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Felix stretched his arms behind his back in a lazy manner while standing one meter in front of Solar Mist.

He smirked and fired the first shot uncaring about Solar\'s reaction.

Just because you are wearing a business suit and smart-looking glasses, your intelligence won\'t increase you know He continued his mockery, We all know that your photographic memory that you take pride in, was merely a result of a potion gifted to you by your wife and not a talent gained during birth.

So stop acting all smart and composed.

It doesn\'t fit your element at all. Felix waved his hand dismissively while walking away, not wanting to entangle with Solar Mist for too long.

He wasn\'t that bored.

However, what he said was enough to set Solar Mist\'s heart into a furious blaze, as he gripped his fists tightly, trying his best to hold it in.

He didn\'t think that Felix would actually bring his wife into this, but he understood that by lashing at Felix wildly, he would just reinforce Felix\'s claim.

That his image didn\'t fit his element, which was quite close to the truth.

As based on his name, one could easily figure out that his element was fire-based, and for users of such an element it was a known fact that their personality was wild and aggressive.

Oh snap! He didn\'t just say that in his face.

How bold, to actually bring that matter in public, he truly doesn\'t fear death.

Meanwhile, the Players underneath the stage were astonished at the revelation that a newbie had just insulted publicly a famous veteran within silver ranks.


On the other hand, the players on the stage didn\'t bother hiding their mocking laughter.

Some took it even a step further and laughed while pointing their finger at Solar Mist, uncaring to save him some face.

They wanted to provoke, humiliate, and most of all break his concentration.

In their eyes, As long as they managed to plant this humiliating image in his head, Solar Mist wouldn\'t be able to focus properly during the game.

Thus lowering his chances of performing to the best of his ability.

This was exactly what Solar Mist tried to do to Felix! By relying on the excuse that Felix was merely a newbie, yet he was standing arrogantly with them, hardcore veterans.

However, Felix didn\'t even let him finish his build-up before he shut him down in front of all.

Now, he could only stare hatefully at Felix\'s retreating back, under the jeers of those around him.

Yet, that\'s as far as he did.

His public image was far more important to him than anything.

He soon relaxed his clutched fists and fixed his tie with the same stoic expression he always had.

He turned his head and said calmly to his peers, I am glad I entertained you, my fellow contenders.

Yet the responses he got were not pleasing to the ears at all.

Tsk, what a stuck up.

Still as obnoxious as ever.

My greatest entertainment will be smashing your head to paste. Pure Muscle said while cracking his knuckles.

How cute, still trying hard to keep his image afloat after being humiliated by a newbie. Charming Sky giggled.

Heh, I bet you wish you didn\'t drink memory potion, so you can forget what happened here.

Solar didn\'t even flinch at those incoming insults.

He simply kept standing uprightly with a hidden glint as he eyed Felix who was sitting on the podium, facing him with pitch-black darkness under his hoodie.

He wished he had the same hoodie.

At least he would be able to express his rage without being noticed.


\'Even though, I cut him short.

The bastard still exposed the knowledge of me having legendary bloodline.\' Felix smiled bitterly, as he noticed the weary looks those threats he marked were giving him.

If before they assumed he was a newbie who got c.o.c.ky after winning his first game.

Now, they believed that he got what it took to stand with them.

Legendary Bloodlines were not a joking matter.

Anyone who had one gets automatically labeled as a dangerous individual in every game.

Those individuals receive full investigation of their abilities and fighting style.

Therefore, any player who did not watch Felix\'s first game immediately began searching for his highlights to prepare themselves against him.

What the f.u.c.k is this bloodline! How can he use so many inducements

Is this a joke How can we fight against this! He literary can play us to death.

Hmm It seems the majority of his inducements need to be absorbed.

Haha, I just need to hold my breath and his abilities will not affect me at all.

How are you supposed to fight like that Especially against this monster who also can fight melee form

True one punch and you will absorb his poison obediently.

Doesn\'t that mean he had no counterplay!

No, it seems that his mental defenses are not that strong.

He was affected quite badly by *Abyssal Screech* during his last fight.

If that was his only weakness, might as well escape the moment we see him.

The players kept exclaiming and arguing each time they noticed Felix using a different inducement, or ability.

Holograms displaying his highlights covered the entire hall, even Felix with his thick face still felt a bit embarrassed seeing himself being publicly showered with attention.

Honestly, he would rather remain low key and be underestimated during the game than receive this kind of unnecessary attention.

But now everything changed after that bastard Solar exposed his bloodline.

He could see it in their eyes, fear and worry about meeting him inside the maze.

They were not arrogant to not give him face after seeing his mind-boggling abilities and his efficient use of them.

Regardless, those who thought so were only the players underneath the stage, as for those hardcore players They only marked him as a solid contender, nothing more, nothing less.

They already found out that his integration was still in the purification realm based on the fact that he used only two active abilities and passives.

The only thing they didn\'t figure out was that if he was on greater purity, or origin purity.

Despite so, they still had a massive advantage over him.

After all to reach mid or high tier silver, one must be a peak 1st stage bloodliner to be able to contest and win those games.

In their eyes, Felix might take them for a ride if they fought, but he wouldn\'t be able to win against them.

Felix could conclude so from the way they were looking at him.

He smirked mockingly, \'Oh boy, I will make you eat those thoughts soon enough.\'

\'Felix, that child is looking at you weirdly.\' Asna informed him suddenly.


He turned his head and saw the little devil Princess Bird facing him with a creepy smile.

Plus with her bangs covering her eyes, it made the image even worse.

His eyelids twitched dreadfully at this sight.

\'What does this little devil wants from me\'

\'Oh, Felix she is approaching you.\'

\'Shut up, I can see it as well.\'

Felix fixed his laid back attitude and sat cool-headed, expecting a battle far more dangerous than the one with Solar Mist.

He saw the many horrors this little thing caused in his previous life.

What she was doing before in this time-line, parading men nailed to a cross or putting them on a leash like pets, was merely a child play compared to her future self.

The only one he didn\'t want to have any interaction with during this game was her.

That\'s why he always treated her as air, trying to stay as far as possible from her.

Too bad, things never go as planned for Felix, as the first thing she said after reaching his side made him flinch.

Can you please tell me the name of your Bloodline I am curious. She requested shyly with her head buried in her chest.

Felix coughed dryly and asked, Why do you want to know it

My father\'s Bloodline Library has eight bloodlines that can allow the user to switch inducements.

I want to see if your bloodline is based on a new species or from the ones he had. She requested softly again, So I hope you can tell me its name.

My father\'s hobby is to collect information about those unique legendary bloodlines.

As much as I want to help the chief\'s hobby, I apologize but I can\'t share any information about my bloodline. He clarified, I am bound by a contract to not share even its name.

Oh, that\'s a shame. She sighed dejectedly.

Was that all He asked.

Yes, sorry for bothering you, and good luck on the game. She gave him a polite smile and returned to her place.

After seeing that she left, Felix sighed in relief.

Although he didn\'t give a ** about her or the chief, he still needed to give her an answer.

There was no need to go out of his way and offend her by telling her to f*ck off.

Her father\'s strength was enough to bring the entire Alenxader Kingdom to its knees, and for Felix who wasn\'t even in greater purity, it was better to avoid messing with the daughters of such an entity.

So he could only suck it up and please her request to not approach him again.

He wasn\'t worried about his real-life location getting found by her, but the fact she would do her very best into trying to do so.

This meant he would be always on edge in the UVR in what he does or say.

He didn\'t want to have that paranoid feeling like he was always being watched.

Meanwhile, the players near them tried their best to eavesdrop on their conversation.

But Felix and Princess Bird expected such behavior to happen, thus they were keeping their conversation as quiet as possible before.


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