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\'Sir Felix, the serial code of the DawnTree leaf has been sent to you successfully.\'

Instead of feeling excited at the news, Felix just sighed while glancing at his bank account that had only 700 million left after 600 million was deducted by the Queen.

\'Whatever, I can earn more during my investment.

Speaking about that.\'

Felix turned his head and asked Molly, I will not be bidding for the next couple of hours.

Do you want to hear the details of the series now

Yes please. She nodded her head with a charming smile and said, I was planning to ask you after the auction to not bother you.

Felix waved his hand casually and replied, Don\'t worry about it; I already secured the item I needed. His lax expression turned serious and continued, Before I share with you the summary of the drama plot, you need to sign an NDA contract, if that\'s alright with you

Of course, we don\'t mind.

Molly spoke for them all and agreed to sign.

Felix didn\'t waste time and sent them three holographic contracts.

Even though Felix was doing all of this without even meeting the production company, he was not worried a bit that they would refuse his investment.

Especially now, that he had Molly, the drama queen on his side.

If before his chances to get a slice of that series\' cake was only 40%, now with Molly he could confidently say it\'s 99%.

He knew that the production company would not refuse him when they see that he brought Molly to them.

The perfect candidate for the lead role.

The only reason they didn\'t manage to secure her in his previous life was because she already had signed with that garbage series.

Thus, they could only use another actress.

But now they wouldn\'t hesitate to replace her with Molly, even if they had to pay the contract termination fees.

That\'s why Felix made them sign an NDA contract.

He didn\'t want them to share information about the series with the public before he tells them so.

Or else, he might end up shooting himself in the foot, gaining extra investors competitors instead of an actress.

A few moments later, the girls signed the contract and eyed him with sparkling eyes, waiting to be dazzled by the plot.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at this sight.

He realized that he raised their expectation bar a bit too high.

But he was confident that the plot would please them.

After all, it was a super hit series in his previous life.

I will only brief you on the plot summary, and the two main characters. He coughed to clear his dry throat and entered his story mode telling.

The plot didn\'t really have too much originality, as the story begins with a shy introvert university student, who is invisible to everyone.

He neither has friends nor a girlfriend.

The only thing he does all day long was study, play games, and gaze from afar at his 5 years long crush.

He pointed at Molly, That\'s you. He then carried on with the same pace, So far, the plot is average, nothing unique.

However, there is a twist. He smiled mysteriously, The male MC\'s alter ego that was shaped with every characteristic that the FMC wanted in a man, suddenly replaces the MC shy and introvert persona, when he fell in his apartment staircase and hit his head hard.

Felix chuckled and continued, He never expected that the alter ego he was building since the moment he fell in love with his crush to replace him.

But isn\'t that a good thing He will finally have a chance with his crush. Natalia asked while tilting her head in confusion.

Felix laughed even harder while shaking his head, No it\'s not, because their memories are split!! He doesn\'t know what his alter ego is doing and never will unless his alter ego shares it with him.

Molly gasped after seeing the crux of the plot, Doesn\'t that mean, he created his worst rival in love by himself!!

Bingo! But there is another twist. Felix grinned, The MC and his alter ego decided to split the day, as they got tired of their constant fight for control.

So it was decided that 12 hours of daylight will be for the MC, while his alter ego will have 12 hours a night.

In other words, each of them has absolutely no idea what they are doing, when they get replaced, creating a 12 hours void each day.

Felix rubbed his hands excitedly and carried on, This is where the plot thickens.

The alter ego began working as a bartender to earn money as well as enjoy himself with single ladies.

He didn\'t have the same feelings for the MC crush, as he was built in the MC\'s fantasies as a playboy.

After all, he was simply fantasizing, a harmless thing to do. He laughed, But who would have thought that this harmless thing would get him into deep **.

Don\'t tell me, he met with the female MC and slept with her on the basis of a one night stand! Stella exclaimed out loud.

Delighted by her guess, Felix clapped his hands while answering, Yes! The worst part! The FMC fell for him, not knowing that he was merely an alter ego to an introvert shy student in her university.

Haha, I can already see the poor thing getting harassed by his crush, not knowing as well that his alter ego was causing it. Molly covered her mouth as she laughed.

Indeed, but that didn\'t last for long as the MC finally decided to come clean and explain to her about his alter ego.


the girls couldn\'t help but laugh after imagining that weird scene.

Felix eyed at them and continued, That\'s not even the weirder part.

What\'s weird was that the female MC begged the male MC to help her get into a relationship with his alter ego.

And because the MC loves her so much, he couldn\'t refuse her request, thus creating a messy love triangle.

The girls couldn\'t help but get excited as they imagined how that drama would look like on the screens.

They knew that each episode would be filled with laughs, awkward moments, misunderstandings, and emotions.

Things every drama fan loved to see.

Felix grinned and said the plot ultimatum, The final twist is that the alter ego will try to assist the MC to get him in a relationship with his crush! Making the already messy triangle even messier.

Molly Immediately stood up and said excitedly, I am sold! Where do I sign

Felix smiled wryly at her enthusiasm and sat back in his seat.

Even though she was excited to sign, he couldn\'t provide her the contract now.

At least, not until he speaks with the production company and convinces them to replace their actress with Molly.

This process would take a while, as they would need to negotiate a new contract for him and one for Molly.

Those procedures consume too much of his time.

\'Maybe I should hire a manager who deals with those investment ideas of mine.

So, I can concentrate on my Bloodline path and Games.\' He pondered.

\'I will look through it later.\'

He quickly dropped the matter and focused on Molly and Stella, who were quarreling about who would make a better female lead.

I am better fit to lead in his series.

I acted in multiple drama movies before as well. Stella argued elegantly, not raising her voice or using gestures.

She simply said facts.

I am called Drama Queen. Molly was even worse, as she only kept repeating this sentence to deny all of Stella\'s attempts at poaching a good series from her.

They might be friends, but when it comes to their interests, they wouldn\'t hesitate to bite each other throats.

So what I earned Prestige Movie Award.

I am called Drama Queen.

I have no issue appearing nude in a scene if it\'s necessary unlike you.

I am called Drama Queen.

If Felix chose me, he wouldn\'t need to pay your termination fees.

I am called Drama Queen.

Argh!! stop saying that, we get it already! Stella yelled in irritation and sat back in her seat.

She felt like she was arguing with a brick wall.

I am called Drama Quee...

Oh, are you done already Molly, who was repeating the same sentence subconsciously woke up from her absent-mindedness after hearing her yell.

Stella, no need to argue any further, I am choosing only Molly. Felix quickly added after seeing her eyes get watery like she had been wronged, Don\'t worry; I have multiple movies I plan to invest in.

You would be my first choice as a female lead.

Thank you, darling. Stella\'s watery eyes immediately dried up like a magic trick.

A smile bloomed on her lips as she gazed at him.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at this sight.

He turned around to Molly, not wanting to deal with this vixen any more.


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