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A sudden terrifying silence descended in the stadium.

Neither Zoe nor the spectators spoke.

Even the stream viewers who were either in their homes, watching from TV, or outside watching from their AP bracelet, went super quiet.

They were just staring with stunned expressions at what remained of Felix\'s body 120 meters away from the explosion area.

Indeed, the remainings of his blackened body...

He was left with only one leg that was on the verge of detaching itself like his other limbs.

Arms were gone, a leg was gone, his clothes and skin were utterly burnt off, leaving him lying silently near a wall akin to a piece of black charcoal.

Even when his facial visage was burnt off, the darkness remained covering his upper facial half.

Not that it mattered at this moment.

No one spoke or even took a breath in since the moment of the explosion.

Their minds kept playing exactly what they saw.

The sun exploding two-meter or so behind Felix.

The bright light of the explosion that followed after, blocked them from seeing exactly what happened at that point.

However, they managed to spot Felix\'s torn scorched arms, leg, and what remained from him, hurled in the air each in a different direction.

That sight was enough to let them know that it wasn\'t pretty.

What just happened Please someone tell me what just happened... A member of Felix\'s club kept mumbling to himself with an absent-minded expression.

Unfortunately, no one responded or entertained his question.

Till this point, they still didn\'t dare to believe that Felix, the player who dominated this game singlehandedly by his overwhelming achievements, died eventually.

The majority of the spectators wanted him dead badly.

God knows how many times they wished for it to happen due to his jerk personality.

But now, seeing his body in such a messed up shape, feelings of regret and discomfort started to arise within their hearts.

They realized that he might have been too nonchalant to their wishes, but he still fought and risked his life solo in every damn battle he went through!

He neither joined partnersh.i.p.s nor alliances! He was merciless, brutal, brave, and always going solo.

When they compared him to the rest of the players, like Solar Mist, Pure Muscle, and even Spirit Visage, a sudden realization hit them.

He never chickened out from a beast he met as they did! Whether he was against an epic or a legendary beast.

A newbie on his 2nd game was more daring than hardcore players, who played at least 10 games or more.

That realization made them understand that Felix\'s death was a tragedy.

A tragedy that shouldn\'t have happened.

Daring players like him were few and between.

They knew that his future games were going to be as spectacular as this one.

Unfortunately, the sight of his motionless corpse brought them to reality.

He was a goner.

No one was hit the hardest by the sight than Markus, Felix\'s true number one fan.

His hands which never stopped typing since the moment he entered the stadium, finally froze on the hologram.

He simply kept staring at Felix\'s corpse with a blank look on his face.

As for leader Emma Her eyes were still closed shut.

She didn\'t see what happened, but she heard the explosion loud and clear.

The following creepy silence, like she was at a funeral was enough to tell her that her worst wish came true.

A tear was rolling down her cheek, reaching her chin.

She cried not because of Felix\'s death only, but due to the image of her club shutting down immediately after this game.

Two months of effort went down the drain.


Near the area of the explosion, the atmosphere was completely different.

It was joyful and bright.

Hahaha..cough...Haha..cough. Overjoyed and exhausted, Solar Mist kept laughing and coughing at the same time with his body spread on the floor.

He was lying on his stomach with his chin lifted and sleazy delighted eyes.

He felt like he was on top of the world at the sight of Felix\'s blackened corpse.

He wasn\'t able to see it clearly due to the distance and tiredness, but a scorched arm near the wall to his right, let him understand Felix\'s fate.

He used everything he had on his final attack, and it was god damn worth it.

Although he was weaker than a thin branch at the moment, he still felt glad that he regained his face and his wife\'s honor.

He didn\'t care anymore about winning the bet or the game.

The instant Felix insulted his wife for the 2nd time, this battle was personal.

Suddenly, his eyes were closing in by themselves.

He knew that he couldn\'t resist the tiredness of his body anymore.

However, before fainting for good, he still had an unfinished business.


Serackl, Solar Mist told you to keep your promise and ensure his safety.\' Spirit Visage, who was checking Felix\'s corpse up close, abruptly received a message from the Queen.

Indifferent as always, he lifted his head and gazed at Solar Mist, who was trying his best to hold for a few seconds until he received a positive response.

\'Tell him that he will be alri...Hmmm!\'


Before Spirit Visage could even finish, his vision was totally blacked out.

He couldn\'t see even his hands.

Yet, he felt nothing since he was still in his ethereal form.

He rose in the air until his vision got restored.

He looked down and saw a pitch-black sphere revolving around Felix\'s corpse!

The sphere quite resembled the white aura he saw before.

But, he noticed a small difference.

This sphere was revolving continuously around the center like a storm! Add some lightning and a living thunderstorm would be born!!

He knew that something wasn\'t right.

What\'s going on! Startled, Zoe pointed her finger at the black sphere and asked, Was that ability by Spirit Visage Is he planning on completely obliterating Landlord\'s corpse


Leave him you sick f*ck!

What a heartless monster! They truly weren\'t lying when they said he was an emotionless piece of block.

The spectators didn\'t know what was happening as well, but the comment by Zoe was enough to send them into an angry tirade.

They couldn\'t accept the fact that Felix\'s corpse was also not getting a break.

Wasn\'t ganging up on him enough to satisfy him! Now he was even planning to bully a corpse instead of going after Princess Bird or do what the hell he had in mind to win the bet!

Why! They questioned in the minds.

They understood that killing Felix was a personal matter for Solar Mist.

But for Spirit Visage Their memories failed to show them the reason for his hate.

If he could even feel such an emotion.

Wait a second, it seems like he also had no idea what was going on.

Zoe interrupted their booing by enlarging the camera on Spirit Visage\'s face, which was showing his eyebrows slightly frowned while looking at the dark sphere.

The spectators paused their rant gradually, as they noticed as well that his expression was entailing his unawareness of the situation.

However, accepting that he had nothing to do with the dark sphere, made it even harder for them to fathom what was going on.

A sudden mind-blowing thought took root in their minds and refused to leave.

A thought that was beyond impossible and on the border of fantasy.

Was Landlord still alive!!

They switched their vision from Spirit Vision to the dark sphere, which didn\'t stop revolving around its self for even a split second.

Those with omnipotent vision didn\'t wait until Zoe exposed what was hidden inside the sphere on the large screen.

They decided to explore for themselves what was truly going on.

Oh my god! Are my eyes playing tricks on me!

Landlord is..is..is...not DEAAAAD!!!

That sudden shocked female scream was like a fuse that lights up a tent packed with 100KG TNT.

As each spectator, who used their omnipotent vision, exploded with shouts and screams at the top of their voices.



At the moment of the explosion...

Why can\'t I feel anything Felix asked in total darkness surrendering him.

He felt like he was merely a thought floating in a void-like space.

Get a grip you retard!! Your consciousness is on the verge of collapse! Asna shouted while hiding under the bed with her hands above her head like a scared kitten.

She was more annoyed than scared about the earthquake that suddenly assaulted her mansion after Felix was hit by that supernova technique.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._49450384162347970 for visiting.

I swear if my mansion was destroyed, I will make your life hell for the next month.

No sleep! No s.e.x with Nora! And most importantly! I will whine 24/7! She threw every threat she could think of with a worried look.

No one knows if she was actually worried about Felix\'s unresponsive reaction or about her mansion falling apart.

\'F*cking hell, can\'t you wake me up without insults and threats!\' Felix\'s sudden irked roar resonated around the consciousness lake.

\'If you think I will weep for you or promise you an unforgettable night, you really must check if your brain was damaged.\' She scoffed while crawling from underneath the bed.

She didn\'t want him to see the human-like reaction she picked from the dramas she watched.

Heck, any vibration in a drama makes the female lead hid underneath something.

This led her to subconsciously forget herself and imitate what she saw.

Tsk, your brain is the one that needs medical attention.

hehe, to actually get scared from an earthquake. He sarcastically asked, Are you really part of the superior races

F*ck off!!\' Immediately after she stood up, she pointed both her middle fingers in the air.

She couldn\'t believe that she actually felt a bit worried about this hateful tumor that was living with her.

Nothing nice comes out of his mouth, like ever.

\'Haha, your pissed off look is always pleasing to look at.\' Before she even responded to his iffy complement, she heard him ask, \'How much energy did you give me exactly\'

All of it. She humped in displeasure.

She was probably regretting her decision of giving it all.

Oh Does that mean my energy tank is full again Surprised and elated, He asked her.


She tucked a strand behind her ear in a lax manner, uncaring anymore about the collapsing mansion around her.

She just gave a c.o.c.ky smile and informed him, Your tank is filled with the purest elemental energy in the universe.

This energy is at least 5 times more potent than what you were filling your tank with before.

So yes, it is 100%. She stared at the collapsing ceiling of the mansion with a smirk and said, But in reality, you actually have 500% all at once!


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