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Chapter 66 – I Crafted A Powerful Weapon!

It was midday.

Three days since we helped the dwarves.

I had called Asuha to the village.

“…Hello, Sir Joshua.”

Asuha the Tengu muttered.

“Ah, Asuha.

Sorry to call you over so suddenly.”

I answered, and then Asuha shook her head quickly.

“You have done so much for us, Sir Joshua… And so I would like to be of use to you as well.

What is it that you need…”

“Aye, about that… I believe I requested that the swiftest of the Tengu tribe be sent.

Does that mean you are the fastest”


I am the fastest within the tribe.”

While it was a quiet voice, Asuha was bold and did not hesitate.

If she was the chief, then it would be no surprise if she had a talent that set her above the others.

And I had seen Asuha fly before.

She was indeed very fast.

“I see.

Then there is something I want to ask you to do… But it is very dangerous.”

“Ask me anything.”

Asuha replied immediately.

“Are you sure …Well, I will explain to you why it is dangerous.

So please listen.”

I said, and then I took out the red magic stone from the Magic Workshop.

“That…is from the dragon we defeated.”

As Asuha said, it was dropped by the undead dragon that had been attacking the Tengu village.

Red magic stones increased the power of fire magic.


If the Demon King Army or a great human army ever attacked… This stone should be of great help.”

While holding the magic stone, I unleashed Fire into the sky, where it wouldn’t hit anyone.

The blazing flames continued to stretch out high into the sky, without losing its force.

To be honest, even I was surprised.

Fire was low-ranking magic, and yet it had unleashed flames of this power.

Not only that, but if I wanted, I could increase the size even more.

The magic stone was a beautiful red, and very large.

Once I stopped the fire magic, Iria and Mette approached with surprised expressions.

Iria sounded worried as she said,

“Sir Joshua! Wh-what was that just now…”

“Aye, I was surprised as well.

It was because of this red magic stone.”

“It-it is astonishing… I thought another dragon had appeared.”

Mette looked at the stone with wide eyes.

On the other hand, Asuha and Melk were clapping their hands.

As for Ecleshia…she was far away, but shaking uncontrollably and looking at us.

Ents hated fire, and so I might have scared her a little.

I bowed at Ecleshia and then continued.

“In any case, with this, we can unleash powerful fire magic.

And so I will use it to make a staff.

Asuha, I want you to use the staff to unleash fire from the sky.”

“I understand.

Please leave it to me.”

“Thank you.

However, while you already know about the Demon King Army, human warriors also have ways of dealing with attacks from the sky.

So they will target you with arrows and magic.

And so you must fly as high up as possible.”

“High up… Yes, I will go as high as I can.”


And now, I will make some armor for you.”

I then used wind magic to take Asuha’s measurements, and then made plate mail out of purple iron.

I tried to make it very thin, but still durable enough to protect against various attacks.

“I promise to be of use to you.”

Asuha said with a bow.

Of course, this wasn’t everything.

I would use coal, just like during the fight against Barnish.

I would have the Tengus scatter it out from the air, which would strengthen the effect of the magic.

Mette muttered with amusement.

“Ahh, but now, this place is practically impregnable.

As long as we stay behind the walls, we will have nothing to fear! It is like giving a club to an ogre!”

Mette alone burst into laughter.

But I was a little worried.

If the Knights Order or Demon King Army attacked with over a thousand troops, they would be able to stop fire attacks.

Whether it is water magic or magic armor.

They would have ways of dealing with it.

Barnish had lowered his guard, and we were able to surround him.

But I doubted that it would ever happen like that again.

Against a cautious and great army, we would have to be prepared for a drawn out battle.

But if the battle was drawn out, then we would take heavy losses.

Arrows and magic could fly over the walls, and they might even have siege machines that could break through the walls.

If that happened, the elderly and children who couldn’t fight would be in danger.

And so I wanted to avoid having to battle so close to the village.

It would be best to fight in a great field near the main roads.

Of course, that had its dangers as well… I needed some kind of powerful trump card.

And that trump card would be a weapon made of the purple iron.

As the dwarves had mined enough purple iron to make a small mountain, I would be able to craft all kinds of things.

And there was one thing that I especially wanted to make…

My eyes turned to the Mopes, who ran around gracefully.

…With their speed and size, it should work.

“Baaahhh! Hmm”

Celes must have felt my eyes on her, as she stopped for a moment, but then quickly returned to her running.


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