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The instant Felix heard Charlotte\'s shocking discovery, he felt like his brain exploded after all the dots that were unsolvable before were connected together.

He just froze in his place unnoticed by the rest as they were looking at the Hiltons\' strange reaction.

Instead of acting confused, they showed signs of shock like their most hidden secret had just got laid out in public.

Meanwhile, their juniors had a dumbstruck expression after hearing a totally different matter from what they were told by their elders.

You see, the Hiltons had 7 awakened juniors before.

This what Charlotte\'s intel got her months ago during the awakening in the training camp.

However, now only 6 awakeners were left in the Hiltons.

The juniors were told by their elders that their cousin, unfortunately, died during integration after using a higher percentage than his body could hold.

This was also told to the media.

However, after hearing what Charlotte said, Adam was the first to have doubts about the elders\' previous claim.

No wonder they told me to wait a week before awakening with the rest. Adam murmured with a dazed expression while looking at his hands.

He already somewhat believed what he heard, as he knew that the elders didn\'t have that many coins to obtain an epic bloodline while also support the rest.

Especially one for his Magma element.

It was just impossible.

If it was that easy, all the other families would have gotten an epic bloodline as well.

If you didn\'t propose to change the rules of the tournament from lowering the number from 10 to 6, I wouldn\'t have gotten interested in knowing what happened to the 7th awakener in your family.

After all, knowing your greedy personality, you should have changed the rules from 10 to 7! Charlotte said, smiling coldly.

Is what she said the truth Felix, whose expression was nonchalant the entire time they were arguing, couldn\'t help but switch to a frigid one as he asked.

His eyes were emitting such a heavy killing intent, those commoner elders were forced to take a step back in fright.

Everyone else was all surprised by Felix\'s dreadful glare.

Robert and Olivia never thought in their lives, they would see Felix livid to such a degree!

He was always calm and carefree.

This made them wonder just why was he so invested in what Charlotte said or what the Hiltons did Based on his lazy character, he should have ignored what was being mentioned!

Know your place child! The white-bearded elder quickly regained his composure as he said to Felix, Didn\'t your elders teach you manners

Don\'t change the subject and answer me if you still value your life. Felix\'s chilling slits thinned until they turned into a straight string.

Yet, what scared those elders the most was the two light yellow bombs hovering in his hands!

Everyone knew that Felix wasn\'t messing around! He would really kill them if they didn\'t answer!

Whoosh! Phew!..Thud!

The Hilton juniors immediately activated their abilities and stood before the elders protecting them from Felix\'s aggression.

Adam as well created tens of molten rocks on top of his head as he kept staring at Felix in his eyes.

He might have believed what Charlotte said, but it didn\'t mean he wanted his elders dead.

In his eyes, this was a family matter that shouldn\'t have any interference from outsiders!

Although Felix was being aimed at by tens of elemental abilities, he didn\'t even flinch or trembled.

He merely kept staring coldly at the Hilton elders.

Back him up! Kenny yelled as he entered his stealth going outside of everyone\'s radar.

The rest of the team didn\'t need him to say so, as they were already activating their abilities.

\'Dear God, I am not getting paid enough for this **.\' The security staff, who was carrying merely a handgun and a flashlight walked towards them with his legs trembling in fright.

He was watching them before in amus.e.m.e.nt bicker like children, but after seeing those abilities pop off, his amused grin was erased from his face.

Eve..everyone stand down or I will cal.l reinforcement! He stuttered as he threatened them, pointing his trembling gun in their direction.

Seeing how unsteady he was carrying the gun, the elders quickly intervened, worrying that he might fire at one of them by mistake.

Son back off, let us handle those matters. Robert smiled towards Felix and advised him, Just focus on beating their children tomorrow, not today.

Instead of answering him, Felix snapped his finger and the bombs turned into particles.

His eyes returned to normal as he let out a long exhale through his nose.

A carefree smile returned to his lips as he gazed at the Hilton elders.

He had to take a hold of himself as his earlier outburst was totally out of place.

Plus, it seemed that based on their reaction, them selling an awakened for an epic bloodline bottle wasn\'t a lie.

He already got what he wanted.

Remember those words well.

Tomorrow will be the worst day of your lives. His sincere smile as he said so sent goosebumps through the Hilton\'s juniors and elders.

After finishing saying his piece, Felix turned around and entered one of the cars.

The moment he closed the door, everyone withdrew their abilities, making the security staff sigh in relief.

If you don\'t show us evidence on your wild accusation, you should expect a lawsuit for slandering our honorable family. The Hilton elder glared at Charlotte for a second before waving his hand to his family members, Let\'s leave, my celebration mood was totally ruined.

Seeing from the car window, the Hilton elders ride their cars and take off, Felix was in deep contemplation.

\'I never thought the Gama Organization has started laying their hands on planet earth\'s awakeners this early in time.\'

Gama Organization Asna asked in confusion.

Look at my memories during the next year and the one after. Felix sighed as he answered.

Asna swiftly went through that period of time, wanting to see what kind of Originazation made Felix this interested and especially livid.

A couple of seconds later, Asna exclaimed in understanding, No wonder you got mad.

Those bastards actually wanted to kidnap you as well!

Sigh, I thought before that the planet earth was still invisible to those organizations, but who would have known that one of them, or probably all of them were already hiding in the planet and doing \'business\' with us for months now. Felix smiled bitterly as he said, Who knows how many awakeners were already kidnapped behind the shadows and sold to them in the past months.

This sudden shocking news truly blindsided Felix.

He was always walking with a laid-back attitude, unworried about the dangers of the universe because he believed that his planet was still off the radar of those criminal organizations.

He believed that although the planet coordination was already sold to the public by the Alexander Kingdom, no one actually bothered checking on them.

Whether they were other planets in the kingdom or those criminal organizations.

However, this all changed when earthlings played their first game and lost it horribly.

They showed to every criminal organization that they were an easy target to bully, especially when they investigated and realized that the planet was divided into multiple countries, who each had their own interest before the planet\'s interest.

If they were united like some planets, treating each one of them as their own, those Criminal Organizations wouldn\'t have bothered to have thoughts about them.

Sadly earthlings were anything but united.

Thus, the top 6 criminal organizations in Alexander\'s kingdom, sent their own spacesh.i.p.s to planet earth, each in a different continent!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!!!_50258011154873643 for visiting.

The Gama Originazation took hold of North America!

This was the reason Felix knew the name of which organization made a contact with the Hiltons.

The other organization never stepped on others\' territories after they split the planet Earth between them.

That being said, splitting Earth between them verbally was one thing but carrying their criminal activities on a planet that was clearly part of the alliance was another.

Especially when those criminal activities included mostly kidnapping awakeners!!

Of course, they weren\'t the ones doing the act, as they could never handle messing with a member of the alliance no matter how weak it was.

But, what they could do was contact the natives and promise them coins, AP bracelets, bloodlines, and resources they never dreamt of if they managed to bring them alive awakeners on their own!!

This offset massive chaos in each country as any group, gang, mafias, rich families, and such who had firearms went full rogue and started hunting down awakeners.

They had nothing to worry about, as bullets were still effective against bloodliners below the first stage of replacement.

This meant, just a group of commoners could successfully capture a bloodliner, who didn\'t have defensive abilities or escape abilities.

The best part about this was that those Criminal Organizations were absolutely safe on Earth!

Their spacesh.i.p.s were completely hidden from the Council\'s radar and neither the Alliance nor the Queen had any reason to interfere or bother helping earthling\'s plight.

After all, it wasn\'t the Alliance problem to solve if earthlings were greedy and remorseless to kidnap their own people and trade them like currency with those organizations.

This made those Criminal Organizations feel like they own planet Earth.

No one was strong enough to stand against them on the planet and the natives themselves were working for them as slaves.

They just needed to throw some coins or AP bracelets, and even a thin weakly commoner would buy a handgun and risk his life to kidnap an awakener! 

Without being said, in that period, Felix and the rest of the awakeners all around the world, lived each day in fright, not daring to leave their homes or the public camps.

After Asna read Felix\'s memories and saw the hell he had gone through in that period, she understood his livid outburst towards the Hiltons.

Felix survived three kidnapping attempts in his previous life!!!

In one of them, he almost committed suicide after getting caught by them.

If The USA government task force didn\'t save him, he would have been dead!

Felix would rather suicide than land in the hands of the Gama Organization! He knew what they do to the bloodliners and just thinking about it made him tremble in dread and wrath!

Wrathful about almost experiencing a fate far worse than death.

He was always thinking that after he joined the earthling\'s team and destroy the first game they were put in, those Organizations would see that earthlings weren\'t to be messed with as they could reach new heights in the PSG.

However, after finding out that the organization that was responsible for his kidnapping attempts was currently hiding in North America for months now, he knew that the chaos that happened in his previous life was bound to repeat in this time-line.

The good news was that he was completely safe against their kidnapping attempts with his strength, but Felix wasn\'t a person that let bygones be bygones that easily.

Thus, if they didn\'t come at him, he was going to head to them!

However, being wrathful wouldn\'t change the fact that his current strength wasn\'t enough to deal with the Organization.

He knew that before attempting to approach them, he needed to increase his strength as much as he could.

The Gama Organization\'s members\' strength was too much for him to handle.

Especially their infamous leader.

Thankfully, he still had 9 months or so before the Organization switches from contacting others in the shadows as it did with the Hiltons to making its offer public to all and turn the continent into chaos.

But that\'s for the future, for now He still needed to deal with a pest, who willingly threw a junior of their flesh and blood to a fate they wouldn\'t wish for their own enemies.

Felix would have never known about any of this if he didn\'t mess with the timeline slightly.

That\'s right, this information coming to light was merely due to a thoughtless decision he made before.

That decision was when he decided to change the awakening practice during the training camp!

Because of it, the family got 9 awakeners, this made the Hiltons propose to the other families to protest into changing the rules of the tournament, forcing the families teams from bringing 10 to only 6.

When this happened, Charlotte used her Intel resources and found out that the 7th awakener in the Hiltons didn\'t actually die as they claimed but they sold him to the Gama Organization, who was in contact with Hiltons for months.

Felix didn\'t know how exactly she achieved so, but the fact she managed to find out about the family deals with the Organization, which happened months ago was a solid achievement in his eyes.

All of those changes happened from a single mindless thought.

This was the true meaning of a butterfly effect!

\'I will make you regret the day you accepted their deal.\' Loathful, Felix narrowed his eyes at their last car that was speeding away.


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