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Felix, the plane is about to land.\' The Queen\'s monotonous voice resounded in Felix\'s mind, as he narrowly dodged a metal claw that was aiming at his neck.


Nonchalant by the frozen flames and icy rocks near his face, Felix requested the Queen to log him out.


Ten minutes later...

Felix removed the seatbelt and stood up.

He exited the private jet while stretching his arms behind his back.

The moment he got outside, he saw many private jets all parked away from each other, while near each one 13 or so members of his family were standing and conversing together.

All of them were dressed up neatly.

Felix wasn\'t surprised by the sight, as he knew that every relative of his was going to the venue to spectate the competition and cheer for them.

Elders, seniors, and juniors, not one of them were left behind.

Even the elders, who always had busy a schedule dropped everything on their subordinates and came with them.

After gazing for a while, Felix finally spotted his grandfather, wearing a black business suit with a red tie, conversing with elder Albert and elder Charlotte.

Felix almost couldn\'t recognize him, as his grandfather actually grew some hair! But, Felix wasn\'t really that startled.

He knew that was simply the longevity potion\'s long-term effect.

The potion didn\'t just add longevity and remove diseases.

In fact, it made the consumer appear a lot younger than his true age.

Since Robert was in his seventies, the potion would slowly help him regress his aged look into appearing as a middle-aged man.

Content with the way his grandfather looked, Felix smiled warmly while walking down the private jet\'s stairs, heading towards him.


However, just as his feet landed on the runaway asphalt, an elated feminine yell resounded in the area.

Without needing to guess, Felix immediately knew who called for him.

Vexed and a bit amused, he saw Olivia running towards him with an excited expression.

The yellow lily flower on her head kept flailing left and right, matching the speed of her little legs.

Good thing she was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sports sneakers instead of a dress.

Otherwise, she would have tripped already.

Olivia\'s loud yell managed to draw everyone\'s attention to her.

Soon, they also noticed Felix standing before the staircase, wearing his usual sunglasses.

That rascal finally arrived. Robert grumbled while looking at Felix, who was being hugged by Olivia.

He quickly approached them with the elders following behind him.

Oli, when did you turn this clingy Though Felix was saying so, he was hugging her back with a faint smile.

I just missed you. She removed herself from the hug and pouted, You never called or bothered to receive my calls.

How would I dare accept your calls after that one time His eyelids twitched as he said, You detained me for two hours straight in one call.

Oh Grandpa Robert is here. Embarrassed after remembering that day, Olivia swiftly changed the subject by mentioning Robert and the rest of the elders, who were walking towards them.

Amused, Felix chuckled while touching the lily flower on her head.

It seemed like It was growing in a steady manner, as it was a lot bigger than the last time he saw it.

Her bloodline might be rare rank but it had its own perks as well, and this lily flower was essential to Olivia\'s abilities.

It wasn\'t just for decoration like Felix\'s mutations.

So you hug only girls or what The moment Robert reached next to Felix, his sarcastic attitude took over.

I see that you finally grew some hair. Felix wasn\'t the one to back down either, as he continued while sizing up his grandfather, Aren\'t you dressed too well You even groomed your beard.

Are you going to root for us or for a date

Robert is currently in high demand. Albert interjected himself in the middle of their conversation by saying enviously, The women in the bar always offers him free drinks.

Somehow, Felix truly believed him, as his grandfather\'s face start to regain some youthfulness.

His skin wasn\'t as wrinkled or grey as before.

Plus, his muddy eyes had a tingle of l.u.s.ter on them, seen only on youthful men.

Hehe, isn\'t this because of my grandson Robert gave a smug smile to Albert, as he hugged Felix as well.

Alright, enough low-key bragging. Abraham looked at his AP bracelet and said, Let\'s carry our conversation in the jet.

We need to leave now.

Immediately after saying so, Abraham sent a message to all of the seniors, telling them to board the private jets.

The juniors soon followed them inside.

Dejected, Felix climbed up the stairs, reentering the jet.

He didn\'t even walk for two steps on the ground before getting back inside.

Though, this time he wasn\'t alone, as the five elders all joined him in the plane as well as Olivia, Sara, Noah, Kenny, and the rest of the team.

the elders arranged for them to be all together in one jet, in order to catch up with Felix.

They had a lot of questions to ask and a lot of things to inform him about.

Oli, come sit next to me. Felix patted the leather seat next to him, as he offered.

Obviously, Olivia didn\'t reject him.

\'Tsk, little bastard, preferring little Oli over me.\' Robert clicked his tongue in criticism after seeing the seat he was planning to take got offered to Olivia.

He wanted to catch up to his grandson on the plane, but now he could only sit next to the cheap stake Albert with an annoyed expression.

After a while, the jet took flight, heading speedingly towards Florida.

The moment the seat belt sign turned off, the elders stood from their seats and surrounded Felix akin to debt collectors seeking their payment.

All of them had their hands crossed above their chest as they kept watching him teasing Olivia\'s lily flower.

After sensing ten eyes boring into him, Felix lifted his head and saw the five elders all looking at him with a wide grin.

Expect for Charlotte, as her cold face remained the same as always.

What\'s up Felix asked in confusion.

Hehe, nothing much. Abraham grinned as he said, We just wanted to know what you have been doing the past months.

Immediately after hearing such an expected question, Felix automatically entered his bull** mode and began telling them that he spent those two months either watching games and analyzing them or selling and buying in public markets.

Oh So you have a stall Charlotte asked.

Yes, it doesn\'t require a permit or license. He sighed dejectedly, Though, I have to always be prepared for a run, to not get caught by the patrolling enforcers.

I see, just be careful, and if you needed any help with coins just tell me so. Robert said, smiling.

Will do. Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he said so.

If only they knew that the coins he was offering were his in the first place.

Now to important matters. Abraham looked at him with a stern expression and asked, What\'s your current integration

In a heartbeat, Felix answered that he was already on greater purity.

The elders sighed in relief after hearing so.

They honestly thought that he would be still on 45% or even lower, based on the fact he didn\'t reach lesser purity in 4 months.

That\'s good, very good. Abraham smiled gleefully while looking at Felix, Olivia, and Noah, the three juniors, who reached greater purity.

Though, Noah was actually about to reach the origin purity!

The elders felt more than pleased by those three, as Charlotte intel brought her information that the majority of the families had only 1 greater purity bloodliner in their ranks, as for their true rivals They had at most two.

With Felix\'s addition, they had a pretty much higher chance to make their team represent the US against the world.

So what abilities did you unlock exactly Albert crossed his forearms on the top of Felix\'s seat while asking, Both your new passive and acti..

Ring, Ring...

Before he continued his sentence, his AP bracelet interrupted him by ringing continuously.

If Albert\'s bracelet was the only one ringing, he might have ignored the call, however, the elders\' bracelet soon followed by ringing as well.

After seeing who was calling them, They exchanged wary glances and went back to their seats at the front of the jet.

Curious, Felix and Olivia both removed the seat belt and peeked at the elders, who were listening to Abraham\'s call that was on speaker.

A couple of seconds later, Abraham\'s raging voice resounded in the jet, THIS IS BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT!!

The rest of the elders\' were also not pleased by what they heard, as even Charlotte\'s composure broke at the bad news they just received.


Since the call was on speaker, Felix and Olivia managed to pick up their conversation a bit clearer than the rest, as they were the closest to the elders.

What Felix heard made him realize that his actions finally started affecting the known timeline in other places!


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