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4 minutes later, in an open desolate grass field, which had obstacles, training dummies, running courses, and such all erected in it, the team was lining up properly while facing Charles and surprisingly the driver, who still had his hat and glasses on.

Felix walked with hurried steps towards them and lined up next to Noah.

He glanced around him and saw that no one was in the field beside them and some patrolling soldiers.

After seeing that everyone was here, Charles held his hands behind his back as he said with a stern voice, Typically, we would have ringed the bell for the juniors to wake up by now.

However, after the ambush on the road, we decided to delay it for now until we speak about it.

Charles immediately said after seeing Walton raise his hand, If you have any questions about the identity of your assailants, keep them to yourself.

Embarrassed, Walton lowered his hand down, as he was planning to ask that.

Till this point, everyone was still in the dark about who targeted them and why so.

The only one, who was in close contact with the assailants was Felix.

But when they asked him on the bus, he replied that they belong to a mercenary group, which was the same as saying nothing.

All you need to know is that the higher up were given a full report about the attack, and now it is their issue to deal with the rest, not you or me. He asked loudly, Am I clear

Felix and the rest nodded their heads in understanding.

Unfortunately, that pissed off Charles as he shouted, IN THIS GOD DAMN CAMP YOU ANSWER WITH YES SIR!

Sadly, the responses he received were as despairing as it could get.

Olivia answering with her cute voice, the four commoners shouting in harmony like it was ingrained in their soul, Amelia, Walton, and the rest were too proud to either listen to his orders or did it halfheartedly.

Felix was part of the latter, as he merely mouthed the words.

At least, he showed a reaction, as Noah simply nodded his head again like a retard.

Honestly, what did he expect

They were a million years away from being a soldier or wanting to be one.

If Charles was planning to treat them as soldiers, nothing good would come out of it.

You little dib sh... Before Charles could express his fury at such a blatant display of disrespect to his authority, he got held back by the driver.

You can go now, Captain.

I will take it from here. The driver said politely while removing his hat and glasses, exposing a young charismatic visage.

\'I knew that I saw him somewhere! It was him!\' Felix\'s memories of this person immediately flooded his brain after finally seeing his entire face.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-identity!_50518619553058822 for visiting.

This was the instructor of the national team in his previous life! Felix saw him a couple of times on tv during the world\'s competition stream.

As he expected, the instructor immediately introduced himself with a warm smile, I am George, your instructor, coach, manager, and everything to you in those two months.

Chatter immediately broke between the team as they were startled that their instructor was with them the entire time, watching and hearing everything they were doing or saying on the bus.

SILENCE! You better show respect to Mr.

George. Charles gave them an unkind glance and said, He is currently the best in the entire country when it comes to training awakeners and bloodliners.

Plus, he is a bloodliner himself in the greater purity.

So, drop your ego and listen to every word he says. He warned them while leaving, Or else, you will be sent back to wherever you came from.

There is plenty of juniors dying for this opportunity!

Although he said so, no one actually paid attention to his threat as they were still hung on the idea that their instructor was actually in greater purity!

They expected to receive an old foggy from the army, giving them physical drills and showing them copies of famous battle formations and synergies from the UVR just like what they were doing before.

However, it seemed like they were going to actually learn something in those two months.

Please don\'t mind what the captain just said. Goerge smiled faintly, No need to feign discipline or force yourselves to listen to me.

We might be in a camp, where discipline and respecting the rules takes priority, but for you guys, all you need to pay attention to is... He extended three fingers, A, please don\'t skip my daily classes and the training drills.

B, don\'t create trouble between you guys or for the juniors training here.

C, the amount of hard work you put in those two months decides whether you will be part of the main team or substitute.

Immediately after hearing the last part, hope regained in the eyes of Sarah and the four commoners.

At least now, they had a shot to keep their position in the main team.

If the decider was based on strength, they had absolutely no chance against the captains.

If you have any questions, please lay them out now. Goerge advised, You only have one question each, so make them worth our time.

Without asking for permission, Walton asked what was in everyone\'s mind with a confused expression, Why were you disguising yourself as our bus driver

Unbothered by his bad manners, Goerge chuckled as he said, I wanted to check on you guys before we meet for real in the camp.

Based on what I saw before we got ambushed, you guys are split into three cliques.

He pointed his finger at Felix then at Nathan, and finally at Amelia.

He didn\'t even need to mouth it as his meaning was clear.

The team was split into Maxwell\'s family clique, the commoners\' clique, and lastly the captains\' clique.

Just the fact they were lining up while separated as such, made it even more obvious.

I can\'t have that on my team. Goerge\'s smile was gone as he said sternly, In those two months, you guys are going to turn into one clique, whether you like it or not.

Next question! He swiftly moved on, not wanting to dive deeper into the subject.

Why Adam is still not here Amelia showed a tingle of emotions in her voice as she asked, Did he refuse to join the team

Don\'t worry, he is going to arrive in the evening. Goerge clarified while giving Felix a side-glance, His elders told us that he needed to mediate in order to regain his peak form again.

\'Mediate my ass.\' Felix scoffed.

I see, thank you. Amelia sighed in relief.

It seemed like she had no issue showing her \'care\' to Adam in public.

Though, no one gave a ** about her or Adam.

They simply carried on asking their questions one by one until only Felix remained.

What do you have in mind captain Goerge asked Felix with a polite smile.

Does the camp accept delivers from amazon Felix scratched his cheek as he clarified, I broke my bed and I need a new one.

Is that so Goerge\'s eyebrows couldn\'t help but twitch at his question.

He was expecting something serious and had a relation with the team or those two months.

Unfortunately for him, Felix\'s current priority was a bed, nothing more, nothing less.

I apologize, but no one is allowed to purchase anything from outside the camp. Goerge shook his head before adding, But, we can send you another bed from the warehouse.

No need, they are probably even worse than the one that I broke, Felix scratched his chin with a thoughtful expression, I guess it\'s better if I ask politely for someone to trade rooms then. He stressed \'politely\', making George flinch in alarm.

Though, I do believe that the director of the camp won\'t have any problem making an exception for the captain. George said, coughing.

Oh I guess it\'s not bad being the captain after all.

I hope there are more of those \'exceptions\'. Felix said, chuckling.

Shameless Felix is back. Olivia and Sarah mumbled softly to themselves.

Relieved by his compliance, Goerge wiped a drop of sweat from his forehead.

He just told them that he didn\'t want troubles happening between the two groups before Felix started planning to bully one of them.

Can I have a new bed as well Amelia asked with brightened eyes in delight.

No! Only the captain of the team gets exceptions. Goerge knew exactly how to offset his biased treatment of Felix as he continued, If you don\'t like it, challenge Felix for the captainship.

As he expected, Amelia didn\'t let a single peep after hearing so, she just crossed her arms while humphing in irritation.

Alright, no more questions. Goerge clapped his hand twice while ordering, I want you all to make a holographic profile about yourselves and display them only to me.

Profile Olivia tilted her head as she asked.


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