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Good stuff! Felix praised sincerely after seeing that all of the bottles, that Mr.

Goati brought, were Tier 5 epic ones.

He thought that he would find only one epic tier 5 bottle and the rest would be rare rank.

Thus, the sight of those bottles truly delighted him.

This time, he might be able to find some percentages of Jörmungandr inside and unlock the 3rd and 4th passives after he reaches 45% integration.

Give me straightaway their total price. He added, Don\'t forget my 30% discount.

Tsk, you don\'t have to yap about it constantly. Goati clicked his tongue in irritation and displayed a list that had a price for each of those bloodlines.

//Mango Rose Serpent: 280 million SC

Rotten Vine snake: 320 million SC

The Titanium Horror Serpent: 387 million SC

Mold fang Serpent: 410 million SC//

The total is 906 million SC.

Felix didn\'t wait for him to tell him the total as he already asked the queen to do the math, and it was correct.

He smiled with satisfaction and transferred the coins to Goati without delaying.


Immediately after seeing that the transfer was completed, Goati touched Felix\'s bracelet as well and sent him the referral letter to attend the upcoming large-scale private auction.

Satisfied about the entire business venture, Felix left the shop after reminding Goati one last time to take care of the heavy taxes between the empire and the kingdom.

Even though the Alexander kingdom was within the empire territory, they were still separate from each other.

Just like the hundreds of other kingdoms inside the empire.

Each of them had their own regime and ruling, and the empire couldn\'t interfere with those pests that were living inside its territory.

The empire\'s golden age had already waned to this degree, making it the perfect place for bloodliners with ambitions of kingship to found their kingdoms.

This was the reason Felix asked for a partnership with Looby inside the kingdom and not Goati here.

After all, just the taxes and shipping fees would make reselling the bloodline a worthless endeavor.

He couldn\'t just ask for Goati to handle the custom taxes of delivery both ways.

At the end of the day, Mr.

Goati was not a fool.

He would easily realize that Felix was playing him after he works his ass off to secure him a bloodline, just for it to be returned later on.

The worse part, he had to pay for both the delivery fees! Felix didn\'t want to jeopardize this thin relationship even more so.

So, it was better to just sell to Looby his useless bloodlines.


Can we play cards now I am bored. Asna asked out loud while throwing cards like daggers at targets made of mist, resembling Felix exactly.

Whoosh! Slice!

Asna clapped her hands in delight after seeing a card cut Felix in half from his nether region.

Simultaneously, Felix felt a sudden chill in that area while seating on the back of a cab.

\'Asna are you throwing cards at me again!\' He asked furiously after knowing the only reason why he felt that way.

Answer me first, and I tell you. Asna giggled while continuing throwing cards with concentration.

Fine, we play tonight.


Annoyed, Felix rubbed his eyebrows over having this burden, who just want to play and have fun.


Three days later, Fatty worm came by and delivered the 4 bloodlines that Felix bought.

However, just as he planned to leave, Felix stopped him and gave him 100,000 SC to wait 30 minutes.

Fatty shrugged his shoulders and accepted the free money as usual.

This happened quite a few times before, and he was already used to it.

Thus, he made himself comfortable on the couch and watched an episode of his favorite series, waiting for Felix to finish whatever he was doing in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Felix sat on the floor with his upper body n.a.k.e.d.

He quickly took a large needle and injected the first bloodline of the arrived batch into his heart.

Asna, as always forcefully read the memories of the bloodline and found that the Jörmungandr essence was not within.

She informed Felix about this tragic news, but he didn\'t brood over it too much.

He was already numb to the feeling of disappointment.

So, he just continued injecting the other bloodlines.

The 2nd one turned to have only 6%, which was not the best, considering that the bottle was an epic tier 5 bloodline.

But it was at least a good start.

Felix\'s expression brightened up a bit and carried on with injecting others.

Immediately after injecting the 3rd, Asna cried jackpot out loud and informed him that she found 13% all at once inside the Mold Fang serpent bloodline!

Felix clutched his fist in excitement over finally securing the 45% integration.

It\'s been quite a while now since he merged with any percentage.

For someone like Felix who had no cooldown at all to not be able to integrate at least from 3 days to 3 days was truly a waste of his 100% affinity.

His cousins were probably already at 45% and climbing towards the greater purity.

But he was still stuck in lesser purity.

Good thing there was finally some improvement.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have the face to be their captain while being in lesser purity.

Felix calmed himself down and continued to filter bloodlines.

He began using a new method of filtration that allowed Asna to split the bloodlines into two bottles.

One he filled it with the Jörmungandr bloodline from all injections, and other, he just leaves it as it is, filled with the filtered bloodline.

This way he could get this process over with all at once.

Then, gives those filtered bloodlines to Fatty worm to deliver them to Looby, or as before selling them to a random shop.

Shortly after, he sighed dejectedly after hearing that the 4th bloodline was a bust as well.

But getting 19% from buying only 4 bottles was good enough for him.

900 Million SC was traded for 19%, a quite large increase considering he spent before 850 million or so without getting a single percentage.


Fatty, please take those 12 bottles to this Address. Felix emailed Looby\'s address and lined up 12 bottles on the floor.

Are you going to pay for shipments or the receiver Fatty asked while swallowing all of those bottles inside his throat.

He will pay for it.

Don\'t include it in our free delivery agreement.

Heh, you only have 8 more free deliveries. Fatty worm snickered, 8 more, and I will finally stop seeing your ugly face.

At least, I am not as fat as you. He shooed him away, Now scram, I need things to do.

Fatty cursed him one last time and created a small wormhole in the middle of the room.

He then jumped inside and closed it instantly.

After sending him off, Felix called Looby and informed him of the upcoming extra 4 bloodlines.

Looby didn\'t take it well, as he almost fainted after hearing Felix asking him to pay upfront 860 million SC.

Felix didn\'t care about his sobbing and gave him an ultimatum of paying him in 6 days deadline.

He needed that money for the upcoming auction.

He didn\'t want to lose an opportunity to buy materials needed for Elemental Potion due to his lack of coins.

This opportunity wasn\'t going to come again in the near future.

After saying his piece he hanged up on Looby, who didn\'t stop begging to increase the deadline by a day or two.

Looby truly began to regret this cooperation.

If he knew that Felix had such good networks to obtain bloodlines, he wouldn\'t have accepted the term of paying upfront no matter what.

Too bad, he didn\'t know that Felix was simply buying from other shops and selling him at loss.

After all, who would do such retarded thing

Felix immediately turned around and entered his bedroom, preparing to start integration as fast as possible.

He must finish this 19% that he obtained in a minimum period of 9 days.

He planned to split it into three phases, each having 6%, except the last one would have 7%.

There was no need to torture himself daily and rush the process by harming his mind.

He didn\'t get a 100% affinity to keep bothering about when and how much percentage he needed to merge with.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #örmungandr-essence._47639174962008983 for visiting.

So, the most balanced period was 6% every three days.

He could take the pain without crying out loud and also have enough time to rest between.

This decision as expected did not please Asna one bit.

As she kept whining that he was a coward, and wouldn\'t enhance his affinity anymore if he kept acting like this.

Felix just ignored this sadistic queen that just wanted to see him get tortured and continued to integrate at his own pace.

Soon, he walked out of the bedroom smelly as usual, heading towards the bathroom for a shower.

The integration was successful and now he had 38%, slowly closing towards 45%.

\'What kind of passives will I unlock this time\' He wondered eagerly in the shower, \'Hopefully, ones related to poison and not physical.\'

He knew that his active abilities might look good, but they were still full of weakness.

The only way to counter them was by having supporting passives that negated those weaknesses.

Although physical passives were quite strong by themselves, such as his super strength.

But his fighting style still relied on elements.

He couldn\'t change that as he pleased.

Otherwise, all of his experiences that he built in his previous life would be worthless.

So he could only pray that his luck shines some light on him during unlocking.


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