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Solar, Mr.

Muscle, Mr.

Spirit. He said each name while staring right through their eyes, making them flinch.

They couldn\'t help but start to assume that he was actually able to see them.

If not else, how did he dodge their first ambush, and now he was even staring right in their eyes.

Solar Mist gave a quick glance to Spirit Visage, who was hovering above him in an ethereal form.

Spirit Visage understood the meaning of his glance and showed him a shoulder shrug.

Clearly implying that he also had no idea what was happening.

He was certain that his ability had taken effect.

He was currently seeing with his own eyes, that Felix was inside his ability\'s 20 meters radius domain.

Hence, he was also as confused as Solar Mist.

Irritated, Solar Mist stopped bothering with the useless Spirit Visage and began to ponder whether to reply back to Felix or not.

He felt that it was a trap laid by Felix.

Since, the moment he spoke a single word out loud, the illusion would be broken, exposing everyone inside.

He wasn\'t a moron to fall for such a low leveled trick.

What\'s the problem Solar Felix leaned on the chest in a carefree manner and taunted, Did you finally learn how to keep your feisty personality in check He suddenly laughed jokingly, I never assumed that you would actually take my previous words to heart.

What a good boy you are. Felix beseeched him with his hand, Come near boy, let me reward you with a head pat.

That\'s must be the reason you came here after all.


Landlord\'s mouth is literally made out of poison. Zoe laughed out loud at the ugly face of Solar Mist, who looked like he was holding a dump for three days straight.

The spectators were also enjoying Felix\'s brutal insults.

Yet, they still didn\'t think that Felix was actually going to get out of here alive.

What a joke! They knew that Felix was merely talking big to scare them off as a last attempt at survival.

Unlike Solar Mist\'s party who had no idea the amount of Felix\'s energy, they were pretty certain that Felix\'s energy tank wasn\'t even 10% filled!

Plus with his shoulder wound that would still hinder him during the fight, there was just no way that he could survive their onslaughter.

\'Breath, breath, breath...\' Solar Mist kept repeating this in his mind while taking a deep breath through his nose and exhaling through his mouth.

He was trying his very best to calm himself down and not ruin his team\'s plans.

He just needed to ignore Felix\'s taunts and his death would be stamped upon.

I bet you will make great friends with Hound Stench\'s dog. Felix pointed at his crotch and asked, How you met him He lives right here. He paused and pointed at his stomach this time, Oh wait, maybe it was here. He scratched his head and apologized, I am sorry for the audience for having to see that, My memory always fails me. He sighed, If I drunk photographic memory potion as Mr.

Solar did, I wouldn\'t have had such a problem.

Too bad, not all of us are as pretty as Solar Mist to have it gifted to us by a sugar mommy. He shrugged his shoulders and asked warmly, Don\'t you agree Mr.



Before Felix could even finish his question, he heard Solar Mist\'s bestial roar coming from in front of him.

He blinked his eyes once and the sight before him was completely different.

He saw exactly what Asna narrated before.

The only difference was that Solar Mis\'s body and the area around him were set in flame, while Pure Muscle for some reason started to laugh his ass out while pointing his finger at Solar Mist.

He was probably laughing at Solar Mist dropping the ball in such a critical moment.

But, who could blame Solar\'s Mist reaction

Felix\'s words crossed the line and went beyond it.

Especially when he called his dear wife his sugar mommy.

Not a single decent man would have his wife being insulted under public eyes and remain calm.

Felix did it before during the game hall, and now he repeated it again.

This time, he truly went overboard.

Felix didn\'t give jack ** about Solar Mist\'s feelings.

Why would he The f*cker brought an army with him to take him down.

So, Felix wasn\'t going to mince his words in the slightest.

He would say whatever needed to get him out of this death trap.

Displeased, Spirit Visage looked at his illusion domain that was in the process of falling apart, exposing everyone that was within it.

Even him, who was in an ethereal form.

He didn\'t think that a few insults and barks were enough to turn Solar Mist into a man-made flame...


However, if he had a wife or at least a girlfriend, he would have understood Solar Mist\'s fury.

Too bad, he didn\'t even have normal human emotions, don\'t even mention having a woman.

\'Such a childish reaction.\' Spirit Visage shook his head while watching from above Solar Mist suddenly starting to wave his hand sideways, sending in each wave a golden crow made of fire.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of wind could be heard as Felix, narrowly dodging the salvo of crows that were thrown at him.

His ears hearing nothing but his heart beating wildly.

He never expected that Solar Mist\'s reaction would be so fast and brutal, not letting him even take cover behind the chest first.

Before he could even sigh in relief, he suddenly saw Solar Mist give him a cold smile as he bent his index fingers in his direction.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The flame crows that Felix had just dodged, made an abrupt sharp turn, coming back to assault him this time from behind!

Felix didn\'t even need to see them as the sound of their wings flapping was enough to let him know that his back was totally exposed.

The eyes of the spectators widened in anticipation of how was Felix going to handle Solar Mist\'s way of controlling those crows like homing missiles.

Thud! Boom! Boom!...

Unexpectedly, Felix didn\'t even turn his head before kicking the lid of the chest wide open, using it as an extra shield against the crows!

His play worked just like a charm, as Solar Mist wasn\'t able to make them dodge the lid of the chest in time, before colliding with it.

Felix timed his kick so well, some spectators began to wonder if he had eyes in the back of his head.

\'Shit! Shit! I need to make run for it!\'

Unbeknownst to them, Felix was about to ** himself from fright.

He literally just kicked the lid of the chest out of reflex.

He never expected it would work so well.

However, he knew that it was just a one-time thing that couldn\'t be repeated anymore.

The thought of using the chest as a cover was dashed from his mind immediately after realizing that Solar Mist\'s *Crows of Flame* was a controllable ability.

He wasn\'t stupid to let himself be a sitting duck behind the chest.

You guys asked for it! Felix shouted at the top of his voice, Mist of the dead! Consume my enemies\' souls to oblivion!


Felix smacked his palms together in a dramatic manner, forcing out a whitish mist out of his pores gradually.

The mist kept spreading meter by meter under Felix\'s deranged laughs, Your greatest mistake was staying so close to me.

Now DIE!

Before the mist reached 7 meters, the goons behind Solar Mist\'s made a run for it with frightened expressions.

Felix\'s three fireworks truly made them traumatized.

If Felix said that his mist could kill by a single touch they would believe it in a heartbeat!

Meanwhile, Pure Muscle\'s guts didn\'t warn him in the slightest that the approaching mist was dangerous.

However, he still took a few steps back as a precaution.

The only ones who didn\'t move from their position were Solar Mist and Spirit Visage.

One believed that his fire was able to evaporate the mist, thus protecting him.

The other was in an ethereal form.

Not a single substance affected him in this form.

Tsk! Felix clicked his tongue in irritation at the sight of those two not affected in the slightest by his aura.

He wanted to scare them into retreating by his using their lack of information about his aura, but the bastards didn\'t move even an inch.

GO kill them all!

Felix\'s maddened shout resounded one last time before his aura finally reached the 8 meters mark.

Pure Muscle didn\'t care anymore about his gut feeling.

He fist-pumped his palm while holding his breath.

Zoe knew what he planned on doing and honestly, she wanted nothing more but to laugh her ass out.

Pure Muscle actually activated one of his famous defensive abilities, *Derman Armor!* because of Felix\'s hollow boast!

Grey rocks started to materialize on his tan skin, covering every inch of his body.

Even his face was completely hidden.

If his eyes weren\'t still in the open, any stranger who saw him would believe that he was a statue made of rocks.

His transformation didn\'t take even a second.

However, that second was enough for Solar Mist and Spirit Visage to realize that the mist stopped spreading at 8 meters sharp!

To actually ambush me, While knowing that I slew a legendary beast solo.

I don\'t know whether to applaud for your bravery or laugh at your stupidity. Felix said in an arrogant manner.

Alas, if he wasn\'t escaping while saying so, his words might have sounded a bit dashing in the ears of the spectators.

Yet now, they didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight of him bolting away while hidden inside the white mist.

Spirit Visage was the first to notice from above that the spherical white mist that blocked their vision was actually retreating instead of advancing as Felix claimed.

He immediately knew that the prick was all barks and no bait!

Chase him down! He doesn\'t have enough energy to fight! Spirit Visage flew rapidly after Felix while continuously giving off orders, Just gang up on him! He does not pose a threat.

Don\'t order me around!

Don\'t order me around!

Livid, both Solar Mist and Pure Muscle yelled at the same time while running after Felix.

They glared at each other for a couple of seconds and switched their focus on Felix, who was exposed in the open after he withdrew his aura.

They knew that Spirit Visage was right.

Felix was totally spent during his many fights before.

He was easier to kill than a random player now.

A bloodliner without energy was the same as a tiger without claws or fangs.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Solar Mist kept firing those flaming crows at Felix\'s back.

Yet, the moment they reach 20 meters away from him, they disappear!

His ability had a limited range, and now it was giving him trouble.

He bit his lower lip and increased his speed slightly, trying to lower the distance to 15 meters.

That was the optimal distance to manipulate his crows to their best potential.

However, Felix wasn\'t making it any easier for him.

His elemental energy might have been spent, but his physical energy was at its peak form.

After all, he took a 45 minutes long break, while Solar Mist\'s party was probably running from the maze exit nonstop to reach him as fast as possible.

Seeing that Felix was actually putting more and more distance between them, his fans started to believe that he might actually escape!

Make yourself useful and do something! Solar Mist said, glaring at Pure Muscle, who was behind him, struggling to catch up with his heavy transformation.

F*ck off! Too bad, the only response he received was a rocky middle finger.

Tsk, useless trash.

Why did we even add you to our alliance Solar Mist sneered and turned his head, not bothering himself with Pure Muscle.

In his eyes, it was only him and Spirit Visage at this point.

Even the slaves he brought with him turned out beyond useless.

To actually escape the moment they got threatened by Felix, he honestly would have snapped their necks if he didn\'t have more important matters to handle.

Watch closely how things get done so you won\'t drop the ball again. Pure Muscle narrowed his eyes while pointing his rocky finger at Felix\'s back.

Dermal Armor Transfer technique! He called out loud.

Suddenly, the rocky armor that was protecting him started to detach itself from his body.

His hairy musclier body was exposed to the open again.

Yet, the weirder part was that the armor flew immediately towards Felix after separation!


When Felix heard a different sound of the wind, he turned his head, wanting to peek at what attack Solar Mist this time used on him.

What the f*ck! He instantly cursed after seeing arms, legs, torso, and even the helmet all made of grey rocks, targeting him like a homing missile!

He never heard of such a bull** ability before.

He never expected that a defensive ability would be used as an offensive ability.

Well, if knew that it was actually a technique it would have made more sense.

Now, he could only increase his speed while zigzagging through the paths, hoping to shake them off.

However, every time he turned around, his heartbeats increase a notch after seeing them inching closer and closer to his body.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!-(2-in-1)_49330744627099189 for visiting.

\'Asna any ideas!!!\' He asked with an urgent tone.


As always Asna didn\'t take a single second before shutting him down with a hard \'No\'.

However, this time her eyes were a bit gloomy.

Was it because of his dire situation or something else...No one knows.

Zoe and the spectator\'s eyes kept getting wider and wider at the sight of Felix running desperately while having that armor merely a few meters behind him.


\'F*ck my life!!!\'

He actually stepped on a trap!! Zoe brought the mic closer to her lips and yelled, How could he be so unlucky!

She wasn\'t lying in the slightest, as Felix took the wrong step, opening up a wide hole in the floor right in front of him.

The trap had sharp metallic spikes, resembling shark teeth at the bottom of the hole.

Scared **less, Felix jumped immediately after reaching the end of the hole.

With his speed, there was absolutely no way that he could have stopped in time.

It was better to risk it with a jump, hoping to reach the other side safely.

Alas, that didn\'t happen...

The moment Felix reached the middle of the hole, gravity began to do its wonders, grabbing him by his ankle and pulling him down.

F*ck you gravity!!!


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