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Ahh! ahh! Both Molly and Stella yelped in surprise after getting interrupted abruptly by Felix\'s voice.

Felix didn\'t wait for them to bash him for his gutsy move, as he quickly explained what he meant, I am willing to pay your termination fees.

However, you must take the female lead role in an upcoming series I plan to invest in.

Vexed, Stella\'s eyelids kept twitching, as she looked at Felix\'s serious expression like his head was not between their chests.

Felix saw her staring at him, so he offered her his famous easy-going smile.

\'This bastard, at least show some reaction when being embraced by two beauties.\'

Stella didn\'t let him get comfortable too much as Molly seemed like she went absent-minded again after hearing his offer.

So she grabbed his head that was lying comfortably between their chests and pulled him out.

Tsk. Felix clicked his tongue and returned to his seat.

It truly felt good lying in his favorite stars\' embrace.

Only a few get such an opportunity, and he would be a fool to miss it.

After reseating himself, he ordered another glass while sizing up Stella with a playful gaze.

Her eyelashes quivered as she blinked nervously at the way he was looking at her.

It seems like you fixed that issue at the bathroom. He suddenly said.

Pfff!! don\'t bully her brother Felix.

We still have a long evening together. Natalia giggled at Stella\'s embarrassed look.

Stella only lowered her head without sounding a retort.

She knew that whatever she said would not uplift the current situation to her advantage.

Thus, she could only grit her teeth and continue listening to their teasing.

\'You little daredevil, I will show you hell inside the auction room.

Just you wait.\' Stella narrowed her eyes at Natalia\'s cheerfulness.

Natalia didn\'t have a single clue that her teasing had led her to an upcoming downfall.

She merely kept laughing with Felix, not knowing that she provoked a vixen.



Uhm Felix turned his head and focused on Molly who called for him.

She finally broke from her daze.

Your offer has intrigued my interest.

However, before I make a decision, I need to hear the details of the series you plan to invest in. She paused and eyed him strangely, Plus, the reason why do you need to go that far for me.

It\'s simple actually. Felix smiled gently, I am a fan of your works, and I want you to act only in the best series there are. He said confidently, This series that I plan to cast you in is one of them.

I will tell you about its details inside the room. He glanced at his bracelet and informed her, The auction is about to begin.

A bit bashful, Molly played with her hair after hearing his reason.

She didn\'t know if he was saying the truth or just lying to get in her good books.

But him paying the contract termination fees wouldn\'t change.

That\'s what moved her a bit.

His willingness to pay 60 million SC to get her out of that ** hole her company made her sign.

Even though, he said that she must act in his series as a condition.

In her eyes, that was merely a term to not make her feel indebted to him.

She believed that the series he chose would not perform as bad as the one she was currently cast in.

After all, he could have simply invested in her series and not waste millions to pay the fee if he wasn\'t confident that his series would perform better.

So, she already decided that she would accept his offer.

Her unwillingness to say so was simply to not appear too desperate.

Felix knew this as well.

That\'s why he was relaxed about this cooperation.

Not pushing or forcing her to sign as fast as possible.


Dear esteemed guests.

A sudden sweet voice resounded in the hall, stopping everyone\'s chatter, including Felix\'s.

Those who were sitting stood up and fixed their attire.

They knew what\'s about to be said already.

Please click the room number on your bracelet, so you can get teleported inside. She paused for a second and continued speaking in a gentle manner, If you want other guests to enter your room, simply send an invitation to their UVR ID.

Keep in mind there are only three seats in one room.

In addition, only five guests can be invited.

For further details about the auction rules, please ask the Queen AI.

Thank you and good luck on your bidding. She ended the transmission as sudden as she activated it.

The regular bidders didn\'t even wait for her to finish, as they teleported inside their rooms the moment she greeted them.

This left the crowded hall empty with only a few guests here and there still conversing or waiting.

Such as Aaron, who was still waiting for Lion to return from the bathroom.

Sigh, that bastard truly hid in there until everyone left. He rubbed his snow-white eyebrows in irritation while watching the bidders around him teleport one by one.

Soon, his eyes landed on Felix and the ladies, who were about to depart as well.

I wonder how he will react when he sees his love interest, getting mushy with that unknown player. He said, chuckling.

Speak of the devil.

He turned his head to the left and saw Lion standing still, staring at the girls, who just humiliated him in front of others, touch Felix\'s bracelet one by one.

Lion knew that Felix had just received their personal UVR ID.

He was chasing after Molly for over two months now, and he still didn\'t receive even a friendly smile, don\'t even mention her UVR ID.

Too bad, that wasn\'t even the deadliest blow to his self-esteem, but what followed next.

Felix and the girls all disappearing at the same time!

\'Impossible! Giving him their ID is one thing, but f*cking getting in his room is another!!\'

He couldn\'t comprehend how and why did they even decide to enter his room.

It didn\'t make sense at all.

He tried everything to get Molly\'s ID number, but he never succeeded.

But here he was seeing his love interest, who was always giving hard time, easily get inside another\'s man room after meeting for only a couple of minutes.

\'F.u.c.k.i.n.g sl*t, I believed that you treated every guy as **ty as me.

But it turns out it was only me!\'

His expression twisted from rage and humiliation.

He already foresaw Aaron, roasting him throughout the entire evening about this.

He took deep breaths through his nose, trying to regain his calm while approaching Aaron.

However, that wasn\'t easy, as the closer he got, the easier he was able to see Aaron\'s mocking expression.

At this point, Lion wanted nothing more but to ruin Aaron\'s pretty face.

Alas, this was the UVR.

\'F*cking UVR rules! I can neither beat people nor pick up girls without being labeled as harassment!\'

He huffed in anger and teleported immediately after reaching Aaron\'s side, not giving him a single chance to open his mouth.

Stupid, aren\'t we entering the same room Aaron laughed and sent an invitation to Lion.

>Sorry you have been blocked by this user for 24 hours.Whoosh

A cold breeze caressed his face as he stood silently all alone in the empty hall, not knowing what to do anymore.

After all, He only attended this auction to accompany Lion.


Inside a cozy well-lighted room that had three red armchairs stationed near each other, light particles started to gather, forming four human bodies.

A moment later, the process of teleportation finished.

Felix and the ladies stood silently while eyeing the three chairs, facing a large screen, that was showing the details of all the items that were going to be auctioned tonight.

Obviously, except the last remaining three items, which had three questing marks on them.


I am sitting in the middle one.

Indifferent, Felix went and sat on that chair, leaving the other two for the beauties to contest for.

He never had the idea of acting as a gentleman and giving them his seat while he remains standing.

He came here to bid for items not to please girls.

He only accepted their offer of staying with him was simply to ease the boredom of bidding alone.

However, if his comfort was going to be compromised, he wouldn\'t have accepted them at all.

Stella already knew this, as Felix told her exactly so to her face when she approached him.

So, she was not mad or disdainful about his manners.

She just smiled with a playful glint and said, Molly you sit on his right, me and Natalia are going to share one.

Molly did as told, as she really didn\'t want to sit on anyone\'s lap under Felix\'s eyes.

That\'s too embarrassing for her.

On the other hand, Natalia pouted in irritation and sat on Stella\'s lap.

She knew that by being the lightest of the three, she wouldn\'t be able to escape the fate of sitting on someone\'s lap during the auction.

Are you feeling conformable Or do you prefer sitting on Felix\'s thighs Stella whispered softly in Natalia\'s ears, tickling her earlobes.

She began her revenge plan immediately.

Annoyed, Natalia rubbed her ear without answering.

She was thoroughly ignoring her teasing.

Stella smiled and said nothing more, as the auction had begun.


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