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F*cking retard, that\'s what you get by being c.o.c.ky.

Haha! I already filmed it.

Him walking for 30 seconds with a smile just to get slapped.

Mastermania was truly trying his best to hold his aloof image in place.

Alas, the mocking jeers of the players around him made it nigh impossible.

His face couldn\'t help but contort, twisting all of his handsome features under the eyes of everyone.

Come on guys, let\'s chant for him, his face is getting ugly, we don\'t want his aloof image to be ruined!

True, how could he buy bread anymore if that happened

Mastermania! Mastermania!...

The players didn\'t let him even express his rage in peace, as they cheered his name sarcastically, uncaring about being booed by the girls in the audience.

Felix chuckled at the trembling Mastermania, whose eyes were about to spit flames at his direction.

He truly didn\'t know what this retard expected to happen by approaching him in that high profile way.

Did he believe that by adding Felix forcefully to his seeking attention gimmick, he would be received nicely by him

What crack was he on He should feel happy that Felix stopped bothering about him after seeing that his club popularity was not shabby.

Yet, he had to come and deliver himself to be slapped in public.

That was a quite unexpected reaction from Landlord.

Doesn\'t he know that one should never slap a smiling person

Zoe criticized Felix\'s ungentlemanly behavior, while shamelessly highlighting Mastermania\'s ugly face at close range, showing every small detail for his fans to see.

She might have sounded angry, but her bright face couldn\'t hide her delight at the unexpected twist.

She glanced at the invisible hologram and saw the numbers of spectators kept increasing in her stream while barraging the chat window with an unending shower of comments.

[bohooo, How could they do this to my bobo!]

[My prince charming image instantly shattered at that face.]

[Haha! I will use his ugly face as a screen saver!]

[To actually have the balls to slap an idol in front of millions of spectators, Landlord truly doesn\'t give a crap about his image.]

[Image what image are you talking about! He is literary an anonymous player.

Why does he need to care!]

[Ah! that slap was truly satisfying, I always hated those fake faced idols.]

[I am more intrigued about this newbie.

Hopefully, his strength backs up his arrogance.]

[You are in for a treat brother!]

[Hehe, you have no idea what you were missing.]

[You are about to see why they call him Landlord of Inducements!]

[Can\'t wait to see some new inducements!]

[Same 1]

[Same 4112]

Felix\'s club took over the stream chat, bragging about him and sharing links to his previous highlights to the rest of the spectators, who knew nothing about this newbie who popped out of nowhere.

Zoe smiled gleefully as she read some of those comments and closed the chat, refocusing on the players.

Specifically on Felix who stood in a lazy matter, wearing a black hoodie with a yellow smirking emoji on it, comfortable black sweat pants, and white sport sneakers.

\'I was planning to interview Mastermania first then Princess Bird.

But it seems the main character of this game is Landlord.\'

She smiled while snapping her finger, manifesting large white-feathered wings from her back.

She flapped them once and jumped from the commentary platform that she was standing on.

The audience watched her fly towards Felix gracefully with a spellbound expression.

Meanwhile, the players underneath could only sigh helplessly at this drama queen.

But they were already numb to those acts.

Zoe was not the only female MC who loved doing such a thing, but every female MC in the SG!

Hell, there was even a website made specifically to collect those dramatic entrances and rate them down with proper reviews.

The existence of this website made things even worse, as it gave birth to a hidden competition between those female MCs, on whom was doing it better.

Meanwhile, the male MCs didn\'t give a crap about all of that and simply dropped as fast as possible, uncaring about how they appeared in the process.

The players preferred having a male MC because of that, while the audience preferred having a female MC to watch those breathtaking dramatic entrances.

Felix smiled wryly as he watched Zoe approaching him while flapping her angelic wings periodically, giving a sense of harmony.

She must have really practiced before to reach such a state.

From the look on her face, she was clearly pleased with the outcome.


He closed his eyes as her wings raised a cloud of dust after she landed next to him.

Cough, Cough

Both Mastermania and Felix coughed after she flapped her wings one last time before they burst into light particles glamorously.

Loud cheers immediately followed after, basking Zoe over her delightful performance.

\'hehe, let me see how you topple over this Bella.\' She thought to herself.

Satisfied and content, she faced Mastermania and Felix who had their clothes all dirtied because of her.

She quickly tried to apologize for it, as she didn\'t want to get a lackl.u.s.ter interview due to their resentment.

However, the moment she opened her mouth, trying to speak, nothing came out.

She froze in disbelief, as she knew that there was only one reason that could cause this dastardly effect.

She stiffly focused on a small tag above Felix\'s head, and almost had a heart attack after seeing her worst nightmare.

She didn\'t see it before, as this tag only pop up in the interview segment.

>No Interviews<

The one and only enemy to every MC in the SG.

They abhor the mere idea of seeing it in their games, especially if it was on a popular player.

They even rallied many times to protest for its removal to the SG rules community, using the pretense that it ruins the atmosphere of the games.

Thus leading to a mass dissatisfaction within the spectators, whether the ones watching live or the stream.

Regardless, their attempts were always met with a refutable denial.

The Queen AI controlled the UVR, based on one core rule.

Free will!

She could never compromise on this rule, not even to the SGA.

So even if the alliance wanted to fulfill the MCs\' requests, their hands were tied by the Queen.

So Zoe was left with no other choice but to use her secret weapon that helped her before, convincing some players to remove the block.

Heartbroken, she sulked pitifully while staring at Felix with puppy eyes, almost tearing up to gain his sympathy.

Too bad, Felix was already numb to those looks, as Asna always used them before to convince him into taking her to the movies.

So, he simply continued dusting his clothes, totally ignoring her attempts.

\'Tsk, this bastard didn\'t even respond to me.

Yet you expect to succeed with your ugly face\' Asna scoffed while hugging a new large bucket of popcorn.

She must have really loved its flavor to keep always eating it and not something else.

After all, she could totally recreate the same flavor of anything Felix ate before, using his memories.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched and just kept dusting himself, uncaring about those two manipulative vixens.

Before long, Zoe gradually stopped her act after seeing that it was not helping much.

She clicked her tongue in irritation and decided to interview Mastermania who kept standing in the same place, neither speaking nor doing anything since the moment Felix slapped him publicly.

He knew that refuting or insulting Felix to vent his humiliation wouldn\'t work in his favor.

After all, Felix was right.

They didn\'t know each other to act friendly, especially in the SG platform, where enmity was running rampant.

He wanted to insult Felix badly in retaliation, but he couldn\'t afford the consequence of appearing immature to his fans.

He already got a strike one by ruining his aloof image, he neither could handle the damages of strike two nor his agency.

Not to mention if he did so, Felix would not stay quiet, as he would make sure to roast his ass publicly unworried about his image.

Felix had nothing to lose or worry about.

His fans were as f.u.c.k.i.e.d up as he was.

They might even cheer him harder after each insult.

But in the case of Mastermania, the moment he did the same.

His females fans would instantly change clubs.

They were his fans due to his handsome aloof looks in the first place, and to keep them, he must always appear as so.

Felix always scorned those idols who were chained to their own image.

But he understood that they saw the SG platform as merely a business opportunity to make money, not a glorious platform to obtain glory and resources like the majority.


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