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\'Stop flaunting your pale ass you retard.

Wear something for god sake.\' Asna covered her eyes with her hand, feeling burnt out by his antics.

\'Oh, crap!\' Felix quickly snapped his finger, covering himself with the same outfit he had on before.

Oversized black hoodie, sweat pants, and white sneakers.

The moment he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Spirit Visage above his head, looking at him with the same expressionless face he always had.

This made him absent-minded for a bit, as he was thinking about ways to deal with Spirit Visage\'s ethereal form in order to rip that indifferent expression from his face.

Immediately after clothing himself, Felix withdrew his aura back, as it wasn\'t useful at this moment.

He put one hand in his pocket while waving the other at Spirit Visage.

Do you have anything else in your sleeves He asked, smiling.

I admit that whatever you used was totally unexpected. Spirit Visage smiled faintly and added, However, now tha..

I simply activated my ultimate ability. Felix interrupted him in a nonchalant manner.

He was clearly taking advantage of his question to explain what he used in order to avoid any unnecessary questions later on.

He planned on making his revitalization passive appear as his unused ultimate ability.

This would balance things out.

Three passives and three active abilities.

As for the abilities he unlocks in the future He had plans for them as well.

No wonder Landlord didn\'t use his ultimate ability even when he almost died! Zoe hit the commentary table with her palm and exclaimed out loud, It was a type of rejuvenation ability! But stronger and instantaneous! To actually help him recover from a near state death to peak form again in ten seconds, there is no doubt that this ability is an ultimate one!

Your bloodline is truly worthy of a legendary rank Mr.

Landlord. Spirit Visage complimented him with a polite smile.

It seemed like he wasn\'t annoyed at being interrupted mid-sentence.

I know. Felix cracked his knuckles while walking step by step back to the blast zone, where Solar Mist was lying unconscious.

Leave my sight at this instant if you still value your life. He said with his back facing Spirit Visage.

He honestly wanted to kill Spirit Visage as well, but he knew that as long as he was in that form, there was nothing he could do about it.

He needed to find his real body and strike it if he wanted him dead.

But how was he supposed to track him down Especially now that only a couple of minutes were left before the game ends.

I am afraid that I can\'t do that. Spirit Visage shook his head and flew rapidly towards Solar Mist\'s body.

He couldn\'t leave even if he wanted, as the moment he signed the contract, his life was bound to Solar Mist\'s safety.

If he failed to fulfill the conditions of the contract, the Queen would take his life.

It was obvious that Felix was planning on killing Solar Mist.

There was no way in hell, he would let him go after almost getting killed by him.

I see. Felix gave him a side-glance and continued walking.

Then wait for a bit.

I have an unpaid debt with Solar Mist to finish.

I apologize but I can\'t allow you to touch Solar Mist either. Spirit Visage pointed his finger at Felix and said, If you managed to kill him inside my three domains, then all I have to say is well played.

Felix neither understood what he meant nor his reason for protecting Solar Mist.

He knew that none of them were really that close to protect each other like this.

This made him believe that the unfamous protection contract was definitely signed between them.

After all, even the kindest player in the individual games would not use his energy to protect a useless player.

Solar Mist, who had absolutely no energy left was beyond useless.

His value in the alliance was already null.

Hehe, I had no idea how to kill you before due to your annoying ability. Felix started laughing out loud while creating two pitch-black bombs in his hands.

But now, you just made it possible.

Thank you and goodbye! He immediately threw them towards Solar Mist with uncanny accuracy.

His training in the center always had an accuracy exercise.

Poof! Poof!

One bomb landed on Solar Mist\'s body while the other landed two meters near him.

Felix smiled in satisfaction at the sight of Solar Mist\'s body turning black within an instant then breaking into small particles resembling ash.

One-touch, one second, that\'s all it took to turn Solar Mist into a pile of black dust.

His Supernova might be a strong technique and more flamboyant than Felix\'s bombs.

But, when it comes to results Felix\'s bloodline never failed to deliver.

\'Hm Wasn\'t that a bit too easy\' Felix\'s satisfaction didn\'t last for long, as his guts started tingling that everything was going too smoothly.

Spirit Visage said that he laid three domains, but his bombs still took Solar Mist\'s life.

Unless...Felix quickly sprinted towards the blast area, planning to check on Solar Mist\'s up close.

Yet, no matter how much he ran, the distance remained fixed!!

I told you didn\'t I

Felix immediately jumped to the left after hearing a whisper near his ear.

However, the whispering didn\'t stop.

The moment I saw the black sphere surrounding you, I laid out my domains.

The only reason I didn\'t act before was to see how was your condition.

Felix activated his black aura around him, hoping to get rid of his annoying voice.

Too bad, it just kept coming and coming.

I see that you somehow got your energy back.

Your ultimate ability truly makes one envious.

Unfortunately, no matter if you got it back or not.

The moment my three domains overlapped, you are pretty much doomed.

Felix didn\'t sound his response, as his eyes were roaming around, trying to see if there was anything different.

Unfortunately, he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

The walls were still gleaming with a metallic l.u.s.ter.

The floor was as hard as always, and most importantly, the blue barrier in the sky that blocked the players from flying above the maze was still there.

There was absolutely not a single hint that Felix was inside an illusion domain.

Don\'t even mention three of them.

\'Asna what do you see\' He stopped bothering relying on his eyes and asked Asna, who he knew was 100% unaffected by any illusion.

\'A lot of things are happening.\' She played with her nails while retelling everything that happened and was happening, \'While you were running in circles like a moron, the creep already woke up the prick and told him to leave.\' She suddenly exclaimed, \'Oh the guerrilla, and that random player has just arrived.

Haha! The prick path was blocked by the guerrilla.

He is not letting him escape.\'

\'I see, am I in any danger\' He asked, totally understanding who she was referring to each player.

\'So far no.\' She shook her head and said, \'The creep is conversing with the guerrilla.

He is telling him that the alliance contract is still active and he can\'t touch a single finger of the prick.\'

\'Hehe, so they are thoroughly ignoring my existence right\' He smiled warmly, yet his eyebrows kept twitching.

It was clear that he didn\'t like the treatment he was receiving.

Did they think just because he didn\'t attack them for even once, he could be underestimated like this

He didn\'t know if Spirit Visage was that confident in his three illusions that he actually focused on other things instead of attacking him.

But he knows one thing.

Those f*ckers were going to pay! All of them! For chasing him, almost getting him killed, and even ignoring him.

He was going to show them the real Felix, who slew the Iron Titan, The Terror Serpent, and finally the Trypo Mother Spider! The real Felix whose name resounded three times in the maze\'s sky!

If they thought that he was the same as before when he lacked energy, then they would pay with their LIVES!

\'Asna, please help me approach them as fast as possible without making it obvious.\' He requested.

\'Okay! The current distance between you and them is about 130 meters or such.

Turn left and walk forward.\'

Felix did exactly as she told him while rolling a few times on the floor, and throwing bombs randomly.

He kept doing so over and over again, uncaring about how others would perceive him.

Obviously, he appeared like a retard in the eyes of the spectators and his enemies, but still, their mocking expressions were proof that his tactic was working like a charm.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_49519550567335369 for visiting.

\'Uhm Do I keep walking Asna\' Felix suddenly paused as he saw that a wall was blocking his path.

\'Yep, ignore everything you see and carry on walking.\' She urged him, \'Increase your speed, it seems that the creep finished dealing with the guerrilla.\'

\'Alright.\' Felix nodded his head and suddenly jumped forward with his eyes wide open, blindly trusting Asna\'s words that the wall before him was fake.


The sound of the wind resounded in Felix\'s ears, as his body dove right through the wall unhindered!

He immediately understood that the illusion was messing up with all of his perceptions, letting him see, hear, and even smell things that didn\'t exist or did exist but was hidden behind the illusion domains.

Spirit Visage wasn\'t bull**ing him.

He was truly under an upgraded illusion domain way stronger than the one used on him before.

Unfortunately for Spirit Visage, it didn\'t matter what he used, in front of Asna\'s all-seeing eyes, his illusions appeared even worse than party tricks.

Hey guys Doesn\'t seem like Landlord is approaching us

A bit creeped out, Bloodish Eyes pointed at Felix, who was rolling 5 steps forward then walking two steps back while throwing one bomb randomly.


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