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The moment Felix heard the announcement, he moved forward and pulled Olivia by her collar back to his side.

He didn\'t want to risk having her running around the arena.

Let me goo! You can\'t treat the healer like this!

Aggrieved and miffed, Olivia kept flailing her hands and arms, struggling to escape his grasp.

Sadly, her attempts were futile against his strength.

Thus, she could only sulk while watching the rest of her team beginning to make a move.

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Kenny relied on his active ability *Stealth*, while Johnson breathed out grey fog from his mouth ceaselessly, filling up the entire area around him!

The fog didn\'t remain stationary or followed Johnson everywhere he went like Felix\'s aura, instead, it kept spreading by itself in all directions!

Inside the fog, Johnson passive *Elemental Camouflage* activated automatically.

This passive was common in the majority of bloodlines, as it allowed the user to remain completely undetected by any kind of vision by fusing the elemental energy released with his aura.

Fire elementalists, Water Elementalist, and the rest all had a high chance to unlock this passive.

However, not everyone preferred having it, as to use it efficiently, elements like fog, which consume a pitiful amount of energy were a must.

This meant, in the hands of Johnson, this passive turned him into a deadly assassin inside his fog!

Berry\'s expression turned unsightly at this sight.

He had no idea how was he supposed to protect Amelia from those two while he had physical morphing abilities.

However, b*tching about it wasn\'t going to help him either.

He quickly used the only active ability that he had.

His legs were starting to morph into buffaloes\' ones, meanwhile, his forehead grew two long bent horns.

After his transformation ended, he stuck right by Amelia while staring in the other direction with his vigilance raised to the peak.

His transformation might have appeared amazing, but no one was actually paying attention to him, as everyone\'s eyes were captured by Noah\'s transformation!

That\'s right! Noah\'s 2nd ability that he unlocked in his greater purity was related to morphing types.

This was quite understandable, as his Cryogenic Yeti bloodline belonged to a beast that fights using mostly its body parts instead of its element.

With an expressionless cold face, Noah\'s extended thin arms were slowly enlarging akin to being puffed out by air.

His jacket\'s sleeves ripped apart, exposing his morphed arms in the open.


The spectators drew a deep breath at the sight of his arms, which became massive to the point he could slap one of them to paste.

Yet, what shocked them even more, was the thick white fur that encased them, leaving only his palms to appear human-like.

Yet, Noah\'s transformation was far from over, as the main ingredient was still lacking.

Noah\'s pulled back his behemoth right hand and activated his first ability *Ice Mace*.


This time Noah didn\'t use his energy to hold his heavy ice mace that weighed half a ton but actually lifted it with one hand and put it on his shoulder like he was carrying a baseball bat.

A bit scared by the sight, the front-liners of the Lauders gulped audibly while swiftly activating all of their abilities.

Though, the majority had only one, as they were still in lesser purity.

Buff them up, Lexie. Felix ordered.

Obedient, Lexie pointed her finger at those three and called softly, Breeze of the wild.

Abruptly, Noah\'s feet started glimmering with white particles as well as the other two.

This enhanced their speed indirectly by making their body weight lighter.

For Noah, who was carrying that gigantic mace, this ability was heaven sent.

Make sure to not kill anyone Noah. Felix smiled and said lastly, Have fun.


Noah brought the mace down to the ground and charged forward while dragging it behind him.

His eyes were gazing at the lauders without a single hint of mercy!

Without a doubt, Noah was planning to go all out and bash the ** out of them, not caring if they survived his assault or not.

Felix dragged the sulky Olivia and chased after Noah.

Not too fast, and not too slow.

The rest of the team moved with him as one, trying not to break the formation.

There was no way Felix would let Noah go that deep without staying behind him.

After seeing that the Maxwells were going on offense, Amelia started lying down her orders in a composed manner, Front-liners hold your positions.

Rangers prepare your abilities.

Buffers use your offensives buffs on me.

Just like a well-maintained machine, her teammates did exactly as she told them.

The elemental rangers, each held an active ability in their hands.

Fireballs, wind blades, one even had a bolt of lightning sizzling in his hand!

Meanwhile, the buffers used all they had on Amelia, utterly ignoring the front-liners.

10,9,8... Amelia held a bow made of wood while pulling its string to the limit, aiming at Noah.

She kept counting backward with one eye closed shut and the other narrowed, putting all of her focus on her target.


Phew! Whoosh! Whoosh!...

She released the string, shooting a green arrow made of energy! The entire bow was an active ability!

After hearing her order, the rest of the rangers, all hurled whatever was in their hands as well.


In a perfectly timed manner, Noah swung the mace in front of him, destroying most of the elemental salvo!

Unlike the elemental rangers\' attacks, which were quite slow, the arrow released by Amelia was too fast to be dodged or defended against.

Luckily, the arrow landed on his morphed arm, doing absolutely no damage to him! The Yete fur was too thick to be penetrated that easily.

Regardless, Amelia and her teammates didn\'t just release one salvo and called it a quit.

In fact, they increased their shooting speed, barraging Noah by more than he could take.

In the end, he was forced to stop advancing and focus only on defending!

The rangers were pretty smug about toning down some of Noah\'s arrogance.

After all, he was literally trying to reach them without getting any assistance from his teammates.

But, Amelia\'s expression kept getting graver after each salvo they send.

Noah was almost completely protected by the mace and his massive furry arms.

Besides some lucky fireballs, which exploded behind his back, scorching him up a bit, the rest of the attacks were simply wasting their limited energy for no purpose.

Hold! She raised her hand and changed their strategy by ordering, Front-liners collapse on him!

Immediately, the front-liners all left their position and charged towards Noah, each holding either a weapon or having a body part morphed into a beastial part.

There was still 15 to 20 meters between them.

Olivia heal him up. Felix ordered in a relaxed manner.

Eager to be helpful, Olivia folded her hands, activating her first active ability *Lilly\'s Blessing* on herself!

In a split second, the lily flower on her head started glowing akin to a green lamp.

At the same time, all of the three flowers on Noah\'s head and the rest of the front-liners began glowing as well.

Nathan and Dale felt absolutely nothing but pure embarrassment, however, in Noah\'s case, he felt a refreshing breeze caressing his scorched back.

He wasn\'t able to turn around and see what was happening to his back, but the spectators, who were laughing at Olivia\'s ability before, were shocked at the inhuman speed his back was recovering to its original state.

No wonder Olivia\'s passive was called *Lilly\'s Children*! The Lilly flower on top of Olivia\'s head acted as a mother, who feeds her children the same things she was fed to.

In other words, Any ability used by Olivia would resonate with anyone who was affected by her passive.

Her Dundalio Lilly bloodline might be only a rare rank, but she sure unlocked an amazing passive that was hard to find even in epic rank bloodlines!

That\'s enough Oli. Felix said.

Just a little more, his back is still red. Stubborn, Olivia refused to listen to Felix, as she kept her ability active until Noah\'s skin appeared paler than he had it before.

Much better. Finally satisfied, Olivia unlocked her folded hands, deactivating her ability.

Her pure delightful smile was enough to melt the hearts of the spectators.

However, Felix only felt annoyance at seeing her behave like this.

Those extra unnecessary seconds costed her at least 15% of her energy! After all, her ability was being active not only on Noah alone but also on herself and those two!

She was being way too wasteful in her energy management, and Felix was tired of chiding her in their practice runs to consume as little as possible.

Front-liners help him out! Felix ordered the moment he saw that Noah was being surrounded by the lauders.


Eager to vent their embarrassment, Nathan and Dale let out war cries as they charged towards the messy fight.

it seemed like Noah was having a tough time against those four front-liners.

Even though He knew when to strike with his mace and when to use his thick fur as a shield against their weapon, his heavy mace was making him leave way too many openings each time he went on offense.

Smash! Crack!

The arena\'s floor immediately cracked after Noah brought down the ice mace from above, totally missing the head of his target.

His large movement caused him to have his back wide open to the two bloodliners, who were behind him.

Slice! Clash!

Unable to react in time, a sword attack managed to slice Noah\'s back, leaving a long bloody gush.

Though, the other attack was successfully blocked by Nathan\'s grey metallic shield.

Skin Hardening!

Furious at failing to block that sword attack, Dale shouted while jumping on the sword holder, bashing him with his bare bronze fists.

Bam! Bam! Argh!!

His fists might be bare, but they sure deal a lot of harm, as the two punches he threw managed to break that bloodliner\'s jaw as well as his frontal teeth.

Now, the fight turned into Noah against two, while Nathan and Dale were holding the other two!

Even with a long bloody wound in his back, Noah neither cried nor groaned, he just lifted his heavy mace and continued battling the other two even fiercer than before!

This wasn\'t due to his pain tolerance or bravery, but the doing of his passive ability, *Blood Rush*.

The more wounds he sustained, the faster and stronger his attacks get!

He truly started to resemble a glacial barbarian even though he appeared more like an ice prince!


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