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Chapter 65 – I Decided To Do My Best!

Aside from crafting weapons and armor with the purple iron, I also paved the channel connecting the hotspring and waterline with stone.

As I was doing this, a voice rang from behind me.

“Um, Sir Joshua.”

When I turned around, I saw that Iria was looking at me with a concerned expression.

“What is it, Iria”

“No, um… I just thought…that you are always working and…”

“What We-well, now that you mention it…”

Ever since I started working at the Knights Order, I had never taken a day off.

And though I had much more time to rest after I started living with Iria and the others, I had still never taken a whole day off.

Iria looked very apologetic.

“There are so many things that we just rely on you to do, Sir Joshua… I feel terribly sorry.”

“Iria, don’t worry about that.

I get plenty of rest, and it honestly makes me happy to be relied upon.”

There was one thing that made me happy at the Knights Order.

When someone appreciated my work of crafting and mending things.

Furthermore, there were quite a lot of people who would make requests.

Though, over the years, such people became fewer… They had all quit.

“But, yes… Once the hot spring is ready, I wouldn’t mind relaxing there for a whole day.

I could eat meat and fruits and just rest.”

It would be difficult to do that now.

But if the day would come that this village was peaceful enough for that, I would be very happy.

Iria answered.

“…A whole day at the hot spring What a wonderful idea!”

She seemed rather happy.

In the first place, it had been Iria and the others who first wanted to go to the hot spring.

Of course, Asuha the Tengu had fallen out of the sky, and there was no time to bathe.


The hot spring itself should be ready soon.

The waterway is nearly finished, and so we’ll let the hot water flow for a day and see how it goes.

As for the actual place where you can bathe, I have left that to Mette and the Golems.

But it shouldn’t take long now.”

“I am looking forward to it! Now we just need to be able to prepare some delicious food.”

Iria said this much, and then had a troubled look.

In fact, currently, there was no one within the alliance who was good at cooking.

This was no wonder, as they did not have the right tools.

Still, most dishes were meat that was simply roasted.

Perhaps they did not even have any concept of using herbs and spices.

“If it is only simple fried and stewed dishes, I can teach you all.”

“In that case…if you please…could you teach me first”

“Very well.

I will teach you tonight.”

“Thank you! Ah… I’ve done it again…”

Iria answered with a smile but her expression quickly darkened.



I tried to rely on you again, Sir Joshua…”

“Oh, it’s just that.

You really don’t have to be concerned about that.

Besides, if everyone can cook something delicious, I will be able to eat it, right”

“Sir Joshua… Yes, I promise that I’ll make you something delicious!”

Iria said with a resolute nod.

She really cared about other people.

Having caring people like this around me made me very glad that I quit the Knights Order.

“Aye, I’ll look forward to it.

Ah, and now the channel connecting to the hot spring is finished.”

Now all the urgent work was done.

I just had to break the dam, and connect it to the water system and bathing facility.

Well, even after this, I still had to continue to prepare for the Knights Order or Demon King Army.

It was obvious that now that Vilian had not returned, the slave hunters and Royg would be furious.

Not only that, but the fleeing soldiers had seen my face.

If Royg realized that it was I, who had quit the Knights Order, who was their main obstacle, then he might send even more soldiers.

In that case, how should we deal with them How could we drive them back without sacrificing the lives of the alliance…

There was only so much you could do with trickery and traps.

The next commander may not be as big a fool as Vilian was.

Perhaps the combat magicians who had been out on expeditions would have returned by now.

In that case, the way we made use of the purple iron might make all the difference between victory and defeat.

…We could craft all kinds of things with the durable purple iron.

Perhaps I should make a certain weapon.

After that, I connected the hot spring and waterway, and taught Iria how to cook.


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