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After ending the limit test, Felix planned on staying put for a minute until the aching goes away.

He would rather waste a minute than walk forward, stepping on those lines and words that could be a trap keys waiting for a prey to step on.

Asna didn\'t give him directions as she was waiting until he reactivates his infrared vision.

It sounded quite weird that passive abilities could be activated as well.

However, there was a quite big difference between active abilities and passives on the way they activate.

As active abilities require only elemental energy for to work, simple as that.

Meanwhile, passives were split into two types.

One, passives that provide an instant buff to the host without needing anything in return.

Such as Felix\'s Poison immunity and Superstrength.

Two, passives that need mental energy or brainpower to handle their continuous activation load, like infrared vision, night vision, cloud surfing ext.

Those passives shone only on stronger bloodliners who reached higher stages of replacement.

As their mental strength got stronger to the point it could handle the continuous activation of those passives without repercussions.

Turing them into the first type of passives.

Unfortunately, Felix was still far from that stage.

He could keep his infrared vision on for one hour or two at best.

And that\'s only if he focused on nearby areas.

If he decided to push its potential to the limit, his head would start aching again.

\'Alright show the way.

It\'s time to hunt.\'

Felix inspected the ground ahead of him in black and white, not seeing any other color but the two.

He turned his head to the left and noticed an array of shimmering red rifles pointing at a spot a few meters ahead of him.

He looked to his right side as well and found nothing to worry about.

Although Felix could only see the hidden traps, but not the mechanism needed to activate them, he was not worried at all.

The ability to see danger beforehand was enough for him to not get touched by a single trap.

Traps were deadly only because they were hidden, but if they were exposed like this, at least 90% of their power gets taken away.

Asna did not dilly dally as she told him enthusiastically to head right first then left and keep going straight ahead until he meets three paths cross.

Immediately after getting a clear direction, Felix bolted forward while keeping close attention to the trap at his right, preparing at any given moment to dodge.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

As expected, the trap activated the moment he stepped on a beautiful image of a flower, lighting it up as well as the rifles pointing at him.

With a bit of difficulty, Felix narrowly dodged the bullets by rolling forward three times until he got outside of the danger area.

Though he saw them beforehand, dodging bullets wasn\'t an evade that any average joe could pull off.

His fans and Madam Zoe, who was low-key paying attention to him while commentating on other players, were left in disbelief at his inhuman reflexes.

His fans were just arguing with each other if Felix would activate the trap or not, and if he did would he be able to survive it unscathed.

Yet, they didn\'t think that his reflexes were honed to such a degree that allowed him to pass through the danger zone unharmed!

They bought Omnipotent vision that allowed them to see all the traps and hidden compartments so they wouldn\'t miss any player downfall by traps.

Based on what they saw so far, at least 15 players got heavily wounded or died by those traps.

Not a single one of them managed to leave in one piece like Felix!

Before long, their shock turned into amazement and finally to numbness as they continued to watch Felix evade trap by trap while sprinting towards the three path cross that Asna mentioned.

Not a single one managed to touch Felix\'s clothes, from bullets, arrows, spears to elemental attacks such as fire snakes and lightning bolts.

What\'s even funnier was the smirking yellow emoji on Felix\'s dark hoodie that kept that expression no matter how many dangers Felix went through to reach his destination.

The spectators and Zoe felt like they were being looked down upon by that emoji over their lack of understanding of how Felix managed to pull that off.

Do you think he was using x-ray vision passive to spot traps beforehand

Well either that or he had future predicting ability.

I would rather believe that he could see the future than accept that he had that kind of busted reflexes.

You guys are just hating!! Why didn\'t you say anything when other hardcore players dodged those traps as well

Are you really comparing the way they dodged with Landlord\'s!! Some of them almost f*cking died doing so, while Landlord passed through them with his hands in his pockets!

Open your dog eyes and look at the replay on the screen! He wa...Uhm Why is the MC not showing it

The spectator froze as he noticed that another player was being displayed on the large screen, and not Felix\'s highlight that was worth the exposure.

He pointed his finger at the screen and yelled, What the hell!! Why are you showing us a player getting devoured by a beast F*ck, we want to see Landlord outplay!

Incensed and enraged, the other spectators near him booed as well with their thumbs down at Zoe\'s incompetence to not notice such a fine play.

They assumed so, but the truth was that Zoe already saw what Felix did, but still refused to highlight it.

She was truly holding a grudge at his earlier disregard!

Too bad, she didn\'t think that the booing would get louder and louder, as news spread quickly between the spectators that they missed an amazing play, but the MC refused to show it to them.


The spectators kept booing, using either gadgets or their hands on their mouths.

The majority did so just because the rest were doing it.

They didn\'t even care to see Felix\'s play.

As long as they were following the herd, they were okay with anything.

However, those sheep were the ones who brought the biggest trouble to Zoe.

She knew that Felix\'s club would not love the way she was treating him, but she didn\'t expect others who had their own clubs, to join in the fun.

After seeing that things were going off the rail, she quickly highlighted Felix\'s previous play to appease them.

She didn\'t want to fight against the wishes of the crowd for simply a tantrum she was throwing.

Otherwise, she could forget about obtaining the promotion she was anticipating after this game.

Please excuse me my dears for not noticing Landlord\'s highlight. She pouted cutely while bowing slightly as an apology, showing her cleavage on the screen.

The enraged spectators gradually contained their voices like a spell was cast on them.

How could they not after seeing such a ravishing beauty acting this way to appease them

The female spectators all had jealous expressions clouding their faces after seeing the skillful way Zoe tamed those men.

But they understood that the only reason why the men were so easily controllable by her was because she was using her real face and assets unlike them!

In the SG, every female MC was required to be a stunning beauty in real life to be able to join the job interview.

However, because of this term, the skill requirements were lowered in comparison to male MCs.

This was the main reason why high ranked players were constantly trying to woe her.

It was already hard enough to find a real beauty that did not modify her face in the UVR, don\'t even mention Zoe who had a glorious career plus the looks.

\'Sigh, I should stop messing around in this game.

I can\'t ruin my ticket to promotion over that bastard.\'

After making her decision, she started commentating on Felix\'s previous highlight animatedly, not caring anymore about her grudge.

However, that\'s the only thing she did.

As the moment she finished, she quickly replaced Felix\'s highlight with Mastermania one\'s, like she was shooing away a curse.

But the spectators didn\'t complain much about it since Mastermania was about to fight a Three-headed alligator-like beast made out of cracked clay skin and dripping mud from its mouths.

Can Mastermania overcome rare tier 2 Soil Wraith to obtain the blue chest behind it! Zoe shouted.

The audience held their breaths in excitement as they watched Mastermania confronting the beast.


Mastermania kept pondering on ways to defeat the monstrosity that was glaring at him fiercely.

He already spent 3 minutes now evading its attacks and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses.

So far, he gained a clear understanding that this beast was one of the immortal types that could not be killed nor physically harmed.

However, they had a massive weakness, and that was their core that held their soul.

As long as he destroys it, the beast would crumble on itself.

Mastermania knew so as well, but he couldn\'t do much about it, as the core kept coursing through the body of the beast, stopping only when it was about to attack.

I need to time my counter-attack perfectly with its attack to be able to kill it. He spoke out loud with narrowed eyes, even though he was the only one with the beast.

But the spectators were already used to this, as the majority of idols used this method to speak with their fans akin to protagonists in movies.

The fans were actually the ones who proposed this idea to their idols way before, and since the idols were slaves to their fans\' wishes, they agreed numbly.

They went through much worse requests than this before.

However, it turned out that the idols who spoke out loud their attacks or couple of dramatic sentences were the ones who toppled up the popularity idol polls!

From that moment on, every idol was forced to speak everything he planned to do as dramatically as possible.

Just like Mastermania now, who kept taunting the beast out loud while pointing a finger at it.


Finally not able to handles the prick\'s taunts, Soil Wraith dashed towards him while covering its self with a solid brown skin made of clay.

Just as it wanted to open its jaw and spew mud as it did before, Mastermania smacked his palm at the metallic floor while calling out loud, Shadows Spikes!!

Immediately after, an array of pointy sharp dark spikes sprung up from the beast\'s shadow, penetrating its clay skin from underneath and behind!

Before the beast could even wail, Mastermania slapped his other palm and yelled the same attack again.

He knew that the moment he stopped his pressure, the beast would begin his rejuvenation.

So, he must keep attacking until a spike luckily lands on the core.


Fortunately for him, that didn\'t take long.

After the third activation, the beast\'s clay skin shattered completely after the core was taken care of.

The body of the beast disintegrated into light particles, leaving behind a number, hovering in the air.

300 GP!

Mastermania gave a close-lipped smile at the fat reward he obtained.

Although he consumed quite a few points of energy while doing so, it was worth it in his opinion.

After all, 400 GP was still waiting for him inside the blue chest that was guarded before by the beast.

This would bring the total amount to a whopping 700 GP from one battle!

No wonder Felix had to turn this game into a farming competition and not exit seeking!

Mastermania approached the blue chest while massaging his red palms inside his pockets, not daring to show this action to his fans, who were cheering for him with their arms raised and flushed cheeks after his victory.

He had to slap his palm on the ground on each activation to appear cool based on his fans request.

If he could choose, he would have simply snapped his fingers like a normal human being.

Alas, slaves had no wishes.

\'F*cking hell, those fans are going to be the death of me.\' Depressed, he thought while opening the chest as slow as possible for extra effects.


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