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Princess Bird kept massaging her temples, unbeknownst to the great danger fast approaching her.

Zoe and the spectators kept shouting for her to be careful, knowingly, their voices weren\'t going to make a difference.

\'I will make you pay for messing up my bangs!\'

Displeased, Princess Bird touched her long bangs that were now completely in disarray.

A vast difference from their previous silkiness.

One could only wonder if it was her confidence in her defenses that let her have this laid-back attitude or simply her arrogance and stupidity.

Regardless of both reasons, the branches already reached her and entangled the wings by rolling around it continuously until it was under a secure grip!

Before Princess Bird could even comprehend what happened, the Glacial Tree recalled its branches rapidly, bringing her with them akin to a spider pulling a cocooned prey to its grasps.


Princess Bird could only let out a delayed yelp after the deed was already done.

Zoe and the spectators were honestly quite embarrassed for her father.

After all, for him to get her a legendary bloodline and all the resources needed for her integration.

Yet, the result was this trashy performance.

They didn\'t know whether she lacked experience in death and life battles or she simply was that careless to underestimate an epic duel Elementalist beast.

If she thought that her father would save her from its clutches if things went horribly wrong, then she was truly in for a treat.

The SG rules were absolute! No one could interfere from the outside and save her if she was about to die, even if her background was terrifying.

In front of the Queen and the entity of the SGA, every background could only bow their heads in submissiveness if they wanted to continue their legacy!

Princess Bird is truly in a pinch!

Zoe wasn\'t exaggerating even a bit, as the Glacial Tree kept creating new icy branches and used them to tightened its grip even further.

Although the wings weren\'t broken or scratched by the continuous assault of the leaves, Princess Bird wasn\'t having the best of her time by getting strangled like this.

\'What do I do! What do I do!!\'

Her brain was working on its full capacity to get her out of this miserable situation.

However, nothing concrete was found yet, as every other ability she possessed was not equipped to handle this kind of attack.

A while passed by, and the scene was still the same, Princess Bird getting absolutely owned by the Glacial Tree without any way to retaliate.

If it wasn\'t for the wings\' overpowered defenses, she would have turned into a corpse by now.

Nonetheless, that wasn\'t far off, as Princess Bird began to have difficulty breathing.

The tightness of the branches, plus her hardened wings, didn\'t allow a single oxygen molecule to bypass their heavy lockdown.

The spectators couldn\'t help but worry about her well being at this point.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought that a Legendary Bloodliner could be dominated like this.

As far as they saw in the majority of the games, a legendary bloodliner either dominate his opponent or retreat to safety when ** gets worse.

Just like Felix\'s battle against the Titan.

It was clean and neat.

Thus, their confusion and worry were understandable.

They honestly didn\'t know anymore whether to believe that her Saphire Apex Eagle bloodline was terrible or her lackl.u.s.ter battle experience was the cause of this situation.

Whatever it was, Princess Bird must think of a solution swiftly if she doesn\'t want to die in such a humiliating way.

\'Damn it! Papa and sisters must be watching the stream now.

I can\'t let them see such a disgraceful battle.

Otherwise, I won\'t escape getting extra practice drills added.\' Princess Bird felt a shiver on her back as she recalled those drills.

She shook her head firmly, \'I would rather feel the pain of morphing twice than practice those drills.\'

She took a deep breath and said softly, Retract Wings.

Suddenly, under the eyes of everyone, the wings which were being entrapped by the branches disappeared into light particles, leaving the branches in a fixed position.

If they were made of rubber, they might have instantly snapped on Princess Bird after the wings\' disappearance.

Alas, ice couldn\'t stretch or retract.

Thus, Princess Bird immediately fell downwards, escaping the damned tree clutches.

However, the Glacial Tree proved that it was worthy of being an epic beast, as it reflexively sent the rest of its free branches at her prey that was nosediving.

Saphire Apex Wings! Princess Bird called out loud without even turning her head to check on the fast-approaching branches.

This time she winced in pain, as the wings came out of the same wounded spot on her back.

Blood and flesh were hurled everywhere yet again.

No wonder she didn\'t want to use this strategy until she was at end of the rope.

Who would want to torture himself twice by this messed-up ability

However, desperate times called for desperate measures.

Princess Bird should feel blessed that her ability allowed her to remove the morphing.

If those wings were based on mutation, then her fate could be far worse than wincing.

The Glacial Tree didn\'t stop its attempts of trying to recapture Princess Bird, as it kept sending branch after branch.

However, Princess Bird wasn\'t a fool to put herself in the same position.

Her wings kept flapping rapidly, like a graceful butterfly moving from one place to another unpredictably.

Not a single branch managed to touch her clothes in the process.

The spectators had to admit that her dodging techniques and style were by far one of the best they saw.

A total opposite of Landlord\'s monkey-like dodging techniques he showed before.

She is finally out of the tree attacking zone!! Zoe was the first to celebrate with her arms raised in the air at the sight of Princess Bird whizzing away from the range of the branches.

The spectators followed after and cheered as well.

Is she going to turn back and take her revenge or retreat! Zoe\'s eyes lightened up and said, She is turning back! No one dares humiliate the royal family of the Maganda Tribe and live to tell the tale!

Princess Bird hovered at the same height as before, but this time she kept a quite large distance between the tree and herself.

\'Let\'s see how you deal with this.\'

She raised her hands in the air and called softly, Furious Tornado.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Her wings flapping speed increased, and with each flap, a gale of wind could be seen heading towards the Glacial tree.

The gales kept adding up on each other and whirling around the Tree, creating a furious tornado enclosing it in the center!

Even so, Princess Bird didn\'t stop adding gales at the already behemoth tornado, she wanted to make sure that every branch, root, and leaf snaps into pieces.

So, she could have an easy time dealing with the stem.


The noise of ice cracking and shattering kept resounding in the ears of the spectators.

Yet, they didn\'t cheer at all, as the sight that greeted them was more shocking than Princess summoning a Towering Tornado.

The Glacia Tree was rejuvenating every broken part of its body at the speed of light!!

The Glacial Tree\'s broken body parts kept healing at plain sight.

Shattered leaves were renewed, broken branches recovered into becoming a whole, and the cracks on the stem withdrew rapidly, leaving a smooth looking surface.

The spectators drew a deep breath at such a busted rejuvenation speed.

They knew this battle was going to be a long one unless Princess Bird found out the weakness of the Glacial Tree.

Although the Tree seemed like it was part of the immortal type beasts, the spectators couldn\'t help but doubt its truthfulness.

After all, those kinds of beasts were famously known for having a moving core inside their bodies that held their souls.

However, in the case of the Glacial Tree, the interior was fully exposed to them, and so far, not a single hint of a core was seen inside.

Thus, the beast definitely belonged to another type.

They just didn\'t know which one.

Thankfully, they had Zoe whose eyes never stopped scanning the battle, the stream, and the audience\'s facial expressions all at once! She had to, otherwise, she might miss the best opportunity to sound her explanation without appearing out of the picture.

This is the reason why the beast had no organs! She paused for a bit to heighten their curiosity and said, smiling, Because it belongs to the parasite type beasts!!!

The spectators immediately recoiled from their seats at her mentioning that damned type of beasts.

Some of them were even about to spew fire from their eyes!

Who could blame them though

The parasite type beasts were infamous for causing the biggest and most impactful damages during the historical humans\' war against beasts.

It was common knowledge in the human race, like 1 1=2.

Billions of lives lost singlehandedly due to those parasites that could enter the brain of humans and consume their memories, obtaining full control over their personality, bloodline abilities, and even their element! Fully disguising as the real thing without a single flaw.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!-(2-in-1)_48377544281488473 for visiting.

One could only imagine the fate of the human army when one of those parasites took control over a high-ranking personal.

This was the reason they were hated to the core by everyone.

Because just one of those parasites had caused a mass genocide of a hundred million at once!

Such a dreadful history should not be visited again.

Irked and livid, the audience began booing out loud with bloodshot eyes at surprisingly the Glacial Tree!

Although they knew that it was simply a digital version of the real thing, their suppressed rage was uncaring about it.

They just wanted to vent, and vent they did.

The stadium rumbled and shook under their harmonious booing.

Meanwhile, the spectators in the chat kept spamming only one word.


Pleased, Zoe sat in her chair with one leg above the other with a slight smirk.

She had predicted this outcome, but she was glad about it happening.

In her eyes, as long as those were not boos directed at her, she would gladly listen to them all day long.

After all the MCs were getting paid commissions based on how hype and active the spectators were!

She would be a fool to miss such a juicy commission.

However, Princess Bird\'s fight was still a priority, thus she stood up and lifted the mic close to her lips.

I understand your rage and fury.

But instead of booing for a digital being. She suggested with a smile, Why not cheer for Princess Bird Who knows your cheers might actually be the fuse that allows her to win the fight.

The spectators just like puppeteers did exactly as she said without second thoughts.

The boos were replaced by cheers and chants, rocking the stadium even further than before!

\'Hehe, another bonus! I might actually get paid double than my previous game.\' Zoe\'s smile widened until it became a satisfied grin.

She then stopped bothering about them and refocused on the ongoing fight.

It seems like our Princess still didn\'t realize that she is battling a parasite type beast.

Zoe shook her head at the sight of Princess Bird continuous spamming of *Furious Tornados* and *Feather Sprays*.

She understood that as long as the parasite wasn\'t killed, the Tree would keep healing itself back up without effort.

The parasite\'s ability to steal its host element and abilities was not a joke.

It was clear, that the tree was a plant elemental based beast, and the parasite was an ice elemental beast, thus after it consumed everything about the tree, it became a dual Elementalist with that kind of shape!

Princess Bird soon began huffing with drops of sweat dripping down her chin.

Her reckless use of energy began to take a toll on her body.

It appeared like she consumed more than 70% all at once for her to sweat and huff like that.

\'What\'s the deal with this thing! Why can\'t it just dies already.\'

She stopped throwing abilities randomly, and simply hovered in the air, eyeing the Tree waving its branches in the air, like it was mocking her pitiful attempts.

\'It does not have a core, either vital areas to target.

So what the hell is it\' She scratched her hair in irritation.

\'I should have paid more attention to the beastial terminology in class.\'

\'There was one way to find out I guess.

I hope two seconds is enough.\' She pursed her lips and removed her bangs to the side, exposing Sapphire like hexagon eyes!

They were shaped exactly like gems, breathtaking, and unique!

The spectators were shocked at her eyes, and more so at the reason for her hiding them! Who was in his right mind to not display such beautiful eyes to fish for appreciation

However, those thoughts dashed as soon as they appeared after seeing tiny drops of blood began to stream from them.

\'Found you little thing!\'

Princess Bird returned the bangs in their position immediately after getting what wanted.

Her wide smile plus the blood streaking down her cheek drew a creepy sight.

But, she was unbothered by it, as every time she used her passive *Predator Sight* her eyes bled due to not being able to handle all the tiny minuscule details it kept providing the brain.

Her passive was exactly like Eagle\'s long-distance eyesight, but more advanced, as it showed everything like it was mega zoomed.

Not a single strand of hair could miss her sight even if it was hundreds of meters away.

Don\'t even mention the parasite that was hiding at the bottom center of the tree.

As for the bangs They honestly had no meaning besides stopping others from seeing her eyes.

She was sick and tired of everyone\'s flattery every time they laid their eyes on them.

\'Its time to end this!\'

She spread her wings wide, displaying their enchanting beauty, and pointed her finger at the Tree.


A sudden Beam of bluish light was projected at the Tree, hiding its existence from everyone.

The spectators stared in disbelief at that beam of light.

They couldn\'t comprehend how was she able to use such ability when her element was clearly wind-based.

After all, she kept spamming Tornados!

However, before they could even break out of their shock, they heard Princess Bird proclaim out loud, Sapphire Tornado Technique!

The beam of light was replaced with gales of wind, followed by Sapphire sharp feathers.

Their combination created a towering blue tornado that had hundreds of feathers revolving around its center, and especially the Tree!

Slice Slice!

The Tree\'s most prized rejuvenation ability wasn\'t actually used!! Its body parts kept being slashed and sliced into halves by the speeding feathers akin to knife slicing batter.

Yet, the parasite was as unresponsive as ever!

The spectators couldn\'t understand what the hell was going on! But they just watched with excited expressions and cheered on Princess Bird to destroy the beast once and for all.

The Blue Tornado answered their wishes, as it ripped the Glacial Tree from its roots, bringing it along in its whirling journey!

The parasite that was hiding at the very bottom of the tree within thousands of icy roots, was exposed in the open to the horrifying array of feathers!

It kept squirming like a worm trying to activate its rejuvenation ability.

But to no avail.


Its fate was decided the moment it was exposed, as it got sliced into half by one passing feather.

Its defenses were truly garbage.

But it was understandable, as the universe didn\'t give this type of beast such hateful characteristic without such a massive weakness.


The Tree broke into small pieces, then into light particles after the controller was dead.

Princess Bird, stopped the Tornado from raging, as it kept consuming her energy every second it was active.

Without further ado, she dove down and removed the damned wings as well and sat down on the ground, taking large breaths each time.

She really spent everything she had to win the fight.

Not to mention she used all of her abilities plus even her technique!


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