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After seeing this sight, Felix didn\'t even care anymore that he unlocked just one passive instead of two.

He would take *Poison Absorbation* any day and any time instead of two other passives.

Phew, that was intense.

Extremely pleased, Felix kept looking at the mist around him that was getting dissipated slowly until nothing was left behind.

Sir Felix, 120 dummies were affected by paralyzing inducement for 5 seconds. The AI reported faithfully.

Tsk, all of that fanfare and the duration was still 5 seconds. Asna clicked her tongue in criticism.

Ignoring this party pooper, Felix requested the AI to fill his energy tank back up.

Although the attack was too dashing, the energy required to pull it off wasn\'t really affordable by Felix.

After all, he cheated by refilling during the preparation.

Regardless, Felix wasn\'t planning or recreating the same humongous bomb during battles as that was overtop and simply a waste of energy.

He could only do so in those centers to have fun and test the limits of it.

Currently, it seemed like the absorption was infinite! He could make a bomb or his aura grow as big as his energy allowed him to!

Let\'s do one final test with the Poison Pillars. Felix wasn\'t planning on leaving the center until he tests everything out.

Though, the poison pillars was the last ability that could be affected by the passive.

As for his 4th active ability It had no relation to elements!

Just like before, Felix activated his aura first.

Then, he snapped his finger and abruptly the same red-colored pillars erupted under the feet of each dummy before him until 15 dummies all were encased inside a red pillar.

That\'s right! *Poison Pillars* was limited only by range, which was 15 meters radius, as for the amount Felix could pop it under the feet of everyone inside that range!

Though, each pillar cost at least triple the amount of using one bomb.

But still, It was clear that it was stronger than his first abilities, which was pretty understandable as the higher a bloodliner goes up in his integration, the higher chances he would have in unlocking stronger abilities.

Felix guessed that the reason he unlocked only one passive at 75% had a relation to this.

This made one wonder if he was going to unlock only the ultimate ability of the Jörmungandr at 99% or two abilities

Absorb it! Felix swiftly gave the order for the nearest pillar to absorb the aura.

The pillar, which reached 5 meters in height before, received a three-meter bump while getting slightly wider.

Hmm, absorbing one aura is not really that useful. Felix rested his chin under his hand, pondering on the results.

Well, he would be lying if he said he was pleased by them.

But it is what it is.

The Pillars weren\'t as small as his bombs, thus absorbing the aura wasn\'t going to give a great outcome.

However, if he kept pumping the poison on the pillar, it would reach a towering height.

Not that it mattered, as the pillar\'s main use was to ambush clueless enemies.

So, there was no point in wasting energy to make them grow as tall as a tree.

Still, more experiments should be carried out.

After all, the ability\'s name was *Poison Absorption*, which meant it could absorb all types of poisons and in probably every state.

Plus, it never said that it could absorb only Felix\'s poison!



Two hours later, back in real life...

Felix was sitting on the bed while having the glamorous box, which was given by Mr.

Jones in his hand.

He opened it up and found a silver AP bracelet that was exactly the same as the one he wore, gleaming by the evening sunlight.

Queen, scan it please. He requested.

A moment later, a hologram, showing all of its details were displayed before him.

Felix was trying to see if the bracelet rewarded was better than the one he was wearing.

After all, the one he had was gifted by the family, and of course, it wasn\'t going to be from a good generation.

If the bracelet rewarded by the organization was better, Felix wouldn\'t mind replacing his for now, until he goes out shopping for a better one.

For now, he was totally broke to afford the latest 12th generation released by the Metal Race, as their prices reached a whopping 50 million SC per piece.

That\'s right, AP bracelets ain\'t cheap in the slightest, as the oldest and worst bracelet was currently getting sold for 10k SC!

If it wasn\'t for so, the world council would have bought a million pieces or so and sold them to the commoners, giving some of them access to the UVR as well.

Sadly, even with the 60% discount given by the Alliance, the World Council still found them too expensive to carry out that plan.

Not bad. After reading its details, Felix smiled faintly.

He found out that it was a 5th generation Bracelet, which was better than his 4th generation bracelet by a few grades.

For once, the scanning feature was enhanced from 50 meters radius around Felix to 100 meters.

This was all that Felix wanted to see.

He quickly wore the bracelet next to the old one while requesting, Queen, please transfer all my data to this new bracelet.

Are you certain She asked for a 2nd confirmation.


The moment the Queen heard so, she activated the 2nd bracelet and transferred everything to it, from emails, account information, videos, and such.


It didn\'t take even a split second before the transfer finished.

After Felix heard the notification sound, he gave his 2nd request, Please disconnect my mind with my bracelet.

Are you certain She clarified monotonously, The moment your consciousness disconnect with the Bracelet, all of your data will be erased. She added, If you signed any contract, which involved your consciousness as a term, you need to reconnect your consciousness with another bracelet in 2 hours.

If yo..

Yes, I understand. Felix interrupted her, not wanting to hear about what was going to happen to him if he didn\'t listen to her warning.

He already knew that he would be hunted down and killed by a special task force, belonging to the Alliance.

They only have one job and that was hunting down individuals, who removed the AP bracelet, or in other terms had their consciousness split up from the Queen while having a life and death contract signed.

You see, the majority of life and death contracts were having the Queen as the one enforcing the death penalty in case the signer failed to respect the conditions of the contracts.

The Queen was the perfect executioner as everyone with an AP bracelet had their consciousness bound with her.

This meant, for those without AP bracelet she had absolutely no connection to them.

There was no problem in this, however, when an individual, who signed a death contract like the Supremacy Games\' one, he could totally ask the Queen to disconnect from his AP bracelet, using the intention that he wanted to change the generation.

The Queen of course could only oblige and disconnect him from her control.

Doing so would mean that the individual was set free from the binds of all death contracts he signed.

Obviously, the Alliance couldn\'t have that, as it would harm the integrity of the contract\'s trustworthiness in the UVR.

God knows that the only reason the UVR was still operating successfully was due to those contracts.

Thus, they set none questionable rule of connecting with the Queen in 2 hours maximum.

Otherwise, a task force would be sent to hunt the offender down!

Till now, no one managed to escape the clutches of anyone targeted by that task force.

Felix had no plans to check if the rumor was true or not, as he swiftly activated the new bracelet by calling in his mind \'Queen AI\'.

Just like the first time, he entered his white room and got informed by the Queen that his consciousness was now bound with this bracelet.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50440943995767722 for visiting.

After hearing so, he logged out and removed the old bracelet from his wrist.

He pressed for ten seconds on the spatial card back until it pulled back, akin to a memory card getting removed from a phone.

He quickly installed in his new bracelet, finalizing the entire transfer.

Now the old bracelet appeared the same as it just came from the factory.

Felix looked at it with a thoughtful expression, I should probably gift it to Leila.

She really needs one to facilitate her management of the Island.

If his aunt Marry didn\'t already secure her AP bracelet, she would have been his first choice.

But his aunty was filthy rich to not buy one by herself from the organization.

After deciding what to do with it, Felix put it in the box and called a servant to take care of the delivery.

Felix, wanna play cards

Utterly bored, Asna immediately asked when she saw that Felix wasn\'t busy with anything.

Felix thought for a couple of seconds and realized that he didn\'t visit Asna in a while now.

He closed his eyes while asking, The same bet

Same Bet! Asna smiled charmingly while changing her entire outfit to a more alluring one.

It was clear that she planned on cheating.

Bring it on! Felix said, smirking.


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