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Millions upon millions of search results all having his name, pictures, the shuffle maze he was playing in, videos of his battles, requests to join his club, people asking for his VR social media account, and many more interesting results.

The more he scrolled down, the bigger his grin got.

He didn\'t believe that he would actually go viral in the UVR from his 2nd game only.

Although he went viral only in the Mariana Empire, it was more than enough for Felix, who never actually went viral even in the Alexandar kingdom! But now, the entire empire was talking about him!

Who could blame them

Felix\'s run on the Shuffle Maze should have made him at least get nominated as an MVP of the month.

He slew three beasts, two epics, and one legendary.

His total kill tally was eight and three of them were hardcore players.

All of this was done solo without anyone\'s assistance.

Sadly, Zoe was his MC.

Somewhat eager, Felix clicked on a video and was transferred into the website called >VRVidoes#!_49728875730626315 for visiting.

Attracting hate was the true indicator of one going insanely famous.

Thus, Felix wasn\'t annoyed by those comments.

He simply ignored them and swiped the video to the left, wanting to see another one.

This time he didn\'t choose a fight against beasts but sought to see the viewers\' reaction to his battle vs Solar Mist\'s party.

He kept scrolling down tens upon tens of his videos all about his battles and struggles in the maze.

Some were about his fight with the Iron Titan, Terror Serpent, Lazy Rat, Charming Sky, and even Mastermania, while some videos were about him dodging the traps, entering the hidden compartment, showcasing fireworks, drama with Zoe, and such.

Everything that had any relation to Felix was split into parts and uploaded on the website.

My fans are truly working their ass off. He smiled, I should probably reward them later on.

Felix didn\'t even need to guess to know that his club were the ones responsible for editing those videos and uploading them so fast.

All of those videos took a good effort to be this well-made.

No one had that much free time to help Felix increase his popularity besides his loyal fans.

Soon enough, Felix found what he was looking for.

It was a video that was 15 minutes long and tilted >Landlord Risen From The Dead!Supremacy Games NewsCough, Cough!

A bit embarrassed, He coughed and clicked on the title, wanting to see if he really was the one who caused her to get demoted.

After reading for a while, and watching videos of what happened during the stadium, Felix knew without a doubt that he had absolutely no relation to Zoe\'s demotion!

The fact that he left the game without attending any ceremony, or even the fact he turned the spectators against Zoe before leaving, both of them were simply some of the fuses Zoe\'s rivals needed to take away her promotion to mid elo.

It had nothing to do with Felix.

The SGA wouldn\'t demote Zoe simply due to one player.

However, the same couldn\'t be said when a couple of MCs made sure that all of Zoe\'s in-game flaws were highlighted to the public, creating an outrage.

She made a lot of flaws inside the game.

Even the fact she threatened that wounded player to not ruin her promotion was made public by the player himself and was included in the article.

Felix shook his head and stopped reading midway after knowing exactly how his name got in the tongue of the commoners.

In their journey to bring down Zoe, the MCs had to spot as much light as possible on Felix, the main character of the game, who in their own words inside the article, Was treated unjustly by Zoe after everything that he had done inside the game.

This made people try to figure who was Felix and what exactly had he done in the game to be spoken this highly by many known low elo MCs.

After they watched the replay, they couldn\'t help but marvel at his bloodline, anonymous character, his fighting style, and especially the way he always battles solo.

He was unique from the rest.

they saw it and they loved it.

This made them share their favorite parts of his battles in their media feed.

Some shared his fight with the legendary beast, while some shared his battle with Solar Mist\'s party.

What mattered was that Felix kept getting more and more attention until an SGN editor published an article written about Felix and his achievements.

This article reached the top 20 in the trending list, and still climbing fiercely.

Just like a snowball, the more attention Felix got, the more people started to see how Zoe treated Felix at the very end of the game.

This was exactly what those MCs wanted, for Zoe\'s flaws inside the game to attract the public eyes, which in turn would attract the SGA\'s attention.

The moment that happened, those little flaws she made would be turned into deadly swords, sharp enough to cut Zoe\'s career into a half.

All of this juicy drama happened only in the six hours that Felix slept.

A known MC had fallen from grace to damnation in only six hours.

Rest in peace Madam Zoe. Felix sighed, feeling a bit bad for Zoe\'s fate.

Especially, after he saw that she actually made him the focal point of the game since the start.

But it is what it is.

Felix knew that the MCs weren\'t doing this out of spite or hate, but simply to remove another competitor from getting a promotion to mid elo.

The MCs like the players also had their own competition ongoing between them.

Fighting for promotion was one of the many targets they had a rivalry for.

Titus, Marlion, and Zoe were called all low elo MCs, responsible for commentating and judging bronze, silver, and gold games.

They could never commentate on games at a higher rank than gold.

Unless they got promoted to mid elo! However, that wasn\'t easy.

Promotion spots were limited, and there were millions of them competing for those spots.

Zoe was one of the MCs, who had been in a promotion spot for a while now.

She only needed one final push to reach the middle elo.

Felix\'s game was the one that was supposed to give her that push.

Too bad, she made too many mistakes that acc.u.mulated into getting bailed out by everyone.

Her prank in the first shuffle made the players look badly at her.

The fact she didn\'t announce that Felix got the unique title after he reached 10K GP.

Most importantly, she tried to turn the spectators against Felix the champion.

A foolish move she shouldn\'t have done.

To top it off, threatening the wounded player.

All of those mistakes were used properly by her rivals to destroy her chances of getting that promotion.

Now, she could only weep while commentating only on bronze games with MCs still in an internship.

Who knows when she would climb back to her promotion spot.

Maybe it would take fifty games and maybe a hundred.

The only thing that Felix knew was that Zoe\'s MC career was doomed!

Queen, please filter those emails.

Show me only ones that were sent from high ranked players and top Idol agencies.


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