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Chapter 70 ☆ Royg, Arrives!

“Is-is this really Etigoburg!”

Royg said angrily to Cobis’s messenger, who was accompanying him.

“No-no doubt about it, sir…”

“But how can a castle just vanish so completely! Are you trying to make me look like a fool as well!”

Royg dismounted from his horse and was about to grab the servant by the collar.

However, Solm, a veteran within the Knights Order, moved between them.

“Captain, please calm down! Judging by the scraps of wood and exposed soil, it is clear that there was a building here until very recently.

Surely this can only mean that the surrounding demihumans have torn it down.

Or it was the orcs we fought a few days ago…”

On the way here, Royg had battled a small unit from the Demon King’s Army.

They had also encountered fleeing humans, who said that some of the southern cities had fallen.

“Im-impossible… The southern cities fell only two weeks ago.

You aren’t suggesting that they tore the castle down in so little time”

“No… That’s why it’s more likely to be the demihumans.

And it’s also likely that Joshua was with them… I doubt tearing down a castle in a few weeks would be too difficult for him.”

“Jo-Joshua…is with the demihumans”


Perhaps the Grank mercenaries united all the demihumans, and Joshua joined them.”

“Joshua… Joining demihumans…”

Royg looked very pale at this.

It was Joshua’s protests against Vilian, and his demands to release the demihumans that had first made Royg believe that Joshua was plotting against him.

Just then, the servant opened his mouth with an uneasy look.

“Thi-this Joshua…it is he who slew your Sir Gaius… It was during the attack on the demihuman settlement, that Joshua defeated him.”

“What! Why didn’t you tell me this earlier!”

Royg shouted angrily as the man lowered his shead.

“I-I’m terribly sorry! But Sir Vilian said that I must not tell you!”

“Arghhhhhh!! Everyone is conspiring against me!!”

This time, Royg tried to punch the servant, but Solm stopped him.


What are you!”

“…Servant of Cobis.

Are you saying that Joshua has definitely sided with the demihumans then”


Sir Vilian’s cousin, Barnish, also headed to the same settlement.

And the demihuman army of ten thousand that attacked Etigoburg, claimed to have killed Barnish as well.”

“I see.

So there is no doubt now… Still, Gaius…”

Solm knew just how powerful Gaius was.

He would not have gone down easily in a battle.

And so he had to assume that the demihumans had a very formidable fighting force.

They had come to Etigoburg to camp for the night, but now, they would not even be able to restock on supplies.

He now believed that a battle against the demihumans was a bad idea.

However, Royg did not think of such things as he allowed his anger to take over.

“Joshua…killed Gaius! That bastard killed my subordinate…my friend!!”

“Captain! If we are assigning blame, then you are responsible.

For you are the one who sent him out to commit these crimes! Gaius would not have died otherwise!”

“Wh-what! You-you are blaming me!”

“Going back further, we would not have lost Joshua either! I think you should forget any attempt of bringing him back, and focus your energy on making peace immediately! Or else, a host of demihumans may fall on Chevalburg!”

“So-Solm! You dare give me orders! I’ve had enough! I will kill you right here and now!”

Royg unsheathed his sword, and Solm’s attendants prepared to defend him.

“What! Ba-bastards! Hey! Kill this man!”

Royg said to the newly recruited knights, who had been promoted.

However, they all looked confused and as if they had no idea what to do.

Just then, one of the scouting units returned from the south in a rush.

“Ca-Captain! To the south! There is an army waiting.

They appear to be demihumans!”

“What! How many!”

Royg demanded, and the scout answered nervously.

“From what I could see, a thousand.

However, it also seemed like there was an army of similar size waiting in the forest as well!”

Upon hearing this report, Royg raised his voice in delight.

“A mere thousand! Very well.

I shall avenge Gaius and Cobis myself!”

“Please wait, captain! According to the messenger, the demihumans have an army of ten thousand! There could be an ambush and reinforcements! We only have two thousand men! We will not stand a chance!”

“They are only demihumans.

There is no difference between ten and a hundred! Now, mount your horses! We will go immediately!”

“Captain! Please wait! …Tsk.”

Royg did not listen to Solm or the other veterans of his army.

Perhaps he would be able to hunt a thousand slaves.

That was the only thing on his mind.

And so with his one thousand new knights, he headed to the south.

As for Solm and the veterans, they were going to leave this place.

The one thousand that had stayed were waiting for Solm’s order, not Royg’s.

“…This is not a problem that will end with the captain.

The now powerful demihumans will hate us.

And if they decide to aid the Demon King Army, it could lead to a great threat against all human-kind… Though, perhaps if Joshua is there, we can come to an understanding.

But for now, will you all follow me”

Solm said, and the remaining men all nodded.

They had seen Solm fight on the frontlines, and so they would follow him.

Like this, Royg and the Schwarz Knights headed to the south.

And what they found there, was an army of demihumans, just like the scout had said.

Upon seeing them, Royg shouted.

“Ho-how is this possible! Why are the demihumans so well equipped!”

It wasn’t just Royg.

Solm was also astonished.

“I-I didn’t expect them to be so…”

The demihumans all had impressive armor and weapons.

Not only that, but there were fully armored giants on the frontlines.

Solm turned to Royg.

“Captain… We are not fully prepared to fight a battle now.

I think it best for you to retreat for now.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! As if the Schwarz Knights could be defeated by such scum!”

“They will be defeated.

Look at how calm they are on the other side… If anything, they seem blood-thirsty.

That is because they have done everything they could in preparation for battle.

If you go against them, we will be defeated.”


“Captain, this is a warning.

Please listen to what… Hmm.

Is that…”

Solm noticed a party of riders moving out from the demihuman army.

There were two women, one giant, and one wolf.

And they were led by someone most familiar to Solm… It was Joshua.

Royg’s eyes widened.

“Is that…Joshua!”

“I knew it… Captain.

You must speak to him.

Convince him that this was a misunderstanding, and that there is no need to fight.”

But Royg just shook his head.

“I cannot go! You go and speak to him!”

“But…Joshua is right in front of you.

And yet you won’t speak to him!”

“If he wants to return to me so much, then he may! But tell him that if he does not, I will use my army to drag him back by force!”

“…Nevermind! I’ve had enough of you!! Yes, I will speak to him myself!”

Solm looked at Royg with exasperation, and then headed towards Joshua.


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