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Totally unbothered by her yell, Felix merely requested from the Queen to show him all of his earnings from the game.

He finally dealt with Asna and now it was time to see if his plan of turning the game into a wager chase was worth it or not. 

\'As you wish Sir Felix.\'

As expected, the Queen easily fulfilled his request.

There was absolutely no need for Zoe to give him anything.


>Winning Wish.

> Unique Title: The Wealthiest of Them All.

> Streaming Revenue: 360 million SC

> Serial code for Malon Chicken fish leg.

>Game Points collected solo: 10000.

>Game points by Miss Figure: 1100.

>Total game points collected: 26700.//

hehe, everyone worked hard I see.

Good lads, good lads.

Gleeful, A wide grin immediately affixed on Felix\'s lips as he gazed at the total GP he earned from the entire game.

A whopping 26k GP from one game!!

An unfathomable amount he didn\'t manage to collect in his previous life, even though he played tens upon tens of games.

Well, if the points he spent were counted he would have reached and far surpassed this amount, but still, it would never be the same as getting those points in a single game.

Nonetheless, a silver game!

Finally, I have what it takes to join the Ivy League.

He smirked while closing off the hologram.

Till this point, he still didn\'t glance at the title or bothered to care about it.

The unique titles had only one use, and that was bragging.

Thus, there was no need to feel too excited about it.

At the end of the day, it was just a title.

Felix had other important stuff to think about right now than how the title would look above his head.

Applying for the SG Ivy League was the current thought that was coursing through his mind!

In his previous life, he was always seeking a way to enter the SG Ivy League.

One of the best leagues or clubs created by a group of high-ranked players, exceeding the gold rank.

The league\'s existence was built on four pillars.

One, gathering spot of the best players.

Two, Prize Pool Free Trading.

Three, high stack private battles, and lastly four, absolute freedom!

The Ivy League was completely private and closed off from the public.

Only worthy players could be accepted within the league.

Obviously, just like the majority of players, Felix applied to join the trials every year.

Yet he failed all of his trial attempts.

You see, to join the Ivy League there were only three ways to do so.

One, apply for the trials after reaching the basic rank accepted, which was being in gold rank.

Two, automatically join the League if you had an above gold rank or have 20k game points collected!

Felix, who was stuck in gold rank in his previous life was only able to try and join by applying to the trials like everyone else.

If it was easy to gather 20k GP, he would have done so and joined straightway.

Sadly, for Felix who never managed to gather 8k points before getting forced to spend them on resources, 20k was but a pipe dream!

Right now, Felix was planning to head to the Ivy League\'s private city after fulfilling the 3rd requirement.

Felix had no plans to join clans because they were pretty much useless to his bloodline path, and they were limiting his freedom.

However, the same couldn\'t be said for the Ivy League.

It was the perfect unofficial organization for him to join.

He would be able to meet with high-ranked players and socialize with them or battle with the peers in the same rank as him with a high stacks bet on.

Yet, his real motive for joining the league was to hasten the elemental Potion material collection!

The majority of the elemental potion materials were on the gold rank prize pool or above.

None of them were accessible in bronze or silver.

This meant if Felix wanted to gather those materials he had to reach gold rank first and to do so he needed to win another 3 games! In other words, he would be delayed for 6 months!

This was only if he was extremely lucky and managed to get all those materials in the first gold game prize pool.

If he was unlucky, his prize pool might not have any of them!

After all, there was an incalculable number of resources and the SGA wasn\'t going to put them all in every game prize pool.

It didn\'t work like that.

The SGA put in each game a random combination of 100 items in limited stock, except for the common materials like energy stones.

This signified that it all depended on luck if Felix could land those materials or not.

In other words, extra months would be added, making him delay reaching the first stage of replacement by a year or so!

This was just the first hurdle! Don\'t forget the price of those materials, as Felix would need a huge amount of game points in order to buy them.

Felix understood that it was impossible to collect 26k GP or so even if he played 10 games, which were similar to the death race!

Even if he wanted to avoid relying on the SG to collect those materials and choose to do so in auctions, how exactly was he going to get invited or get a recommendation letter again

He could forget about Mr.

Goati as blackmailing him for one was already pushing it.

This meant, Felix lacked the means to even attend those auctions, where he would definitely get ripped off even if he got in one.

One should never forget about the last auction he was on.

He was almost robbed of his entire capital just to get two materials that he could have gotten from the Ivy League way cheaper than ever.

This meant, relying on auctions to collect materials was never a good solution.

The only solutions he had were either get chummy with the high echelons of the empire, which was quite farfetched with Felix\'s current state, or just join the Ivy League.

In that sense, Felix should thank his lucky stars that he landed on the shuffle maze that had a farming format, and players proud of their strength to join the wager that he proposed.

They just gave him a heavenly sent shortcut to collect all the materials in one sweep!

Felix made his plans with knowledge of all of this.

As of now, he had the means to join one of the best unofficial Organizations in the empire, and also enough game points to buy all of the materials in the League\'s market.

Truly hitting two birds with one stone!

Queen, can you check for me please, when the next Ivy League gathering will be He requested.

Based on their website, the next gathering will be held tomorrow and last for three days. She answered in heartbeat.

Alright, thank you.

Felix rested his chin on his hand while walking towards the living room.

Just as he was about to take a seat, the Queen informed him, Sir Felix, your email inbox is about to have 1000 emails.

Should I delete some

The hell He exclaimed out loud, startled by the massive number.

Felix knew that he would be receiving quite a lot of emails after the game, thus he requested the Queen before sleeping to not inform him about them.

Yet, he didn\'t expect the number to exceed 1k!

Who sent them He asked.

Sir, you have 890 emails from different media platforms looking for interviews, TV shows invitations, Idol agencies wanting to sign with you, popular streams invitation, and companies wanting to sponsor you.

119 emails are clans invitations to join their ranks, and famous players inviting you to their clicks and groups. She informed him.

Aye! My Felix is getting popular.

Don\'t forget about me when you start swimming in girls. Asna cheered sarcastically.

Unbothered by Asna\'s remark, Felix simply kept staring at his email inbox that kept getting refreshed every 5 new emails arrived.

Before long, another 50 emails were added to his inbox.

He picked one of them randomly and read it with his eyes.

50 million for a 10 minutes interview He mumbled under his breath, The hell is going on for them to offer that much to interview me.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_49699342461760623 for visiting.

He quickly swiped the email to the left and clicked on another randomly.

This one was totally unrelated to the media, as it was a formal friend request from a popular idol player.

Annoyed, Felix quickly deleted the email.

He knew that the f*cker was simply trying to use his popularity to enhance his own fanbase.

After all, idols meeting up, taking pictures and videos was always good for their popularity.

Popularity Did I get famous to the point of being asked by Idols Bewildered, he tapped his name on the network search bar.


Immediately after seeing the results, his eyes bulged out of their sockets, not daring to believe what his eyes were feeding him.

This is madness! F*cking madness!


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