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White smoke came out of the VR Pod as it was being opened up automatically.

Felix pulled himself outside, wearing only his underwear.

He already removed the needle that was attached to his arm, pumping that blue nutrition into his bloodstream.

Good thing he bought one of the best products, as even though he continued lying on the Pod for a week or so, he neither felt stiff nor tense one bit.

He just stretched for a few seconds, cracking some of his joints akin to waking up from eight hours of sleep.

Then, he went to the closet and wore a cozy jacket, sweat pants, and sandals.

Of course, he didn\'t forget about sunglasses.

Although, it was still 6 am or so, there were still some workers preparing to start their morning shift.

Felix didn\'t want to distract them from their work by exposing his mutations in public.

Awakened humans were hard to spot even in the mainland, don\'t even mention in this small island.

Oh, good morning James. Felix immediately greeted James after finding him standing guard near his suite door.

Good morning, young master.

I will be back in two hours or so.

James nodded his head at Felix\'s retreating back, who was heading towards the elevator.


two hours later...

Whoosh, Bam!

The sound of waves colliding against a cliff resounded up the hill, where Felix was standing at the very tip of the cliff.

He already checked the condition of the hotel, or at least what was checkable at this point.

It turned out, the entire hotel was already in the middle of remodeling, except for Felix\'s floor.

However, There was nothing much for Felix to evaluate and judge, as based on what he saw, the workers were currently trying to empty the rooms of all the useless furniture.

They were not broken or in bad shape, but simply not luxurious enough for the hotel.

Felix wanted the hotel to be a 6 stars, thus everything needs to be replaced.

That being said, those furniture were not being thrown away or burnt, but actually were sent to the residential area, putting them in some lucky apartments.

Obviously replacing everything required more money, but Abigail had nothing to worry about, as Felix was trading his coins for dollars and sending them to Leila.

Trading coins with other currencies wasn\'t really that hard, as Felix could simply either request the Queen to buy dollars from the offers posted in the Currency Trading Platform, or just do it by himself.

The CTP was open for any planet seeking to buy coins using their currency.

They just needed to put an offer based on their currency\'s worth in the UVR and the interested parties would buy what they want.

Since earthlings joined the SGA for only a year or so, their currency wasn\'t really that valuable in the UVR.

This made the dollar, euro, dirham, and all of those posted currencies in the platform to be completely shunned and ignored.

When Felix tried to trade coins to give Leila enough capital, in order to change the hospital equipment, he had a difficult time finding his family\'s offers on the platform.

Although the platform had a search bar, Felix didn\'t know exactly the name of his family\'s offer.

He tried Maxwell and it didn\'t work, as thousands of results greeted him.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._49770060172018199 for visiting.

Thus, he stopped bothering with doing it by himself and just started requesting the Queen to buy specifically from his family.

Since the earthlings\' currencies value were dog ** in the UVR, not reaching even 1SC = 50$ on average, Felix didn\'t really waste that many coins.

As he traded only 1 million SC from time to time.

This gave him 50 million dollars for each trade.

An amount good enough for Leila to handle any situation.

The good part about this was that Felix\'s trading helped his family immensely.

The elders had no idea that Felix was the one giving them free coins to continue helping the juniors and also enough capital to invest in the UVR.

Nonetheless, they were grateful to whoever took pity on them.

The elders weren\'t stupid to not realize that someone was directly helping them out.

After all, in the CTP, there were millions upon millions of offers just from planet earth.

This meant that the prices varied significantly from each other.

Some retards, who were desperate to get coins by any means, literally accept 1SC for 100$.

Yet, Felix totally ignored them and traded only with his family offers.

In his eyes, If he was going to give his coins to someone, it was better to give it to his family.

At least Olivia and his grandfather would benefit from them.

This what made the elders believe that some individual was watching them and assisting them.

They didn\'t know what he wanted from them, and they honestly were enjoying his unconditional assistance to care about finding out.

Sir Felix, the trade had been completed successfully. The Queen informed him, 100 million dollars has been added to your bank account. She asked, Should I send it all to Leila\'s bank account

Please. Felix nodded his head and turned around, planning to head back to the hotel.

He wanted to give it to Leila directly, but she was still asleep.

Today was her day off, and Felix didn\'t want to ruin her rest.

There were plenty of chances to meet up with her later on.


20 minutes later...

Felix got fully nude again and set foot inside the VR Pod.

He already filled his energy tank by using some of the 1k mid-grade stones he got from Fuzzia Shop.

He left them inside his spatial card just for this purpose.

After he got himself comfortable, he requested the queen to log him in.


Queen, contact Mr.

Goati please.

The moment Felix opened up his eyes, he voiced his request again.

This time, he wasn\'t going to stop until Mr.

Goati picked up his call.

Fortunately, he didn\'t need to go that far, as the call connected in the first 5 seconds.

What do you want Mr.

Goati asked with an unpleasant tone.

Clearly, still harboring grudges against Felix.

Well, he was forced to delete his most prized gallery and also stop carrying out his hobby.

It might be creepy and wrong, but it was still a hobby.

How many epic tier 5 bloodlines did you gather for me Unbothered by his tone, Felix straightforward laid down his question.

I managed to secure 5 from my hunters. Mr.

Goati warned, You better get them out of my store, I wasted a huge sum to buy them.

Hehe, brother Goati, I am a bit short on coins currently, I have only enough to get one bottle. Felix gave a forced laugh while promising, But don\'t worry, in three months or so, I will have enough to pay you for all of them.

Please email me the serial number of the bottles with a timelimit contract.

Bye-bye! Before Mr.

Goati could even argue, Felix swiftly hanged up and turned off his AP bracelet phone feature for now.

He didn\'t want to hear Goati barrage him with insults and curses.

He knew that Goati would eventually accept this messed-up situation and email him a contract that had a vicious requirement if he didn\'t manage to pay up in time.

So, Felix was confident that in 5 minutes or so, he would receive the email.

Just as he expected, the Queen informed him that the newest email was sent by Goati.

Felix quickly opened it and read its content with his eyes.

A satisfied smile broke on his lips, as he saw that Goati truly got him 5 epic tier 5 bottles.

He believed that at least one of them or two would have the required 9% that he needed to reach greater purity.

However, his smile stiffened immediately after reading that if he failed to pay in exactly three months, their previous contract would turn void.

Felix neither wanted to lose the 30% discount nor the free customs pass.

Though, he wasn\'t really that worried about getting the coins, as he could resell the bottles to Looby, losing only 5% in each bottle.

This would lower the amount needed to the bare minimum.

Felix closed the email after registering the serial codes of the bottles.

Then, he requested the Queen to send them together with Malon Fish Leg\'s serial code to Fatty Worm, in order to deliver them as fast as possible.

Felix wanted to reach greater purity before attending the world representative battle.

His Landlord persona was gaining more and more attraction in both the UVR and real life, and since Felix was using the same bloodline with the same inducements, a solid relation between him and his Landlord persona was going to be established.

Felix didn\'t want that to happen.

Otherwise, any player from a major background like Princess Bird could easily find him using their massive network.

No one could save him from their aggression.

Just sending one random stage 3 bloodliner and Felix would be completely hopeless.

The only way to get himself away from such a situation was by unlocking two more abilities and using them with his real character.

Landlord was currently famous for having three actives, *Poison Bombs*, *Poisonous Aura*, and finally the fake *Poison Revitalization*.

As for his passives, he showed that he had, *Poison Immunity*, *SuperStrength*, and lastly *Ultra Infrared Vision*.

On the other hand, in the real-life, he only showed that he had *Poison Bombs* and *Poison Immunity* to his family.

This meant, the moment he displayed two different abilities from Landlord, no one would question him or get suspicious of him.

If he reached 75% of integration and unlocked other new passives, he would be completely off the radar.

They would never assume that he had 12 abilities but he was simply using a different bloodline that was a bit similar.

After all, there were few legendary bloodlines that had abilities able to switch induements just like his.

Felix was taking those great measures because he knew that some of the players were connected one way or another to a background.

Either a clan, high staged bloodliner, belonging to an ancient family like Princess Bird, and more.

He had no plans of avoiding killing those players if they offended him or harbored any ill intention towards him inside the games.

This signified that he was going to offend a hefty amount of parties, who would try their best to locate him in real life.

However, as long as Felix split his 12 abilities apart, they would always end up targeting anyone except him.


Tomorrow morning, Felix stepped out of his car and walked towards the Teleportation Company, planning to head to the Ivy League\'s private city.

Since it was private, not anyone could just teleport straight to it.

Though, Felix knew exactly what to do in order to get there.

This time instead of entering the base floor teleportation circles, Felix took the elevator and went for the 5th.

After exiting the elevator, he saw that the floor was pretty empty when compared to the rage going downstairs.

good morning, May I help you The receptionist, who was sitting right next to the elevator immediately greeted Felix with a smile.

I want to teleport to the Ivy League\'s city. He answered.

Are you willing to pay 200 GP as teleportation fees She asked.

Felix nodded his head as he put his bracket in the scanner.

A second later, he withdrew his hand after receiving transfer notification.

The receptionist gave him a smile as she gestured with her hand to pick one of the empty circles on the floor.

Without further ado, Felix turned around and went for one of the empty circles.

Unlike the base floor where people get teleported every second, those circles weren\'t that active, as Felix saw that only five people stepped out of them during the duration he entered the floor.

It only made sense, as anyone who was taking the teleportation circles in the upper floors weren\'t like the broke commoners, who jump from the circles the moment they got teleported, worrying about losing merely 200 SC.

After entering the circle, Felix didn\'t need to do or click anything, as the moment he paid the receptionist his destination was already set, no matter which circle he used.

He just closed his eyes and waited to get teleported.

However, right before his body disintegrated into light particles, He changed his outfit, name, and tag!

Now, he wasn\'t Felix, but Landlord holder of the unique title, >Wealthiest of Them All!


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