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Not surprised with getting received by an assistant, Felix answered, Hello, I want to place an order.

With pleasure sir.

May I know which potion you want to concoct She asked.

Elemental Potion.

Good, I assume that you have collected all the necessary materials, correct She asked.


Excellent! I believe that you have seen your position in the queue is going to be 360.

This meant it\'s going to be a while until Madam Hala addresses your order. She asked, Are you alright with those arrangements

May I ask when exactly is it going to be my turn Instead of answering, Felix asked her.

Based on Madam Hala\'s concoction speed, it will take around two months or so before she focuses on your potion. She replied.

\'Uhm...two months Right before the world representative battle.\' He pondered for a second before telling her, Alright, That works for me.

May I know how much it will cost me

It depends on the grade of your elemental flower.

If you are planning on using the common grade, the fees are 200 million.

On the other hand, the fees for the uncommon are 350 million.


Felix drew a deep breath through his nose, trying his best to not curse.

He knew that the price was going to be exorbitant, but still, he didn\'t think it would reach 350 million!

She swiftly clarified after hearing his silence, Concocting with uncommon elemental flower is going to be harder by five times than using a common elemental flower, thus an extra fee is needed. She added, Plus, Madam Hala\'s success rate is quite high when compared to her sister witches.

Hence, the price is completely justified.

Though Felix understood what she meant, he was still pained by the amount.

Can I have a discount since this is my first purchase He asked with a hopeful tone.


Sigh, whatever, please email me the contract. Dispirited, he said while rubbing his eyelids.

I\'m happy that you chose Madam Hala\'s services.

We hope we won\'t disappoint your expectation. She said with an uplift tone.

He might feel downcast but the assistant was sure glad about securing another order.

Goodbye. Felix said, hanging up.

The moment he received the contract, there was no need to continue talking to her.

He soon opened his email inbox and found that the email was buried between three new emails.

It seems like agencies, clans, and such were still not getting the memo that he had no interest in contacting any one of them.

After opening the email, he read it slowly with his eyes while marking things that he needed later, like the address of the witch.

After all, he needs to send those materials to her, and he knew that it was going to cost him a leg since the Forsythia Witch Empire was in a completely different Galaxy!

The only good news about this was that their Galaxy was only 3.5 million light-years away from the Milky Way Galaxy, which was going to facilitate the deliveries between them and also the shipping fees.

After a while, he wrote down his own address as well on the contract and signed it.

He then sent it back to the assistant.

As for the payment It was wired automatically after he signed, taking away the streaming revenue that he just got.

Let\'s see when that Fatty is going to arrive. After dealing with the potion situation, Felix murmured while checking on the time.

Soon, he saw that only one hour was left before Bodidi brings him his delivery to the island.

After all, three days had gone since he gave Bodidi the serial codes for the five bloodline bottles and Melon Fish Leg.

He didn\'t inform the Queen before he slept to help him wake up for no reason.

He was worried that he would oversleep and Bodidi would find him still in the VR Pod.

Based on that bastard\'s personality, he would spit on the VR Pod and throw the bottles on the floor then leave hastily.

Felix didn\'t want that to happen as he still needed to talk to him and also give him the useless bottles to be sold to Looby.

He was relying on Looby to pay the debt of Mr.


This was kinda funny as Felix literally would have to add only 5% of each bottle\'s original price then give the total amount to Mr.



One hour later, in the real world...


A medium-sized wormhole was opened in the middle of Felix\'s suite living room.

Felix grinned after seeing the blue-scaled Fatty Worm wiggle inside the room with a bit of difficulty.

Though, in the end, he managed to push himself through.


Brother Fatty, I see that you started relaxing on your diet. Felix said while leaning on the wall.

I see that you are still being a prick. Fatty Worm made an \'X\' shape with his receptors, giving Felix the Worm Race\'s special middle finger.

Felix chuckled and asked him, Did you get everything

Not replying, Fatty Worm opened his tiny mouth widely and spat 5 sealed bottles and a small blue box.

And with this, you have only two more free shipments. Bodidi\'s receptors kept flailing around, expressing his joy at almost fulfilling his part of the contract and getting rid of Felix.

Instead of feeling saddened by the news of almost finishing his 17 free shipments, Felix just grinned with a hidden glint while looking at the happy Worm dancing in his own universe.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50309572220481777 for visiting.

However, soon he changed his expression to a dejected one as he beamed the bottles and the box in his spatial card.

Cough, do you need me to deliver anything while I am here Abashed, Bodidi asked while rubbing his receptors together akin to a greedy merchant rubbing his hands.

Felix knew that the bastard was asking if he was going to give him any under the table delivery to get the bribe.

Yes, wait for me here.

Pleased by his confirmation, Bodidi immediately laid on the couch, making himself comfortable.

He knew that Felix was going to take some time before giving him the items to deliver like before.

Not wanting to waste time, Felix went to his bedroom and closed the door shut.

Asna time to work! Felix said while removing his clothes, preparing to separate the essence of the Jörmungandr beast in a new bottle while giving the original bottles to Fatty Worm.

Let\'s get it over with. Lazy and bored, Asan yawned while watching him beam bottles, potions, injection needles on the bed.


25 minutes later...

Felix exited the bedroom with a wide grin, even the blind Bodidi was able to notice it.

Though, he didn\'t ask him about it.

Be quick, give me the items. He said, rushing Felix.

I already wired you the payment. Felix said while beaming the five bottles in front of Bodidi.

If Bodidi was a human or cared about knowing in detail the human bloodline system, he would have realized that Felix was doing something weird to the bottles before giving them back to him.

Fortunately, Fatty Worm already had too many things on his plate to give a rat ** about Felix\'s matters.


He swiftly sucked them on his stomach and created another wormhole, planning to bounce away.

However, Felix wasn\'t finished with him yet as he said, Wait, I need you to pick up those materials and take them to the Forsythia Witch Empire. Felix tapped on his bracelet and a hologram with those materials serial codes were displayed in the room.

Bodidi requested from the Queen to read those serial codes for him.

Soon, he nodded his head then shook it, I can collect those materials from the empire and bring them here or wherever you want me to.

However, I can\'t make cross galaxies deliveries.

That\'s not my job and my space element manipulation isn\'t even that good to create wormholes across galaxies.

I see. Felix sighed and said, Then deliver them to the Galactical Cargo Company, I will inform them about your arrival.

Alright. Bodidi turned around and entered the wormhole.

Seeing that he was struggling a bit, Felix gave him a push.

Unsurprisingly, with Felix\'s current strength it was more than enough.


After seeing that the wormhole was closed, Felix contacted the GCC and informed them about his incoming shipment.

It didn\'t take even a minute before they concluded the deal.

Felix wasn\'t worried that the human company with their cargo spacesh.i.p.s would take millions of years to reach the Witch Empire by traveling at the speed of light.

He knew that the Cargo spacesh.i.p.s were going to take about a week tops to reach the Witch empire by traveling through the wormhole expressway that was connecting the two empires.

Those wormholes were of course created and owned by the SpaceWorm Race!

Between every kingdom, empire, or galaxy there was a wormhole expressway connecting them together akin to a highway between cities or bridges between islands.

Everyone could use those wormholes as long as they have a permit given by the SpaceWorm Race and also paid the fees needed to travel.

If the Metal Race was the technological backbone of the universe, then the SpaceWorm race was the transportation overlord of the universe.


After seeing that he was finally all alone, the overwhelming joy that he was trying his best to hold exploded all at once, as he let out a loud hearty laugh.

Hmm Startled by Felix\'s sudden outburst, James raised an eyebrow for a second before lowering it down as nothing happened.

Jeeez! all you found was 25% essence, no need to burst my ears with your annoying laugh. Asna closed her ears in irritation.

That\'s right! Felix hit the motherlode as he found a whopping 25% Jörmungandr essence from those five epic bottles!

Well actually, he only found the essence in four bottles, as for the last one, it turned null.

Regardless, 25% was more than enough to brighten Felix\'s entire next week.

As with it, he could reach 76% in his integration at once, unlocking two active abilities in the greater purity and two passives in the minor step before the origin purity!

After the integration he pulled off the past 25 minutes, he was left with 20% after adding 5% to the 51% that he already had.

If he wasn\'t worried about having Bodidi listen to his screams, he would have integrated with 9% at once due to his cheerfulness!


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