\'s mind, expressing his utter happiness at finally getting rid of that damned contract.

This was the last contracted delivery from the 17 ones, which Felix had!

Now, if Felix wanted to ship items to him, he needed to wait seven days instead of three and also pay the shipping fees!

I thought we had a real brotherhood between us. Felix sighed while displaying a hologram filled with numbered data, I even kept our private deals well doc.u.mented and organized to enjoy reading the sweet memories we made together.


Fatty Bodidi\'s laugh kept getting softer and softer until silence regained in Felix\'s mind.

He just kept pointing his receptors at the shown detailed data about their under-the-table deliveries.

From the first time Felix proposed it to the lastest one!

Everything was doc.u.mented and approved by the Queen, making Bodidi realize that he was f*cked big time.

Brother Fatty, why aren\'t you laughing Felix asked with a warm smile, You didn\'t like our memories to be doc.u.mented

So..So what if you doc.u.mented them!! They are as harmful to you as they are to me! Bodidi yelled in Felix\'s mind, displaying his una.d.u.l.terated rage.

He couldn\'t believe that he actually trusted Felix into keeping their under the table deliveries a secret.

The thought that Felix would use those deliveries as blackmailing material didn\'t cross his mind, as he knew that since Felix was on it as well, he would be thrown in one of the Alexander\'s Kingdom jails if he dared to expose their dealings.

You are right. Felix licked his lips as he gazed at Bodidi akin to a bird gazing at a worm, If any information about our secret dealings got out in public, I will definitely get thrown in jail for years without bail.

However, I have a way to get out without spending a single minute inside a cell. He chuckled devilishly while pointing his finger at Bodidi, You on the other hand are going to be kicked out from the wormhole company for life!

Bodidi knew that Felix was absolutely right as the moment any news about him getting bribed got exposed, he would definitely have no way to escape the mentioned punishment.

But still, he refused to get blackmailed again without a fight!

I don\'t believe you! No one can get you out of the prison! Even if you were the son of the king himself. He sneered, Don\'t even mention you, a country bumpkin!

Queen If I was thrown in jail for bribing a deliveryworm, can my silver wish bail me out Felix asked while smiling at Bodidi, making sure that he heard the question as well.

\'Yes!\' She answered in his mind.

Please share your answer with Bodidi. He requested.

The moment the Queen\'s answer resounded in Fatty Bodidi\'s mind, his receptors couldn\'t help but freeze stiffly.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50555767815726602 for visiting.

\'Impossible...How could he obtain a silver wish in such a short amount of time! His planet has just got discovered!\' Bodidi was shocked silly, not daring to believe the Queen\'s answer.

\'Wasn\'t it just 8 months ago, he was still struggling to push me out of the wormhole!\'

Bodidi was truly about to lose his ** as he felt cheated.

Cheated by the fact that Felix never mentioned a single time about his strength or his rank in the SG.

The only reason he accepted bribes was because of his confidence that Felix had nothing to rely on if he got thrown in jail.

Thus, there was no way Felix would think about blackmailing him.

If he knew about any of this beforehand he wouldn\'t even entertain the thought of accepting the bribes!

Alas, it\'s too late for regrets.

As Felix never had the thought of letting Bodidi out of his grasp.

However, this time he wanted to do things differently.

Fatty, I\'m willing to destroy this data and never mention it again. Felix smiled faintly as he looked at the crestfallen Bodidi curling around himself, But, I want to renew your life long contract to the original version. He coughed, Minus the 20 billion penalty.

Why do you keep bullying me Fatty\'s receptors started to get watery, I am only an honest worm trying to make living and gaining resources to further increase my space manipulation.

That\'s why I am going to be paying you every delivery fee. Felix smiled, I only want you to continue delivering in a minimum of three days like usual.

For real Enlivened, Fatty\'s watery receptors dried up within a split second.

Yes, however, the contract this time is going to be lifelong. Felix gave a confident smile, If you are worried about your safety, don\'t worry in a couple of years, my name would resound in the entire Milky Way galaxy. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, At that time, who will dare touch you

If Fatty Bodidi heard him boast like this before, he would have laughed his ass out.

However, after knowing that Felix was strong enough to win silver games in such a quick amount of time, he somewhat believed him!

You have a day to think about it. Felix beamed the items laying near his feet and turned around, planning to return to the camp.

No need.

I agree. Surprisingly, Bodidi shook his head as he said, As long as you pay for the deliveries, I don\'t mind continuing our partnership.

As for the protection He joked, Hopefully I will be alive by the time you reach that level.

Tsk, if you keep getting fatter and fatter, hunters will not take you even if you give yourself to them, Felix said, snickering.

F*ck off, I am on a diet! Fatty\'s made an \'X\' with his receptors while displaying a holographic contract.

After Felix read it, he signed it within a moment, as the terms discussed between them was all in it.

Now, Felix would always have Bodidi as his deliveryworm!

Honestly, Felix wasn\'t doing this just for the three days policy, but because he dealt with Bodidi for a while now and he never asked him about what he was doing with the bloodline bottles.

He liked that about him, the fact he keeps his curiosity in check.

Above all, he had no problems doing under the table deliveries.

So even if he was going to be paying for the delivery fees, he didn\'t mind it that much.

Alright, beat it. Felix waved his hand dismissively, I got matters to handle, I will call you later.

Cough, you don\'t have anything \'extra\' to deliver Bodidi gave a sheepish smile to Felix, making him not know whether to laugh or cry.

\'Hahaha! This worm is so cute!\' Asna guffawed while covering her mouth.

Go away! I will call when I need you! Felix threw a pebble at Bodidi, making him dive into the hole while cursing out loud.

After seeing that he left, Felix smiled wryly while shaking his head.

He didn\'t think that Bodidi would get used to those bribes to the point he asked for one right after getting blackmailed due to them.

Well...They weren\'t nicknamed wormpires for no reason, as their love for money transcends anything.


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