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After seeing how he got viral, Felix closed off all of the holograms, leaving only his email inbox, that was about to surpass 1200 email by now.

The Queen quickly split the inbox into two parts, the emails, which she deemed important were put at the top, as for the rest, they were left at the bottom.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-threat!_49747135515655882 for visiting.

Satisfied, Felix thanked the Queen and clicked on the first one on the list.

He wasn\'t stupid to delete everything before reading at least five or ten.

Who knows, he might find something of value in them.

After reading the first email for a while, he closed it off and deleted it.

It was an invitation to a party hosted by a high ranked player over getting promoted to mid elo.

Felix wasn\'t interested in those kinds of parties, as he knew they were simply hosted to kiss ass and bootlick the player who made it safely to the other side

He attended more than enough in his previous life to understand that bootlicking those players brought zero benefits.


He clicked on the 2nd email and found out that it was half an hour interview on a famous TV night show.

He deleted it as well and moved on.

He had no plans to be interviewed, especially when the majority of their questions would be about his bloodline.

Next! Uhm Unrejectable Recruitment 

A bit surprised by the title, Felix raised his eyebrows while clicking on it, wanting to see which agency was daring enough to send such an impolite email.

//Dear Mr.


It has come to our attention that you have ruined the face of one of our favorite idols, Mastermania.

In other words, you ruined his market value.

We don\'t know if you are not familiar with the unwritten rules of the SG or not, but destroying idols\' faces instead of killing them is a taboo move every player tries to avoid.

Now, we do understand that you are still a newbie to the SG, and the majority of the unofficial rules are probably foreign to you.

Thus, we came to a decision to let bygones be bygones under one condition.

Join the BHE agency and sign an exclusive contract with us.

We are one of the best agencies in the Mariana Empire.

Hundreds of players from all ranks are being managed by our agents.

We can make you reach the peak of popularity, whether you won the games or lost.

We hope you understand that rejecting our recruitment will not bid well for you.

Do consider deeply before sending your answer.

Yours sincerely.

Big Hit Entertainment.//


Instead of feeling the subtle threat that was on the email, Felix only felt like he just read one of the best jokes in both his lives.

Unofficial rules Taboo Just thinking about them sent him rolling on the couch, laughing his ass off.

Cough, Cough

Holy **! I am dying! He covered his mouth while coughing and laughing at the same time.

At this moment, Felix wanted nothing more than to know if the one who wrote the email, did it with a straight face or not. 

Weren\'t they afraid that he would publish their email for all to see, making them the butt joke of the year

Felix knew that the f*ckers wanted to scare him by using his \'lack of knowledge\' against him.

In their eyes, Felix was merely a newbie on his 2nd game.

For players like those, they could easily get scammed by an agency if they weren\'t paying attention or too stupid to just search the facts by themselves.

Unofficial rules Heh, Felix knew that the SG actually had those kinds of rules, but not damaging the face of an idol wasn\'t in them.

Who the f*ck think they are to say that all of the players were trying to avoid ruining their idols\' faces

The players never gave a ** about those losers and the agencies behind them.

Good players all had their own private agencies responsible for managing their business.

That\'s all to it, managing their daily life and business opportunities.

The player was still the one making decisions.

However, the same couldn\'t be said about those public agencies.

They were sharks, who illude as many players as possible with fame and fortune.

They train them on how to be an idol and throw them in the games every two months.

Even after the game end and they survive it somehow, they get paraded in the UVR.

Doing interviews, fans meeting ups, show and streams appearance, wearing constantly sponsored outfits, and more of such neverending publicly.

They try to milk everything of the player until he finally dies inside the game.

By that time, they would have already earned hundreds of millions.

That\'s just from one idol.

Now imagine the same happening to hundreds of idols inside that agency.

Imagine the number of coins they make yearly from this business.

They were literally losing money only if a player turned to be a failed idol.

As for other instances They always get more than what they paid for.




Selves! Felix immediately typed this reply, word by word, and sent it to them, not giving a ** about their so-called threat.

He pretty much guessed that Mastermania tried to force them into putting a bounty on his head after what he had done to him.

He saw it happen too many times in his previous life, it became the norm.

However, instead of doing what Mastermania wanted, the agency first tried to recruit him.

After all, Felix was currently one of the hottest topics in the empire.

The amount of value he had was unfathomable, and they would be fools not to take advantage of him.

Too bad, Felix wasn\'t a newborn baby, who had no idea about their thoughts and plans.

I hope the bounty is large enough to force some fools into hunting me down. Felix said, chuckling.

He wanted them to put a bounty on him and hoped that it would be big enough to move the majority of the players in his upcoming games.

Why would he refuse such a free AOE taunt

Felix was confident in his own strength to brutalize any player that approaches him with ill intention.

The only reason Solar Mist\'s party put him in a rough spot was that he wasted all of his energy on the beasts.

However, he learned his lesson and he would never repeat that mistake again.

Felix waved his hand to the left, swiping all of the holograms away from his face, except for the earning list that the Queen made.

The agency\'s email made him lose his enthusiasm for reading more.

He looked at his winning wish while scratching his chin, wondering whether it was worth to use it now or save it until he joined the Ivy League.

Having a wish was the same as having a Walmart coupon card that lets you pick anything you want from the store.

Better leave it for later. He said, deciding to not use it for now.

Felix wasn\'t in rush to waste it on purity drops or other materials that could be found in the Ivy League.

He wanted to use it after he finished buying the materials in the league.

After all, he might actually reach a dead end on a material.

He didn\'t worry that his wish would expire or such.

He could use it anytime he wanted, even years from now.

However, the wish would always have a limit.

Since Felix got it in silver game, it meant his wish would also be limited to that rank.

It was a known fact that silver rank wishes couldn\'t go above 1 billion SC worth.

This limit increases based on the rank a player was on.

The higher his rank, the more leeway he would have in his wish selection.

One could also ask to receive that 1 billion SC at once.

\'Queen, please contact Mr.

Goati.\' Felix requested politely while pressing on his profile interface, wanting to check his current statics after the game.

//Rank: Peak-tier Bronze (Play 2 more placement games to get your final rank)

Games Played: 002

Wins: 002

Loss: 000

Win streak: 002

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 0014//

After a quick glance, he closed it off and refocused on his call with Mr.


Peep, Peep...

Unfortunately, he waited and waited, yet still, no one picked up his call.

A bit annoyed, he called him again.

The bracelet kept ringing on and on until the call made the peeping sound again.

Felix this time didn\'t call him any further as he had guessed that Mr.

Goati was probably still asleep.

After all, it wasn\'t even 06:00 AM yet.

Never mind, I will call that creep later. He said, deciding to let Mr.

Goati enjoy his sleep for now.

Felix had no plans of continuously calling him until he wakes him up forcefully.

Even for Felix, that was a bit excessive.

Waking someone from a good sleep just to ask for something was beyond a d.i.c.kish move.

Bastard, you didn\'t mind ruining my sleep up at that time to awaken! Asna cursed him after remembering the way he treated her on the day of the awakening.

It\'s different with you.

How so

You don\'t deserve to be treated nicely.

You prick! I dare you to come and say it in my face.

I would rather not. Felix ignored the following barrage of curses and requested the Queen to log him out.

He planned to do a quick check-up on the island in the next two hours or so before calling Mr.

Goati again.

Plus, he needed to fill his elemental energy tank after using everything in the maze.


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