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\'What the\' Before reading everything, his eyes were snapped open with clear confusion shown on them.

He wasn\'t confused by the passive itself but by the fact he unlocked only one passive instead of two!!

Hehehe, Felix you are getting slapped right and left by the Jörmungandr. Asna laughed out loud, He is not pleased with you anymore.

Before making any intense reaction over getting screwed over like this, Felix decided to see first what he unlocked.

He swiftly closed his eyes again and continued reading from where he left.

Poison Absorption!

Shocked and agitated by what he read, Felix\'s eyes couldn\'t help but bulge out from their sockets.

He never heard of such a passive before, even with a specific type of poison, such as *Paralyze Absorption* or *Acid Absorption*.

This was the first time he heard of it, and based on its details, he could see why.

The passive was an offensive type!!!

He finally obtained an offensive passive that affects his abilities! All of those previous passives had nothing to do with his abilities\' attacking power.

*Superstrength* was an instant physical buff unrelated to his element.

*Poison Immunity* was a defensive passive.

*Ultra Infrared Vision* was a utility passive, and finally, *Poison Revitalization* was a supportive passive.

All of them were amazing on their own, however, none of them affected his active abilities\' offensive power.

Felix always wished to have at least one passive that could buff out his abilities.

Finally, he got it!

He was too joyful about getting it that he didn\'t even bother to address the fact he only unlocked one passive.

He just jumped from the shower butt n.a.k.e.d and quickly dried himself up.

He wore the set that he brought in and swiftly went to his bed.

The moment his head touched the pillow, he requested the Queen to log him in.

Destination Obviously, the Ability Measurement Center!


15 minutes later...

Felix was standing in the VIP measuring room, which was split into four areas just like last time.

Felix went for the offensive area and requested from the room\' AI to put 20 dummies a meter away from each other until the last dummy was 20 meters away from him.

Let\'s start!

After seeing that the dummies were all in their positions, Felix snapped his finger with an excited expression.

Immediately after, two light yellow bombs were created on top of his hands.

However, he wasn\'t done yet as he activated his paralyze aura as well!

Poison Absorption! Without further ado, he called out loud, using the new passive.

Abruptly, the static aura sphere started to shrink in a visible manner.

However, the poison wasn\'t reentering Felix\'s body through his pores but actually was being absorbed by the bombs on his hands!


Delighted, Felix kept laughing at the sight of those bombs continuing to grow bigger and bigger until the aura was completely absorbed by them.

Look at those bad boys. Felix grinned while sizing up the bombs, which now had the size of gym balls!

A huge contrast to their baby head\'s size!

Impatient, he moved to the side and threw one bomb at the middle of those dummies.


The bomb exploded immediately on contact with a dummy\'s head.

However, it didn\'t just cover him alone but the two dummies in front of him and two more behind him! This meant the explosion diameter extended to four meters in comparison to the usual two-meter!

It might not seem much, but this was just the area of the explosion without adding the free spread of the mist!

Thrilled, Felix kept watching the mist spread wider and wider until 8 dummies were affected by it.

However, the duration of the bomb explosion remained the same, as after a couple of seconds the mist was completely gone.

Sir Felix, 10 dummies have been affected by paralyzing inducement for 5 seconds. The room AI said.

It seems like the duration of effect is still the same as well. Unbothered by this news, Felix checked his energy index and saw that he lost the normal amount if he used those abilities separately.

Well, it was only natural as this ability might have an indirect relation to elemental energy, it was still a passive that needed absolutely no energy required to activate.

Just like the *Revitalization Passive*.

Felix knew that both of those abilities were neither an instant buff like *SuperStength*, or required mental energy like *Ultra Infrared Vision*.

After all, his infrared vision affected his mind heavily, thus mental energy was required to keep it active.

However, those two passives had no relation to the mind.

Hence, they belonged to a completely different type, which was being referred to by the majority as Limited Manipulation!

It was called as such in the sense that passives like those manipulate the elemental energy released from the abilities in a specific and limited manner.

Free manipulation meant that Felix could literally control the released elemental energy to his own pleasure.

If he wanted his abilities to absorb the energy, he could do so.

If he wanted to change the shape of the released abilities to something else, he could totally do so.

On the other hand, limited manipulation only gives control based on that specific passive, which was unlocked.

In this case, it was making his active abilities be able to absorb the poison and get strengthened by it.

Let\'s switch things up. Felix said while creating two bombs again and letting out his aura, moving on to the next experiment.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-destructiveness!_50425565882143582 for visiting.

This time, he left the aura as it is and used his passive on the bombs instead, making them shrink.

Unfortunately, they shrunk until they disappeared but the aura remained unchanged.

Felix discerned that the content absorbed was too small for the aura to show a difference.

He had no plans to creates bombs after bombs until he spots a difference.

That wasn\'t a viable strategy during battles.

However, he soon found a better way to go around it.

How about this He swiftly created two more bombs and made them absorb the aura.

After their size turned into resembling gym balls, Felix let his aura out again and made it absorb those newly created bombs!


The aura\'s radius, which was always limited to 8 meters was finally increased to 9 meters after completely absorbing those bombs!

But Felix wasn\'t finished yet, as he created two bombs and let them absorb this newly created aura!

As he expected their size was increased yet again!

Haha, let\'s do some limit testing.

Intoxicated by the feeling, Felix grinned widely as he kept repeating the same sequence from bombs to aura and from aura to bombs, trying to see how long would he last until his energy dry up!


After a couple of absorption attempts, the paralyze aura\'s radius reached a whopping 14 meters, encasing 14 dummies all at once!

That\'s what I like to see.

Felix couldn\'t help but grin at this sight.

Though, his happiness was short-lived as exhaustion started to kick in after using everything he had to make the aura this big.

AI fill my energy tank please. He requested.

The moment he felt that his energy was coming back, Felix decided to do one last absorption.

He created bombs again and made them absorb the 14-meter radius aura.


Exhilarated and awed by the sight of his bombs continuing to grow bigger and bigger without signs of stopping, Felix kept his eyes fixated on them without a single blink.

The bombs already surpassed gym bombs\' size and fast approaching resembling inflated beach balls.

Felix quickly lifted his hands above his head, holding the bombs high up.

They kept revolving on his hands as the mist was being absorbed in a whirling motion.

Though, the speed of absorption was getting slower and slower due to the shrinking aura, which was about to snuff out completely.

A few seconds later, Felix saw that nothing left from his aura.

However, instead of creating another one, he actually ordered one bomb to absorb the other!

Excited to see the end result, he lifted his head and kept spectating one bomb getting smaller while the other getting larger.

By the time they finished, Felix was holding only one humongous bomb, making him resemble an ant carrying a spherical lollipop!

The sight would scare anyone who saw it, as Felix\'s bomb surpassed Solar Mist\'s sun by threefolds at least!

Throw it already! Impatient, Asna yelled at him after seeing that he had his eyes closed shut in a content manner like he was holding the world on top of his hands.

Wait, AI put 100 dummies 20 meters away from me. Felix requested as he snapped his eyes open.

The AI obliged, manifesting a hundred dummies all cl.u.s.tered together akin to an organized army platoon.

After seeing them, Felix stopped holding back and hurled the humongous bomb towards them with a thrilling expression.


The bomb exploded right within the ranks of the dummies akin to a nuclear explosion, rising a light yellow mushroom high in the sky!


The wind carried with mist rushed in every direction, spreading the mist everywhere.

Not a single dummy in the room was spared by the poisonous mist as it reached every one of them!

Hahaha! This is what I want to see!

Uncaring about the blowing wind and mist in his face, Felix kept his hands widespread as he laughed to his heart content.

His clothes and hair kept flailing by the raging mist, which engulfed a whopping twenty-meter radius and was still spreading way behind Felix\'s back!

By the time it stopped, the entire offensive area was touched one way or another by the bomb explosion!

Nothing was sparred, No one was spared.

This was the doing of one offensive passive!


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