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\'My papa is definitely going to punish me!\' Saddened, she sulked while wiping the bloodstains from her cheeks.

She knew that her performance was beyond trash, and there was nothing much she could say to explain herself.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48402336158112176 for visiting.

However, the spectators didn\'t share the same view, as they were astounded by her fascinating abilities and techniques.

To this point, they still had no idea what was her true element.

They assumed it was wind-based because she used Tornados, but that beam of light raised some doubts.

Zoe didn\'t keep them wondering for long, as she took a deep breath and explained what exactly happened during that battle.

Before you understand her abilities you must first know her elements!

She swiped her finger at a small screen and displayed all of Princess Bird\'s known information in plain sight.

There was no reason to hold back anymore.

She then pointed at the two logos of elements.

One had the shape of a wind gale, and the other had a hexagon shape!

She is a dual Elementalist! A user of Wind and Gems!

The spectators either had shocked expressions or knowing smiles at her revelation.

After all, not everyone was unfamiliar with Princess Bird, as some minority already were fans of her and followed her through those few games she played.

Yet, they didn\'t have a club like Felix or Mastermania.

They were too few to have one.

Thus, they had no plans to further increase their fandom by exposing Princess Bird\'s abilities to all.

The Sapphire Apex Eagle is one of the few dual Elementalist beasts that use wind for offense and mobility, while gems for defense and beauty!

She highlighted all of the abilities she used and explained only *Dazzle*.

As for the other two, *Sapphire Apex Wings* and *Feather Spray*, they were self-explanatory.

Dazzle is the ultimate ability of her legendary bloodline.

It blocks anyone who was exposed to the beam of light from not using their abilities temporarily.

Whether passives or actives!

She raised her voice higher after seeing their looks of understanding.

That\'s right! The reason the parasite couldn\'t use her rejuvenation was due to it.

A truly befitting ability of the gems element.

After all, gems like diamonds, ruby, and sapphires were known for two things, dazzling beauty, and hardness.

This further explained why her wings had such overpowered defenses.

The spectators figured as much from her clarification, and actually even more so, as they managed to understand that *Furious Tornado* was actually her permanent ability that she etched in her 1% after breaking through the first stage of replacement.

Plus it must be an ability from a legendary bloodline as well!

It was pretty clear after she combined *Furious Tornado* and *Feather Spray*, creating *Sapphire Feathers Tornado* technique!

It was common knowledge that the only way to create techniques was to combine two different abilities from different bloodlines.

it didn\'t matter if it was a passive from tier 1 bloodline, combined with tier 7 active bloodline.

Princess Bird obviously got this technique from her father instead of creating it by herself.

The process of creating techniques was far more deadly than one could understand.

If it wasn\'t so, bloodliners wouldn\'t bother competing to join strong clans.

But that was another matter entirely.


After a couple of minutes of sitting, Princess Bird finally stood up with hands on her knees as support.

She was truly too tired to make any large movement.

However, the epic chest was still in front of her, gleaming with a purplish light.

Princess or not, nothing beats the feeling of obtaining a reward by one\'s own effort.

Thus, she was pretty excited to open the chest.

Not to mention the fact that she was probably going to be the first ranker after obtaining the points inside, surpassing Felix!

She smiled cutely and walked towards it under the cheers of the audience.

This was it, the moment they were waiting for.

An actual normal opening for an epic chest.

The way Felix kept opening them traumatized them greatly.

At this point, they just wanted for Princess Bird to open it normally without any dramatic additions.

\'Am I going to be rewarded with 1500 GP or more\'

Princess Bird extended her hand with anticipation clearly written on her face.


However, a sudden explosion in the sky made her pause her action and glance at it.

It wasn\'t only her who had their attention stolen by the explosion.

But every player was affected by it and lifted their heads as well.

>Landlord has obtained 1400 GP from an epic chest!Phew! Boom!

>Birds Call has obtained 1450 GP From epic chest!!<

Just as the players regained their wits and wanted to continue their journey, a 2nd explosion in the air, stopped their footsteps.

They gulped and raised their heads with stiff expressions, scared that Felix did it again.

But after seeing the owner of the 3rd fireworks, their tense shoulders eased up a bit.

They knew that Princess Bird had a legendary bloodline just like Landlord, thus if there was anyone in the maze who was capable of repeating his feat, it got to be her.

As Princess Bird expected, their reaction was quite lackl.u.s.ter, as they soon ignored the bright lights and continued moving forward, hoping to luck out on the exit.

At that point, none of this bull** points competition would matter anymore, as the championship was always the best reward in every game.

That concluded Princess Bird\'s camera time! Zoe smiled and suggested, How about we watch Landlord\'s replay on his fight with the Serpent!

Felix\'s fans screamed their lung out in approval, while the rest murmured and mumbled like a bunch of tsundere.

Indifferent to their opinions, Zoe tapped on Felix\'s small screen and dragged her finger left.

A few seconds later, she paused the replay and sent it to a large screen with her finger.

The audience chatter immediately shushed down after landing their eyes on Felix sprinting with a clear destination on his mind.

They couldn\'t help but be amazed again at his all-knowing eyesight.

They clearly noticed that the Serpent was 70 meters away from him in a straight line, but with the complex path added, the distance should be doubled or even tripled.

Yet, he still managed to easily figure out the correct path.

They wondered that if the bet wasn\'t holding him back, would the game end in 30 minutes if he used this busted ability to spot the exit

Soon, they removed those meaningless thoughts and focused on the upcoming battle.

Felix and the serpent had only a wall separating them!


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