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Chapter 1097 The Gods Raid! V

Felix already knew that this was bound to happen, making him watch his teammates giving up one by one to save themselves from getting squashed.

Even Elder Forrester gave up, knowing that he was completely hopeless against the blinding light.

So, instead of cursing anyone, Felix extended his arms wide and yelled in his mind, \'Enhanced Electromagnetic field!!\'


The electromagnetic field around him expanded rapidly while being filled with extremely thick purplish lightning arcs!

When the golden palms attempted to pierce through the field and reach him and Knight Guard N8, they get deflected away!

While it looked like the defensive formation was restored solely by Felix, everyone could see that this was barely a temporary countermeasure.

Landlord is forced to feed his field every time a clash occurred! Ulfang shouted as he showed Felix\'s twisted face as he kept the field intact through the bombardment.

Before the viewers\' hopes could start crashing down, Knight Guard N8 finally opened his wasp-like eyes and snapped his finger.

Simultaneously, the guerilla\'s skull started cracking from within for a few moments before it exploded into blood, brain matter, and giant skull\'s fragments!

Instantly, the arms stopped assaulting Felix\'s field as two of the virtual god\'s heads opened their mouths and released the most ear-piercing agonizing scream ever heard!


It was followed by the virtual god\'s golden skin fading away, exposing a dark skin underneath that looked just as fleshy as anyone else...


They did it...THEY DID IT!!! Elnora screamed in excitement as she jumped out of her chair, sharing the joy and thrill of the rest of the spectators!

Everyone cheered with reddened cheeks as they watched the virtual god\'s flailing his arms in agony after losing one of his heads!

He might act like a robot, but he was still designed to feel pain like everyone else.

While most were delighted by this achievement, Mipopo, Marquise Sebastian, and Garr all shared one emotion...Distress and worry!

Should we make our move now Mipopo asked with an anxious tone, not liking how things were developing.

Not yet... Daydreamer calmed him down, They still have three heads to take down while there are just two of them...We don\'t need to do anything.

His belief was shared by the primogenitors who weren\'t moved at all by the guerilla\'s head explosion.


Felix also neither celebrated nor had a single notion of giving up after losing majority of his team.

He took advantage of the virtual god\'s lack of concentration to swing Knight Guard N8 with his pole towards the three eyed head that was responsible over mental attacks.

\'Buy me time!!\'

Felix shouted as he traveled towards the goat-like head, which was using the light element all along.

In midair, Felix was getting bigger and bigger until he was at least a hundred meters high, making him possess the same size of the goat\'s head!


Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix enlarged the crystallized pole to match his size and used it as a weapon to smash the left cheek of the goat\'s head!

This seemed to have finally awakened the virtual god as he stopped flailing his arms and used a couple to block his goat\'s head and the rest to rain down on Felix with attacks.

At the same time, he was using his light element to grow back the exploded guerilla\'s head and heal his other wounds.

Oh no! The virtual god is prioritizing the recovery of his body! Ulfang commentated with a concerned tone.

When Felix saw this, he didn\'t react as nervously as others since he had anticipated as much and had already planned against it in his strategy!

In a swift manner, Felix swapped the white adamantine into orange Olivsling, coating his entire pole with it.

Then, he discharged orange electricity through it all, enhancing the hallucinating effect of the Olivsling gemstone!

With light shinning everywhere, it was reflected on the orange crystallized pole and caused the goat\'s head to be affected by it negatively!

It might not be powerful enough to put the goat\'s head into hallucination, but it did a wonderful job of messing with his elemental manipulation since it relied heavily on concentration!

Baaam! Baam! Baam! >

To make matters worse, Felix kept using it to smash him in the head with each opportunity he got.

After all, he was still prioritizing evading the giant palms.

They might have lost their golden skin, but just the barbarian force they carried was enough to deform Felix.

\'I can\'t hold him much longer...\' Knight Guard N8 warned Felix abruptly.

While Felix was attempting to destroy the goat\'s head, Knight Guard N8 was doing his very best to keep the three eyed head in check!

He was using all he got to match up the mental prowess of the three eyed head, knowing that if he relaxed his pressure just a little, he would switch his target to Felix!

Knowing that the Hive race never fooled around made Felix understand that Knight Guard N8 was really at his limit.

\'F*ck! I need to go harder!\'

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix put almost his entire focus on the goat\'s head, leaving dodging the palms to purely his instincts!


He kept whipping the guarded arms with explosive bursts of electricity, causing them to turn numb!

Before long, the arms were completely paralyzed, forcing them to fall down and expose the goat\'s head in the open.


Unfortunately, the moment that happened, Felix ended up getting smashed directly by one of the palms, making him spew out a fountain of blood from his mouth.

It wouldn\'t be an overstretch to assume that some of his organs had raptured! Yet, Felix toughened through the agony and used an electromagnetic arc to pull himself back near to the goat\'s head as swiftly as possible!


The goat\'s head suffered through the worst beating since his creation as the crystallized pole kept bursting his face wide open, making him resemble a survivor of twenty-four hours MMA fight!

This sense of doom made the virtual god resort to his escape ability, wanting to blink away.

Unfortunately, his mind was constantly under the hallucinating effect from the reflected light!

This made it almost impossible for him to focus on attacking Felix, defending his head, healing his wounds, and now even escape!

Break, break, F*CKING BREAK FOR ME!!!

With one hoarse scream, the goat\'s skull finally ended up cracking under Felix\'s neverending onslaughter!

One crack was followed by another, and then another.

With one last powerful strike, the bloody crystallized pole had finally burst through the goat\'s head, spreading giant chunks of brain matter and flesh in direction of Knight Guard N8 and the three eyed head!

\'Good work, Sir Landlord, good work...Unfortunately, my time has come.\' Knight Guard N8 remarked expressionlessly as he watched the blood and flesh being pushed away by his telekinesis barrier.

\'We are so close!\' Felix yelled back, not pleased one bit by Night Guard N8\'s statement.

\'I apologize, but I am at my limit...\' Knight Guard N8 shook his head and voiced his surrender to Queen Ai, finally giving up on the mental battle between him and the three eyed head.

\'I have weakened the mental prowess temporarily of the three eyed head.\' Knight Guard N8 left one last remark, \'If you want to win this, slay him as fast as possible...Good luck.\'


Following the disappearance of the Knight Guard N8, the last remaining heads of the virtual god screamed in agony yet again after the death of another personality of theirs!

\'Thank you for everything and leave it to me.\' Felix narrowed his eyes coldly as he watched the virtual god\'s scream at the top of his lungs.

Whether it was the primogenitors, Felix\'s enemies, his friends, and even regular viewers, every one of them believed that this was the ending.

It was an intense and quite an insane battle with great achievements for everyone involved, but this should be the ending.

One player left, and the virtual god still had two heads...This should be the ending, right

Felix suddenly released the electromagnetic arcs, making him free fall into the ground.

Before the viewers could assume that Felix was giving up, he mumured softy, Size Manipulation...X10000.

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