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Chapter 6 – We Went Hunting!

“All right, you’re able to hit the target quite consistently now.”

I said as I watched Mette’s unleashed bolts pierce into the target branch.

There were Kijin children gathered around us, and they were full of awed shouts of ‘amazing!’


Still, this really is an incredible weapon.”

Mette had shot at the branch that was 50 beters away a total of ten times, and hit it five times.

Not only that, but after the first five, she did not miss a single shot.

That was almost too skillful for a beginner.

I suppose it had to do with Mette’s inherent skill.

Of course, it was also true that the crossbow was a good weapon.

Unlike a bow, you just needed to take aim and pull the trigger.

It was said that Kijins were not good with learning, but they should have no problem with handling a crossbow.

Mette snorted with a smug expression.

“Well, in my hands, every weapon can be used expertly.

After all, I have the Ogre God crest.”

“Oh I’ve never heard of that one.”

I knew that demihumans had crests, but perhaps they were more different from the crests of humans than I thought.

“Ogre God gives you the power of a thousand! Well…an amazing power, anyway… So it’s an amazing crest!”

Mette said proudly as she put her hands on her hips.

I don’t think she really understood what her crest did…

Well, it was clear that it helped her in combat.

“That’s good to know.

Now, why don’t you use that and go hunting Is there any easy prey nearby”

“Nearby… You would have to go quite far out to hunt boars and deers.

There are Hell Alligators near the river, but they are…”

Hell Alligators were monster alligators.

While they were only about the size of a human, they were very quick and had tough skin.

They were known to be very dangerous, as they would often kill fishermen and hunters.

Mette shook her head.

“It is too dangerous.

One of the youngsters here tried to hunt one last year, and was killed.

Besides, they usually gather in packs.”

“I see.

Then what else is out there”

“Armor Boars… They run around the field on the other side of the lake.”

“That’s even worse.

An iron arrowhead will not pierce through the scales of an Armor Boar… we’ll have to take on the Hell Alligators then.”


We should be able to do it with this weapon!”

Said Mette loudly, even though her expression showed that she was worried.

Then she turned to the children.

“Wait here.

I’m going to bring back a lot of meat! With this cross…bow thing!”

Mette thrust the crossbow into the air, and the children shouted in awe.

Well, the name didn’t matter… And for the children’s sake as well, I wanted Mette to be able to hunt safely.

And so we headed towards the river.

However, Mette was looking around restlessly and seemed nervous.


Perhaps I should do it first, and you can watch”

“N-no! I am fine! I will do it!”

“Shh! What if they hear you”


Mette shouted as she bowed to me.

She was not very composed…

Well, even I could kill a Hell Alligator without any help.

And so if it was necessary, I could step in.

And so we quietly moved closer to the riverbed.

And before long, we found a Hell Alligator that was eating a bird that it had caught.

“It’s staying still, and there are no others around.

You should target that one.

The head should be a little softer than the rest.

Can you do it”

“Uh, yes.

Leave it to me.”

Mette quietly raised the crossbow and pointed it at the Hell Alligator.

And then she pulled the trigger… And like that, the bolt pierced into the Hell Alligator’s head with precision.

It let out a terrible scream, and then stopped moving completely.

“Yes!! It killed a Hell Alligator so easily!”

“You did welll.

Let’s do a few more like this.”


After that, we killed three more Hell Alligators.

“To think that we could kill three of them…this weapon is amazing! We did it!!”

Mette shouted as she raised the body of the Hell Alligator into the air.

“Mette, you’re too loud.”

“Oh, sorry… Ah.”

Mette saw the boar…the Armor Boar on the other side of the river, and her face turned pale.


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