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Is she planning to hang with that man and ditch us as punishment Natalia wondered while tilting her head slightly.

Molly coiled a strand in her finger again and answered with an uncertain tone, Probably not She won\'t take it that far.

A few minutes later, her eyes suddenly brightened up after seeing Stella returning to them with a smile.

See told you so. Molly said.

Still confused, Natalia nodded her head.

Beauties follow me. Stella took their hands and pulled them with her towards the bar.

What are you doing Stella Molly asked nervously.

Heh, I set us all a date with that handsome. She grinned at their dismayed expressions and said, We will sit all in one room during the auction house.

But the auction rooms only have 3 chairs! Natalia said.

Exactly! Stella eyed them playfully and added, One of you girls will have to either share a chair between you two or with him. She teased them, Maybe, I will even sit on his thigh and let you beauties sit on each chair.

What the hell Stella! that\'s too far! Molly complained while trying to break away from Stella\'s grip.

Sadly, she had to stop her attempts after reaching the man\'s side.

\'Sigh, whatever, being with a stranger might even keep that horny dog away from me.\' She sighed, accepting her fate.

She lifted her head to see who did Stella set them up with, and suddenly felt that it was not so bad after seeing Felix\'s easy-going smile.

Ladies, nice to meet you. Felix nodded his head politely and introduced himself, I am Felix, please have a seat.

Drinks are on their way.

Natalia and Molly introduced themselves politely as they seated next to him.

Honestly, they didn\'t even need to introduce themselves, as Felix already knew about their identity.

I am a big fan of both of your works. Felix complimented them sincerely, To actually drink with Miss Molly the current queen of dramas, and Miss Natalia lead singer of Tigers of Love Idol band, is truly a lucky day for me.

Hey! Not fair. Stella jumped in front of him and pointed at herself, What about me Don\'t you love watching my movies

Felix shook his head gently and said, Miss Stella, how can you say that I have repeatedly watched your movies. He approached her ear and whispered, Especially, Sinful Purity movie.

You\'re bad, how can you say that to my face. She laughed and pushed him away.

Felix didn\'t feel ashamed at all, bragging about watching repeatedly the only movie she had a nude scene in.

Molly and Natalia tilted their heads in confusion at their flirting.

\'What the hell, isn\'t this too quick They just met.\' Molly thought.

\'Did sister Stella brought us to watch them flirt with each other\' Natalia thought.

They shared eye contact for a quick second and nodded in understanding.

\'Game on! Let\'s see who will watch who!\'

Natalia abruptly hugged Felix\'s left arm and asked shyly with sparkling sapphire azure eyes, Brother Felix, which one of my songs do you love the most

A bit baffled, Felix gave a side glance at her weird behavior.

But still, he answered her after contemplating for a while.

It\'s quite hard to choose.

However, my favorites are >On your KneesImaginary Road


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