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Molly, you need to contact your company and inform them about your choice.

Then inform me about the termination fees when you do so. He added, As for signing the contract with my series, I will call you when I have everything prepared.


Molly nodded her head in understanding while giving a smug smile at Stella.

Felix, you still didn\'t tell us the name of the series. Natalia interjected in their conversation after seeing that they were done talking business.

Oh, its current name is My Love Rival is Me. He paused for a second and added, Don\'t get attached to it.

It can be replaced at any moment.

I doubt it, that name is quite befitting for it. Stella shook her head in disagreement.

Felix knew so as well, but he still needed to say so, to install a notion in the heads, that he was also investing blindly in this series.

It might be useless, but he had nothing to lose.

Just as Stella wanted to ask him about the movies he planned to invest in, the Queen announced a new item that drew Felix\'s attention.

This is ethereal dust of a Darkstar Fly.

The starting bid is 150 million SC.

A small bottle filled with a gram or so of dark dust kept revolving in the air.

Ladies, if you excuse me for a moment.

Felix opened the details of the bottle on his screen and read them in concentration.

The beauties didn\'t yap around and left him to read in peace.

\'Even though it is just one gram, I must get it no matter what.\'

The elemental potion needed exactly 5 grams of this substance as a material.

However, Felix was still glad by getting 1 gram first, since he believed that he would need to waste a champion wish to obtain those 5 grams.

In his eyes, anything that could be bought with money or game points must not have a wish wasted on getting them.

After all, winning games was not a walk in a park.

So, he placed his bids in an aggressive manner, increasing the bid price by 30 million each time someone took a breath, this way of bidding put quite heavy pressure on his contenders, forcing them to think twice and trice whether it was worth it to continue bidding with Felix.

Before long, the price had reached 290 million SC.

Felix didn\'t pause and added 30 million again.

320 million SC from room 44.

The Queen proclaimed in a clear manner, yet no one dared to bid anymore.

The price had almost reached double its original.

They were not that desperate to obtain it with that kind of price like Felix.


Thus, the virtual gavel sound echoed loudly, marking a successful auctioning.

Felix signed in relief at the sound of the gavel.

The price might appear too large for others, but for him, it was all worth it as long as he didn\'t leave the auction with an empty bank account.

The beauties clapped their hands, congratulating him over his victory.

Stella even took a step forward and stood up behind him, planning to massage his stiff shoulders.

No need to bother yourself, I am fine. Felix refused her offer politely after seeing her pale hands kneading his shoulders gently.

Let me do it please.

Or else I won\'t feel at ease accepting your movies offers. Stella requested with a sincere smile while adding more pressure to her massage.

I am not ungrateful like someone in this room, who did not even say thank you after helping her. She scoffed and continued focusing on her massage, not giving a glance at Molly, who was fuming after having her integrity insulted like this.

Felix closed his eyes and relaxed, not refusing her anymore.

He only denied her the first time as a formality.

He would be a fool to do so twice.

As for what she said after He didn\'t care one bit about their squabble.

I was planning to invite Mr.

Felix for a dinner to show my appreciation. Molly pushed Natalia away from her lap, wanting to stand up.

She fixed her dress that was messed up by Natalia and went to Felix\'s right side.

Under Stella\'s annoyed look, she started massaging Felix\'s right forearm gently.

But a small reward like this is not a problem for me. She said, smiling. 

Natalia gaped at Stella and Molly massaging Felix, not knowing what to do anymore.

She looked at his other forearm.

\'Should I join in as well I don\'t want to be left alone.\'

After a few seconds of contemplating, she decided to go for it.

She went to Felix\'s left side and started massaging his other forearm.

Anyone in Felix\'s situation would feel blessed to be treated like this by three celebrities, but Felix was only feeling an agonizing pain in his heart over losing almost 1 billion on just two materials.

The constant thought that he still needed 6 more unique materials to finally complete his gathering, made him tremble all over.

The girls added more pressure after feeling that he suddenly was tense all over.

\'Ah, whatever, money comes and goes.\' He closed his eyes in contentment and thought, \'Better enjoy this while it last.\'

Felix neither moved nor touched them.

Unless he gets their consent, he would remain as docile as a puppy.

He just remained sitting calmly while thinking about which manager should he chose.

He already decided that it was much better to get a professional manager to handle his business opportunities.

From investing, talking to producers, signing contracts, and such.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_47775013788510053 for visiting.

He had no time to keep running around, taking care of everything all at once.

He would rather give up on 3% or 5% in the earnings to a good manager than continue wasting time on his investment plans.

And he had many plans.


Two hours later...

The auction successfully concluded with a bang, as the last item was sold with a whopping 15 billion SC.

Felix didn\'t even flinch at that a price, as he expected nothing less from this auction.

He knew that he was merely a small fish within the bidders, just like the majority of them.

As for those whales They were only interested in the last three items, leaving the rest to be contested by those beneath them.

Felix left the auction a bit satisfied with his earnings, as now he only required 4 more grams of Darkstar Dust, 14 more Purity Drops, and 6 more unique materials before he contacts a witch to concoct him the elemental potion.

After leaving the Beethoven Auction House, He drove his car, heading toward the teleportation company.

He didn\'t attend the banquet as it was quite dull and pointless after the authority figures, whom he was planning to hit it off with, didn\'t attend as well.

Even though the girls begged him with puppy eyes to remain with them.

Since they were forced to stay as eye candy for the bidders.

Felix rejected them on the basis that he needed to start taking care of Molly\'s addition to the series\' cast.

After hearing his reason, they could only give him a quick hug as a farewell and leave him be.


Three hours quickly passed by, as Felix successfully hired a well-known business manager called Mr.

Igris from the Holy Sinful city.

Felix made him sign an exclusive contract, binding Mr.

Igris to only work for him and no one else.

Nevertheless, Mr.

Igris agreed gleefully after seeing that he would obtain a 4% profit from each business venture Felix asked him to handle.

Since Felix showed him that he only invest with 300 million , Mr.

Igris didn\'t hesitate to sign that contract.

The first project Felix gave him was to deal with Molly\'s situation.

Felix already explained everything to him.

He also sent a message to Molly, informing her that his manager would be the one dealing with her from now on.

After getting everything worked up, Felix transferred 300 million SC to his manager to be used as investment capital during his negotiation.

Felix made sure to highlight the importance of this series to Mr.

Igris, promising him a hellish fate if he f*cked it up.

But, Mr.

Igris took his words with a grain of salt.

He was in this business for far too long to ruin such a godsend opportunity.

Felix didn\'t care about what he thought or believed, he only gave him one ultimatum and that was to bring him profit back.

After dealing with his manager, he called Nora and told her to wait for him at his house.

Those three vixens only teased him with their massage.

They didn\'t take it another step, leaving him with a suppressed desire.

Good thing he had the obedient Nora who agrees to all of his wishes and desires.

And so, the moment he entered his home, he was greeted with her sitting on a chair in front of the door, wearing new dark lingerie and heels with her long wavy pink hair reaching her waist, smiling at him seductively.

Such as alluring sight instantly forced his suppressed l.u.s.t to burst out.

\'Here we go again.\' Asna sulked and turned off the connection, leaving Felix to devour Nora to his heart content.

Augh! What got you so excited! Nora yelped out loud after getting lifted abruptly.

You don\'t want to know. Felix answered while running swiftly to the bedroom.


The door was closed shut, blocking anyone from hearing the wild party that was about to start.


Days went by quickly, as the day of Felix\'s game reset was fast approaching.

He spent the majority of the period that passed in his training room, practicing the newly unlocked passives to further enhance his battle prowess for the upcoming game.

In addition, he was calling his manager from time to time to get updated on the series production.


Igris kept true to his word and obtained a solid contact, turning Felix into one of the main shareholders of the series.

This was extremely beneficial to Felix, as after the first season of the series gets released in the near future, he wouldn\'t need to worry about coins for a while.

After all, this series would be released Empire-wide and not just a kingdom-wide like the previous movie he invested in.

The returns would be much much higher than before, as Felix expected at least to earn 3 billion for each season released.

Though, he must constantly pump funds if he wanted to continue earning that sum.

However, in the present time, Felix was almost broke after investing that 300 million SC.

His bank account only had 80 million left.


I should probably roll the game\'s wheel now.

Felix quickly decided to participate in a new game now, even though there were still four days left before he could officially join one.

He was doing so to take advantage of the 5 days of preparation that was always given.

This strategy was used by hardcore players who were climbing the ranks in a rush since it shaves at least 5 days from the 2 months cooldown duration.

Not every player did so, as the majority of them were casual players, who participate in the games only when they feel prepared.

Sometimes this takes at least years before they join another game.

The SGA didn\'t condemn them for such an action, as they were struggling to balance the large influx of new players each day.

The officials probably feel glad when those players take such a long break between games.

Felix washed his hand with soap to add some luck points and sat down on the couch.

He took a deep breath and opened his profile interface.

Immediately after, he scrolled down and clicked on a >new gameClick!

The moment he pressed the button, the same colorful wheel with tens of formats started to span rapidly before him.

Three, two, one...Stop! He ordered with a bit of anticipation in his tone.

The wheel slowed its speed down gradually.

\'Ting, Ting, Ting!

Needle sound continued to resonate in Felix\'s ears, as it kept passing one format by the other until it completely froze on a format.

Felix\'s soul immediately escaped after seeing the most dreadful format in his case.

>Congratulation on picking Puzzle Format!


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