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\'It seems like using Oliver\'s abilities to hone their reflexes isn\'t going to end well.\' Felix sighed a bit disappointed by the girls\' showing.

He had a ray of hope that Olivia wouldn\'t freeze like always in their practice if the circ.u.mstances were dire and real.

Sadly, nothing changed.

\'Let\'s end this battle.\' After seeing that Olivia\'s tragic reflexes were still the same, Felix decided to get rid of Oliver since he lost his worth in his eyes.

\'Where is that snake\' He activated his infrared vision for a split second before blinking his eyes, making the red shimmer disappear as suddenly as it appeared.

He didn\'t want to show this passive to the public since he was already having too many similarities with Landlord.

Especially when he decided to showcase his superstrength.

Thankfully, Kenny stuck with the plan Felix laid out before the battle, as Felix noticed a human-shaped aura approaching him in that split second.

After he turned off the infrared vision, looking with his normal eyes, that aura disappeared.

It was obviously Kenny in his stealth.

in a couple of seconds, Kenny reached Felix\'s side and tapped two times on his shoulder without saying anything.

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Felix acted a bit surprised by making his shoulders tremble.

He had to fake it since he never told the family about his infrared vision.

It would appear super weird to Kenny if he didn\'t have a single reaction after getting tapped like that without a single soul nearby.

Hold my forearm and increase your speed. Felix murmured softly.

The moment Felix felt Kenny\'s hand on his forearm, he started sprinting towards his teammates, who were being barraged recklessly by the infuriated Oliver.

Why wouldn\'t he be

Noah and the rest were all grouped up in one spot, holding each others\' shoulders.

The two small tornados used under their feet weren\'t able to lift a single one of them.

Only their clothes and hair were flattering by the wind ceaselessly.

It seemed like one of them finally realized a way to counter Oliver\'s *Upsurge* after seeing how Noah saved Olivia and Lexie!

As long as they keep supporting each other\'s weight like this, Oliver could only dream about lifting one of them.

As for getting harmed by the small tornados They didn\'t worry about that as their bodies were enhanced after awakening.

One shouldn\'t forget that a 1st stage bloodliner had 1000 BF.

This meant for those at lesser purity or greater purity, their Bloodline Force was 300 and 600 respectively.

So, one should never assume that awakeners had the same bodies as commoners even though they never obtained any physical ability!

\'Damn it, this isn\'t working.\'

Frustrated at the sight, Oliver let a long exhale through his mouth and stopped his attacks at once.

He knew that getting rilled up would only harm his team\'s chances of winning the battle.

That being said, he was still pretty upset, he knew that even if he won the battle, the finals were going to be hell for him when his weakness was laid bare like this.

As for the wind blasts He couldn\'t use them unless he was in close distance to his target.

He wasn\'t stupid to leave his super advantageous range and bring himself to their striking zone.

\'I should probably head back.\' He swiftly decided to regroup with his teammates and think of another solution.

However, the moment he turned his head, he was flabbergasted by the sight before him.

The hell

A thick long foggy wall was standing at the center of the arena and stretching from the right to the left.

Not to mention its height which surpassed 20 meters and closing in on 25 meters.

For Oliver, who could only hover at 20 meters max, his vision was thoroughly blocked!

Since he couldn\'t see his team\'s condition, it only meant that his team was also having difficulty seeing the situation on this side of the arena.

\'Why the hell would he do that\' He was utterly confused by Johnson\'s decision to focus on blocking their sight instead of doing his job properly and try to assassinate his supports.

After all, one less support means one less buff reduced on him.

The reason he wasn\'t worried by such a weird behavior was because of the wire on his waist!

As long as it was still linked with him, it signified that Micheal was safe and sound, and if Micheal was alright, his teammates would be alright as well.

\'Micheal are you good\'

Worried or not, he still didn\'t feel safe being separated like this from his teammates without having them in his plain sight.

Thus, he sent a message to Micheal using the Queen\'s voice.

\'We are fine.

How about you\' After receiving a positive response, he sighed in relief.

Then, he lowered his head, wanting to see one last time what his opponents were up to before going back.

\'Huh\' absolutely at a loss of words, he gaped at Felix, who was spinning around himself with his arms extending forward and hands tightened like he was grasping into an object.

He wasn\'t the only one weirded out by the sight, as the spectators, who were still feeling feverish due to Felix\'s previous save, had their eyes widened at the sight.

How could someone transform so quickly from being a hero into appearing like a moron

Too bad, before this thought could even take root in their minds, Felix stopped spinning and swung his arms in throwing animation towards the bewildered Oliver.

Felix\'s delightful expression while doing so sent shivers at the back of his teammates.


\'What the he...\'


Before Oliver could even comprehend the incoming the strange sound of the wind, his body recoiled back, akin to being tackled by a rugby player!


A breathless groan escaped through his lips while his eyes bulged outside of their sockets.

He felt like his stomach just got attacked by someone\'s head.

Sadly, that\'s exactly what happened, as Felix used his superstrength to hurl the invisible Kenny towards him!!!

\'Your accuracy is slowly catching up to mine.\' Asna giggled, making Felix tighten his buttcheeks subconsciously at that damned memory.

Not wanting to get entangled with her about that, Felix ignored her jab and focused on Oliver, who appeared to be struggling to free himself from Kenny\'s grasp.

His arms were tightly held against his waist, making him unable to move.

If he wasn\'t having difficulty breathing after getting his guts hammered by Kenny\'s head, he would have had it a bit easier to kick Kenny away since his physical strength was stronger than him.

He couldn\'t even use his wind blasts as he was going to get hurt as well by the ability.

Meanwhile, the spectators had no idea what was going on, as they didn\'t have omnipotent sight or vision enhancement.

They were merely commoners, using their commoners\' eyes to spectate the battle.

Even the stream MC had zero clue on what to commentate.

They just kept murmuring to each other while watching Oliver slowly dropping to the ground with a twisted expression.

They switched their vision to the tornado that was lifting him and they saw that its whirling speed was getting weaker and weaker.

If the stream MC knew about Kenny, he would have explained that the small tornado was having difficulty supporting the weight of those two.

Prepare to receive them. Felix ordered while standing exactly next to the whirling tornado, that was responsible for lifting Oliver.

After seeing his teammates surrounder the tornado with him, Felix unexpectedly stepped inside of it!

His green hair kept flailing everywhere while his ripped open jacket was getting torn even further by the raging wind, exposing his....T-shirt.

Thankfully, his T-shirt was spared as the tornado lost all of its momentum when a 3rd person stepped on it too.

Well, even if Felix was the only one affected by it, he wouldn\'t be lifted in the air like the others. 


Ultimately, the tornado gave in and exploded into grey particles, forcing those two to drop from 15 meters to the ground.


Even during the fall, Kenny didn\'t let go of Oliver.

He actually tightened his grip even further!

\'Shit! Shit!\'

Not bothering with Kenny, Oliver swiftly activated *Upsurge* again with a horrified expression.

He was hoping to save himself from the fall.

However, the moment the tornado showed up, it exploded into grey particles!

As expected, Felix who was standing directly underneath them, made it impossible for the tornado to lift him up since his physical body was counted as a 2nd stage bloodliner!

There was absolutely no way for a greater purity bloodliner with a rare tier 1 bloodline to affect Felix with such a strength gap between them!

the power used in those abilities could easily be blocked by Felix\'s physical defenses.

It was already tested before in the measurement center when he first unlocked his superstrength passive.

The only way for anyone in this tournament to harm him was by using a mental ability.

That\'s why he always had that laid-back attitude.

Sadly for Oliver, he neither had a mental ability nor a primogenitor bloodline like Felix.

If he had that kind of bloodline, he would have been able to affect those in higher stages than him just like Felix did in the games.


Now He could only cry out loud in despair while looking underneath him at the mocking expressions of the Maxwells.

He wasn\'t begging for Felix and the rest to catch him, but trying to make his voice heard to the other side of the arena, so Micheal could pull him over.

He was too terrified to remember that he could use the Queen.

Unbeknownst to him, Micheal was already pulling him as hard as he could until the wire was making creaking noises!!!


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