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\'Should I keep it black\' Felix had his hand under his chin while looking at the holographic black hoodie.

Before, he didn\'t bother with it since he thought that it was only a temporary solution until Asna gives him her blessing.

Sadly, he was brutally refused.

So now, he could only work on the hoodie to make it look better.

He would rather keep acting mysterious than show a random face to those shallow fans.

After all, he earned 150 million SC just from the 3% streaming revenue he got after winning the game.

As for eliminations He only got a bonus of 5 million SC over each direct kill.

Since he took out 6 players, he obtained 30 million SC.

This revenue was only for a bronze game! Where tickets were as cheap as dirt and the live stream was free for all.

In gold games and above, ticket prices were expensive and the live stream was based on a paid monthly subscription to the SG website.

Imagine the massive amount he would be able to earn from the 3% revenue of winning a gold game.

Plus, having a huge fanbase supporting him and coming to watch all of his games.

Felix wasn\'t rushing to reach gold rank for no reason.

He knew that the difference between bronze rank and gold rank couldn\'t be measured in the slightest.

\'Sigh, If only I was allowed to bet on myself, I would have earned a fortune already from abusing those newbies.\' He shook his head at the sudden thought that just crossed his mind.

Damn, I can\'t even give Olivia or grandfather my coins to bet on me. he rubbed his hair in vexation over missing such a free windfall.

But he could only suck it up and focus on other methods to earn coins.

Ultimately, he couldn\'t just tell his grandfather and Olivia that he was Landlord and they must bet on him with hundreds of millions.

They were not foolish enough to not realize that Felix was hiding a deep secret.

After all, how could someone who just reached lesser purity have 2 active abilities Not to mention earning that huge amount of coins in such a short amount of time.

His bull** excuse of winning them in bets or lotteries wouldn\'t work again.

So, the best option was just to keep Landlord\'s identity hidden and forget about betting on himself.

Tsk, f*cking bet abuser ruining everything for me.

He clicked his tongue in criticism at the player, who caused betting on oneself to be against the rules.

The bastard found a loophole in the betting system and took advantage of it, causing the betting den to lose at least 8 billion SC at once!

Based on what Felix read in his TV doc.u.mentary, that bastard was always hovering in peak-tier gold rank.

Sometimes he reached it and most of the time he dropped back to low-tier gold.

Then start all over until he reached it again.

However, one day he lost 5 games in a row while being at low-tier.

Any player who lost that amount gets dropped down to a lower rank immediately.

In his case, he was put back in silver again.

Instead of being furious about it as the majority of the players, he saw an opportunity.

An opportunity that might change his life forever.

His plan was simple.

Loss as much as possible while staying alive until he gets dropped to low-tier silver, then heavily bet on himself to win the game.

Additionally, he made all of his close friends and family members bet on him.

As expected, he won the game he was placed in, managing to clutch the championship by some difficulty.

Yet, the news of his strategy and total amount he earned didn\'t take even a day before getting leaked by a close friend of his.

The moment the news was out, every player rushed to imitate his strategy before it got patched.

Sadly, the Queen didn\'t give them even a day before patching it up by removing betting on oneself.

In addition, to making all the players, who dropped in lower ranks to be put together in the same games.

At that point, good luck betting on yourself against players with the same or an above strength than yours.

The Queen\'s decisions and solutions were always efficient and straight to the point.

Speaking of ranks. Felix swiped the holographic hoodie to the side and pressed on his Profile interface, planning to read the new changes to his stats.


Rank: Mid-tier bronze rank (Play 3 more placement games to get your final rank)

Games Played: 001

Wins: 001

Loss: 000

Win streak: 001

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 006//

As expected, for each placement he won, he gets placed two tiers higher, unlike getting only one tier higher after winning one normal game.

This was the reason he must win those placement games, as it would take him a lot of effort to climb the 4 tiers of each rank; low, mid, high, and peak to finally reach gold.

Not to mention that Felix could also lose games and drop down in tiers.

He was not arrogant to think that he could win all of his games just because of his unique bloodline.

After all, there were some types of games that were extremely disadvantageous to his abilities or required a set of skills he didn\'t possess.

The Supremacy games were not operating on who had the strongest fist.

But who could adapt in every unique situation and emerge as the champion!

Satisfied and content, Felix closed his profile interface and decided to go take a quick nap.

In his previous life, he always took one after each game, whether he won or lost.

It became a habit hard to remove.

But, it was a healthy habit, as after each game a quick break was needed to switch gears.

Without further ado, he went straight to his bedroom, totally forgetting about changing the color of his hoodie.

Honestly, based on Felix\'s character, he would end up eventually leaving it with its default black color.

At least, the black color goes well with his sweat pants and sneakers he planned on wearing during the games.


Four hours later...

Let\'s see, if I left a mark online or not.

With a coffee mug in one hand, Felix typed his name in the search engine and pressed >enterHow to enter Landlord of Inducements fan club Responsible over Doc.u.mentation<

Felix gave a warm smile at the young image of his bio writer.

He was still in his teens!

Well, he didn\'t know if that was his real face or not.

But in the UVR, there was an unofficial rule that everyone followed.

One should always treat people based on the image they picked.

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix wouldn\'t have been treated as a youngster by the majority of shops he visited.

Might as well cheer him up a little. He sent two blue thumbs-up using his Landlord profile.

Then, he left the website and closed all the holographic screens.

However, just as he planned to log out, the queen informed him monotonously, Sir, you have received 13 new emails to your Landlord ID.

Do you want me to read them She asked.

Surprised, Felix raised his eyebrows at those emails that were directed to his Landlord profile and not his UVR ID.

Please do so. He requested and sat back on the couch.


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