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Felix was not lying when he said that he planned on staying to accept the unique title award ceremony.

Since it was his first time ever that he won a title.

But after understanding that Zoe went to such a length to get her answers, even stirring up the spectators to turn against him, he had no plans on amusing her wishes anymore.

The title, the collected GP from the bet, and even Miss.

Figure\'s points were all going to reach him by a simple request from the Queen.

He didn\'t need Zoe to give him any of this.

Those ceremonies were merely basic etiquette for the MCs to conclude their game on a good final note.

That was all to it.

Zoe literally just shot herself in the foot by provoking Felix like this.

She completely forgot that he was a jerk, who gave zero f*ck to people\'s wishes and opinions.

Threats and pressure never worked on people like him, they just make it worse.

Alas, it was already too late for her to salvage her mistake.

Felix was truly gone from the stadium, stunning the spectators in the middle of their cheers and the players, who still had no idea what were they talking about.

But the one shocked the most was Zoe, as she didn\'t believe that he actually managed to reach 10K GP and obtain her unique title >The Wealthiest of Them All!#'m-sorry..._49655210599051748 for visiting.

His rewards ain\'t going nowhere, so it was much better to take a break from such a stressful game.

If he had to rate this game with all of the games he went through, it would honestly be in the top ten.


Six hours later...

Felix opened his muddled eyes slowly in his bed.

He scratched his head while looking around him with half-closed eyes.

The room was dimly lighted, as the sun outside of his open window was nowhere to be seen.

He looked at his AP bracelet and found that it was 05:00 AM.

Well, it was only natural, as the game started at 08:00 PM and lasted the entire duration.

Thus, By the time he woke up, it was already morning.

He yawned while standing up, planning to brush his teeth, and take care of his bowels.

It was hard to change long-ingrained habits, thus it was better to just add them in the UVR.

After a while, he turned all of the house lights and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Honestly, it was more of a putting dishes on the table and choosing food from the VR menu, just like he was in a restaurant.

Of course, since he was born and raised eating earthlings\' food, he chose a scrambled egg, a glass of orange juice, toast, bacon, and finally pancakes.

He was more comfortable eating this than other cultures\' food.

His tasting buds always had difficulty adjusting to their foreign taste.

Though, he did eat a few meals here and there by them.

It smells good! Asna\'s delightful voice popped up in his mind.

I will make the same breakfast. She snapped her finger and a mist made table full of dishes appeared before her bed.

However, before she took a single bite, she heard Felix\'s calm voice, Asna thank you for the help in such a critical moment before.

She flinched and replayed with shifty eyes, Don\'t be stupid.

If you died, I would die with you, so I was simply helping myself.

Uhmm, that\'s true. Felix nodded his head faintly, Though, I believe if you told me a bit earlier about your energy, I wouldn\'t have exposed my 4th passive.

But most importantly... He suddenly slammed the side of his fist on the table and yelled, NOT GET F*KING BLASTED INTO FOUR PIECES!!

His anger was quite understandable, as Asna had ways to help him out yet always saying nope.

He asked her four times during the game, and every time she was quick to shut him down.

Even when we almost on the brick of death.

Felix knew that he shouldn\'t be asking for help from her, since it was him fighting in the game, not her.

But in his eyes, they were partners, and partners were supposed to help each other when in need.

He wasn\'t ashamed to ask for help when he made a mistake, didn\'t understand something, or simply was having difficulty making a valid plan.

His pride never stopped him from asking Asna once, twice, and even trice.

He wasn\'t mad nor upset that she answered with nope.

However, when his life and also hers were endangered yet she still refused to chip in, that\'s where things start to be a problem, especially in such a tight knitted relationship.

For god\'s sake, they share the same soul, they might have two different consciousnesses but still, they exist in one soul.

For her to only offer her assistance before he got blasted by the sun, he didn\'t understand if she was that sadistic to see him explode or simply she was hiding something from him that she didn\'t want him to find out.

Nevertheless, he was not standing up until he finds out the true reason.

Please, enlighten me where did you get that energy and why did you hide it from me for so long He closed his eyes and warned coldly, Don\'t you dare lie to me. 

Gloomy, Asna kept fiddling with a fork in her hand while thinking deeply about her next move.

She wanted to come clean to him, but she also knew that he wouldn\'t like her reason one bit.

Their relationship was just getting better and she didn\'t want to ruin it due to a mistake she made in the earlier days of their rebirth.

Thus, she simply kept her silence, not responding to his question.

Felix waited and waited and still, he heard nothing.

Forget it.

It seems like trust is too much to ask for nowadays.

Disappointed, Felix sighed and started eating his breakfast.

He didn\'t know her reason for silence, but it was obvious that she was worried about his reaction after hearing her response.

This only meant that her energy stash wasn\'t for good purposes.

As he assumed, Asna had an uneasy expression as she heard his thoughts.

She was getting distressed that if she hid her reason it might do even more harm than good.

If she came clean, their relationship might recover later on.

However, if she kept her silence there was no way in hell Felix would keep trusting or relying on her.

Promise me that you won\'t snap, and I will tell you everything. She suddenly murmured softly.

Heh, is it that bad Felix sighed, I can\'t make promises, but I will try my best.

Good enough. She hugged her knees and told him with a soft voice, I got that energy from our daily affinity enhancement.

I was providing only half of the purified energy and keeping the other half to myself. She paused, I did so because I was planning to forcefully take control over your body.

As expected. Instead of getting mad, Felix merely chuckled.

He knew that there was no other reason than this.

Plus, with Asna\'s personality, he believed that she would try to pull something like this off at least once.

Thus, he wasn\'t really that shocked or surprised.

It is what it is...

Please, carry on. He requested.

Asna was a bit creeped out by his lackl.u.s.ter reaction but she still continued her explanation, However, I found out that the energy needed to pull this off was unattainable. She sighed, The hidden stash I tried hard to collect wasn\'t even enough to give me two seconds of control.

Thus, I gave up on trying.

This was when we still didn\'t really trust each other that well.

When you visited me after your first game, that\'s when I stopped having any thoughts about gaining control of your body.

She lifted her head and saw him still having a calm expression on his face as he continued to eat his breakfast, like what she was talking about had no relation to him what\'s so ever.

After you started visiting me daily, I realized that it wasn\'t so bad living in your consciousness anymore. She smiled gently, We play cards, we watch movies, and most importantly we talk to each other.

I was comfortable the way I was, and I didn\'t want anything to jeopardize that. She sighed, Thus, I decided to not inform you about the energy I took.

I didn\'t want you to snap and ignore me.

I am sorry. She hung her head low as she apologized with a faint tone.


Felix put down the fork on the empty plate while wiping his mouth with a handkerchief.

He lifted the plates one above the other and put them in the sink.

Then, he started cleaning them off with an easy-going smile on his face.

He didn\'t respond to her explanation nor to her apology, he just kept cleaning them dishes off.

Asna was getting a bit troubled by his silence, she wanted to read his thoughts and see what he was thinking about what she said, but she kept stopping herself from doing so.

Even for her, that wasn\'t proper.

After a while, Felix finished cleaning all the dishes.

He dried his hands and closed his eyes, planning to enter his consciousness.

He didn\'t know if she read his thoughts already or not, but he would still tell her his piece of mind face to face.


Inside the mist made mansion, Felix walked inside and saw Asna sitting on the bed with her head lay low on her knees.

He ignored her and went to bring a chair.

He put it near her bed and sat on it with one leg above the other.

Asna look at me. He said, smiling.

Asna lifted her head and stared at his eyes with a guilty look.

She felt like a criminal, who pleaded guilty on trial and now waiting for the final verdict.

Was it going to be merciful or not


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