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Felix opened up his eyes at the sight of the spectators bellowing at the top of their voices, almost deafening his ears.

It wasn\'t just him though, as the remaining 40 players throughout the entire maze all were shocked at such an unpleasant welcome.

\'Who offended them to such a degree\'

Bewildered and a bit amused, Felix thought while looking around him, sizing up the remaining 40 players.


Soon, he noticed a huge contrast between halves.

20 players or so were standing with a relieved expression like they just gained a 2nd lease of life, while the other half had the same signs of defeat that appeared on every player after a lost game; Disappointment, discontentment, frustration...


Before he could look into it deeply, he spotted Hound Stench nodding at him in a polite manner.

He didn\'t know where did that came from and honestly wasn\'t interested in knowing right now.

He just replied back with a nod of his own and continued watching the players, hoping that his GP farmer was still alive.

However, instead of finding her, he saw Charming Sky blowing a kiss in his direction and Mastermania next to her, looking at him with bloodshot eyes.

\'Those two losers are still alive Meh.\'

Disinterested, he bypassed them both with his eyes, not even staring at them for an additional second.

His total disregard for their existence, made Charming Sky upset and Mastermania infuriated.

Yet, Felix didn\'t give a crap about losers like them, he simply carried on searching for his GP farmer.

Unfortunately for him, that seemed like too much of a wish, as his eyes landed on Princess Bird, who was facing him with hands on her h.i.p.s and fangs baring at him.

He didn\'t know how did he anger her, and based on her furious expression, he had a bad feeling that he would meet up with her later on.

Honestly, he wasn\'t ready to deal with her infamous tantrums.

Thus, he totally ignored her, acting like he didn\'t see her.

Soon enough, he spotted Miss Figure standing behind four players, and peeking at him with one eye.

\'Hehe, why are you hiding\' He mused.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, before he could walk towards her to tease her for a bit, he heard the sound of wings flapping above his head.

He lifted his chin with an annoyed expression and saw that Zoe was about to land near him.

He quickly retreated, not wanting to eat dust just like last time.

\'Hehe, Let\'s see how far can you run from me.\' Zoe withdrew her wings and approached him in a swift manner.

Felix didn\'t budge from his position, as he knew that no matter what she did or about to do, his right to remain silent could not be taken away from him by anyone.

Just from the obsessed look she was giving him, he figured out easily that she was seeking answers on what happened during his fight with Solar Mist\'s party.

However, no matter what she says he would not let a single peep.

In his eyes, telling them that his revitalization passive was his ultimate ability was more than enough to stop them from thinking that he used 4 passives in the purification realm.

As for the rest He didn\'t give a ** about seething their curiosity.

He would bounce the moment he receives what he was waiting for.

Just as Zoe tried to speak, she closed her parted lips by herself after seeing that damned tag hovering above his head.

\'You bastard, today you are not leaving until you satisfy me!\' She turned around, ignoring Felix, and put her microphone in front of a heavily wounded player, who had one missing arm and clothes all ripped up by claw marks.

It seemed like he did not have it easy in the game.

Delighted, The player\'s eyes brightened up after seeing that his chance to get a bit of spotlight was finally given to him.

He suddenly felt that his wounds didn\'t hurt that much.

Sadly, Zoe\'s question was entirely irrelevant to his experiences in the maze, heck, it was irrelevant to his entire life.

Do you know who the spectators were shouting boycott for She pointed her finger behind her back, aiming at Felix, and said, It\'s no one else but you!

She turned around and stared at Felix\'s face, wanting to see his reaction.

Was he scared Worried Or even a bit curious why they were shouting at him

Unfortunately, none of the above.

He just had the same expressionless face as he always had during the interview segment.

Like whatever was going around him had nothing to do with his existence.

She clicked her tongue and turned yet again to the player, whose eyes were about to spew flames at her face.

He neither hid his fury nor wanted to.

Who could blame him though

He was literally being used as an outlet to interview Felix indirectly since she couldn\'t get an official interview with him!

He was being watched by millions of spectators serving as a loophole for her to take advantage of.

Everyone knew of such a disrespectful loophole and especially the players.

Nothing screams louder with >I am a side character#!_49611497512433979 for visiting.

She knew that as long as she asked another player without mentioning Felix\'s game name, she wouldn\'t be muted like before.

Thus, she continued talking without expecting Felix to respond.

She just wanted him to hear her out.

They were worried that you will ditch them and leave after clutching the championship and the bet at the same time! She smiled, But especially what happened exactly during your last fight.

Your abilities truly began to baffle us. She frowned slightly and threw a barrage of questions, What was that black inducement exactly Why you never used it on the beasts you fought before How did you regain that much energy back That\'s just impossible and also forbidden in the SG! Why di..

Enough, you are bleeding my ears. She suddenly stopped speaking after hearing Felix\'s voice so close to her.

She turned around and saw him standing one meter behind her with the same indifferent expression.

She was too engrossed in her throwing all of her questions that bothered her and the spectators, to pay attention behind her.

Give me the mic. He said, gesturing with his hand.

Uncaring about his cold tone, Zoe delightfully gave it to him and watched him silently putting it near his mouth.

Felix waited until the spectators quietened down their ruckus.

Then, he lifted his head and eyed the sea of people all peering at him with curious looks.

He smiled and asked, Was Zoe the one to incite your dissatisfaction about me

YEEES!!...Shee did!!...Landlord I love you!!...I am your fan for life!...

Not everyone answered his question, as the majority were screaming random stuff that was incomprehensible to Felix.

Well, he literally asked millions of spectators all at once, plus they were quite excited about having him speak to them for the first time, especially after watching his gameplay inside the maze.

Still, he got what he wanted to hear.

He turned his head and said to Zoe with an easygoing smile, I was planning to remain regardless, in order to accept the unique title that I just won.

However now... His smile was wiped out of his face as he said indifferently, There is no point doing so anymore.

Especially when everyone is so riled up.

He threw the mic to the dumbfounded Zoe, who caught it reflexively.

Then, he waved his hand to his loyal fans while his body was in the process of disintegration.

He didn\'t hesitate for even a second to leave!

The moment Princess Bird and Mastermania saw him leave, they also followed after him unnoticed by the spectators and the players.

One was too proud to remain and the other was rushing to start his bounty plan.


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