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As always! Mastermania\'s epic tier 2 Phantom Cat bloodline never fails to deliver! Who can resist its illusive abilities!

Zoe was clearly more animated in her commentary than before.

She kept using gestures and controlling the tone of her voice professionally, switching from passionate to impassive.

Soon after getting done with Mastermania, she took a sneak peek at Felix\'s situation without focusing the camera on him.

\'The hell Did he kill the rare rank beast ahead of him already!\'

She couldn\'t believe her eyes, so she doubled checked the replay, watching him bully the beast with his Poison inducements.

It wasn\'t even a fair fight, as Felix simply activated his paralyze aura and dashed towards the beast, bringing it into his domain.

Although the beast\'s poison resistance was exceedingly tougher than what Felix had to deal with before.

Still, the inducement didn\'t disappoint, as it took only a few extra whiffs before it did the deed.

Felix didn\'t have the habit of playing with his food, so he finished the paralyzed beast by using a finger to pierce its skull.

He cleaned his finger with a handkerchief and went to the next prey he marked.

Zoe tightened her lips at this sight; she knew that Felix was an opponent not to be messed with, not even by the hardcore players.

If they kept that mentality that he was still in the purification realm, they would truly have a tough time dealing with him.

\'Whatever, even though I hate this bastard, I got to admit, him being the underdog in the wager will make the game more entertaining.\'

Zoe rubbed her eyebrows, not knowing whether to focus the camera on Felix or not.

She understood that unless Felix made an amazing play like before, the spectators wouldn\'t boo her again besides Felix\'s fan club of course.

But what could they do It\'s not like Felix was the only player in the game who was playing well.

Rather, there were at least 30 or more players, making outplays and highlights each second within the maze.

Too bad, there was only one screen for the live audience to focus on.

This meant, if Felix didn\'t pull something off that would shock everyone, Zoe could literary not show his face throughout the entire game.

As for killing rare ranked beasts At least 7 of the hardcore players within the bet did so as well by now.

Felix only made the kill appear cleaner and smoother than them, nothing more.

Zoe was on the verge of pulling her hair out at this matter, should she give up on her grudge entirely and focus on him or not

\'Argh! F*ck it! I will give him one chance to prove whether he deserves full coverage or not.\'

She stopped thinking about it and just did it, putting Felix on the large screen, replacing Mastermania who was still talking out loud alone like a retard, while touching here and there for traps.

Surprised, the majority of the spectators raised an eyebrow after seeing Landlord on the screen again.

They assumed that it was a replay of a highlight he did, which forced Zoe to play it.

But soon, they realized that this was the real deal! They were watching Felix\'s current state live.

Felix\'s club cheered and drummed deafeningly after their idol finally made an appearance.

Although they were all watching Felix by using their enhancement vision, the feeling was not the same as having him on the large screen, being focused on by tens of millions of spectators, empire-wide.

They truly believed that Landlord provoked Zoe quite a bit by his antics during the interview segment.

Zoe not showing his highlight further enhanced their belief.

So they thought that Landlord wasn\'t going to have good exposure in this game.

Who knew that Zoe would let bygones be bygones, and surprise them like this

Sorry for calling you b*tch before Madam Zoe!!

Tsk, that\'s nothing I cursed her mother to the grave.

Both of you guys are a disappointment to this club. The orange bearded number 1 fan, clutched both of their necks with narrowed eyes and said, If you didn\'t curse her eight ancestral, you are nothing but fake fans!!

Give them a break Big Orange, you are scaring the newbies. The founder of the club latched into his thick forearm and tried to free those poor dudes.

I apologize leader Emma. Big Orange released them instantly after feeling his club leader\'s chest pressed on his arm.

He grinned widely as he enjoyed the feeling.

\'Bastard, I knew that something was wrong when he ditched Hukami club for this one.\'

Big Orange little sister, gritted her teeth as she glared at his foolish grin.

It was clear that her perv brother\'s only reason for joining Felix\'s club was for the beautiful mature leader, as for those actions of berating the newbies They were merely a ruse to make him steal a few quick touches here and there.

For Felix to have his proclaimed number 1 fan, to be a perv who only cheered for him due to Leader Emma, was truly an injustice to his primogenitor bloodline.

Be quiet guys!! Landlord is about to confront an epic rank beast! The boy with glasses, who wrote Felix\'s biography on the website, shushed them so he could focus on the upcoming battle.

He didn\'t know if Landlord was going to use any new inducements or abilities, but his squinted eyes, were enough to show that he took everything that Felix did or about to, very seriously.

Leader Emma and Big O sat down in their seats.

The only difference between them was that Emma gave orders to all the spread club members around the stadium to prepare themselves, while Big O, wore his cheering gadget with precise movement like he was preparing for an upcoming war.

However, no matter what task those fans had, one thing remained constant in all of them, and that was their torch-like eyes, as they watched Felix turn left and face a humongous beast that had an Iron metallic skin, spiky long tail, five sharp claws in each of his six limbs, and finally, his shark wide mouth, exposing a set of fierce razor teeth.

How will Landlord handle the Iron Shark Titan with his inducement! The Beast has total immunity to poisons!! Zoe\'s eyes shone in delight as she yelled.


Meanwhile, in the maze, Felix took a defensive stance in front of the Iron Titan.

He knew that this battle was going to be an intense one.

He already lost 70% of his strength before the battle even began, as metal elemental beasts were the true counter to poison elementalists.

After all, how could a battle be fought, when metal beasts treat poison the same as air Not to mention their hard solid metallic skins, which were known for taking a beating without an issue

This would lower Felix\'s strength even further.

However, Felix didn\'t appear worried to the spectators and Zoe, who believed that this battle would be the worst matchup for him.

The battle might be intense but it wasn\'t doomed in his eyes.

Confident, Felix smirked and cracked his knuckles while sizing up the humongous beast with his shimmering red slits.

\'Might as well give my fans something to brag about.\'

He leaned forward with hands in his large-sized hoodie pockets, and dashed swiftly towards the beast, deciding to go on offense.


What welcomed Felix\'s reckless dash was a sharp claw, coming from above, trying to slice him into five portions.

Felix didn\'t even lift his head to glance at it.

He simply hurled himself to the left wall, uncaring about the massive pressure above him.


The claw smashed into the ground, sending a shock wave around the area.

Yet, the ground wasn\'t even scratched by those deadly claws.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s feet latched into the wall defying gravity.

Without wasting a split second, he bent his knees and threw himself towards the extended metallic limb.

\'Poison immunity\'

He smirked as he created two brownish bombs in both of his hands, still mid-air.

The spectators and the beast had no idea about them as Felix\'s hands were still in his pockets!

However, they soon found out after Felix threw them swiftly towards the beast\'s eyes, right before he hugged its scaled metallic elbow.

Poof Poof!

The bombs somehow affected the beast, as its eyes became red, with a hint of brownish rust on its eyelids!

Before Zoe could even commentate about what had just happened, Felix gave an enigmatic smile and called softly, Oxidation Aura!

Without warning, a brownish mist emerged from all of his body pores until it engulfed him and the beast within.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_47961462882235725 for visiting.


A delayed pitiful cry echoed between the maze walls.

The Iron Titan, who everyone assumed had a terrifying defense and immunity to poison was threshing around, as its humongous body began showing clear marks of brownish rust, especially on its joints!

Felix gripped its elbow tightly, so he wouldn\'t be thrown away.

He knew that this was the perfect opportunity to eliminate the beast without losing a considerable amount of energy.

If the Titan escaped, he would be wary of Felix, not daring to enter the poisonous aura\'s diameter anymore.

Felix understood that his bombs were quite inefficient in this battle, as the beast\'s humongous size counters them effectively.

To actually finish the job using only poison bombs, his energy consumption would take a toll on his tank.

Thus, his only option was to stick to the beast akin to chewing gum, unmoving even if he was being smacked around.

\'Hahaha, Felix are you enjoying your time\'

Asna held her stomach as she laughed at Felix\'s pathetic sight.

How could she not, when Felix was being smashed from one wall to another until he began to get dizzy.

However, the frenzied Titan actions soon began to get clunky, as each time it tried to move its limbs, the joints made creaking noises.

Felix sighed in relief after he heard those sounds.

He raised his head and noticed that the elbow he was glued to was showing signs of decay.

He smirked and suddenly punched the rustiest area.


His punch easily shattered the metallic bone into small pieces, raising a cloud of rusty dust in the process.

He coughed, but he didn\'t stop his barrage.

He kept shattering bone after bone, until the Titan\'s elbow was snapped into half, leaving its arm dangling by a strand of metallic skin.

Felix didn\'t wait to see the result of his strikes, as he climbed the humongous body, heading towards the head.

Yet, the Titan didn\'t sit still and wait for him to reach.

It was already in agony after its limb got ripped apart.

It knew based on instinct that it would be doomed if Felix brought a higher potency of that poison, closer to its head.

So it aimed its long spiky tail at that bug on its body, planning to pierce it.

However, Felix swiftly dodged those attempts, as he expected that the beast was going to make a few last attempts before he checkmates it.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The tail kept missing its target each time, as Felix was too elusive to be hit.

He jumped from one body part to another like a monkey on a tree, uncaring about his image in each jump.

\'Jump Monkey! Jump!\'

Asna was having the best time of her life as she kept laughing at his silly appearance.

But Felix ignored her jeers entirely.

He was already performing better than expected in his eyes.

This melee fighting style was totally a new field for him.

In his previous life, he always kept his distance from his enemies and used his ranged elemental abilities.

However, now he was getting dirty and close with a beast 20 times his size!

A notion he never thought was possible before.

So, no matter how much that hater laughed at his unsightly dodging techniques, he didn\'t take it to heart.

Before long, the beast\'s speedy tail, gradually slowed down, as the rust began to eat its joint as well.

Earlier, it was the healthiest part of the Titan, as it was outside of Felix\'s *Oxidation Aura*, but after those constant piercing attempts, it was exposed to it continuously.

Felix was waiting for only this to happen, so he could begin his real offense.

\'Alright, no need to waste more energy on it.\'

Felix withdrew his aura, leaving him exposed to the spectators and Zoe, who were watching everything that happened inside the brownish mist with gobsmacked expressions.

The knowledgeable VIP viewers were shocked about the fact that Felix was able to use 6 inducements, surpassing the known limit of having only five, while the regular spectators were dumbfounded about the inducement effect itself.

Oxidation Poison! You must be pulling my leg with such a sick joke! They thought to themselves.


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