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Seisan Mahoushi – 53

by jawbrie4-5 minutes 25.07.2022

Chapter 53 – I Helped the Tengu!

“So, how is it”

The Tengu appeared to be perplexed at the sight of the newly crafted wings.

After returning to the village, I had made thirty sets of the wings for the Tengu.

Due to that, I was completely out of feathers from the Arrow Crows…

However, wings were as important as feet for the Tengu.

And so I couldn’t leave them like that.

While the Tengu looked anxious, they slowly started to move their wings.

And after a short while, they beat them faster and rose up into the air.

Everyone was astonished, but then one of the Tengu descended again and bowed before me.

“I am grateful… Not only did you save our lives, but you even made us new wings.”

The other Tengu bowed as well.

Unlike the one we had met earlier, Asuha, they talked very eloquently.

Perhaps they were the same race, but from another tribe.

But that turned out to be wrong.

The Tengu questioned me with a worried expression.

“Could it be…that you are the person who saved our leader, and fixed her wings”

“If you’re talking about a Tengu called Asuha, yes, that is me.”

“I see… Thank you for saving our leader.”

The Tengu said with a trembling voice, and then the others all fell to their knees.

Apparently, the Tengu I had saved before was their chief.

“No, please don’t mention it.

More importantly, are you being attacked by monsters”


While we lived on the top of the mountains, one day, a flying dragon attacked us…”

“A flying dragon… And was there a rider with green skin”


Like leaves and branches…and the dragon, larger than any I have seen before…attacked our village.”

“A large dragon…”

Dragons were monsters.

However, it was said that they did not cooperate with the Demon King Army, and only formed a loose alliance with them.

Even smaller dragons like wyverns would usually not help the Demon King Army.

And so no one ever saw a large dragon fighting in the wars against the Demon King.

“I see…and what color was it”

“An ominous black color.

It was covered in a dark miasma and breathed black flames.”

“A Dark Dragon… But they aren’t covered in miasma.”

Miasma…but there were other monsters that surrounded themselves with magic energy with the shadow attribute.

Undead monsters were the most well-known of them.

Aside from the skeletons we saw before, there were monsters that looked like rotting human flesh, such as ghouls.

There were some Undead, like skeletons, that were summoned with magic, while others which were turned into undead by using shadow magic on dead bodies.

So perhaps there were Undead dragons as well.

The Tengu continued tearfully.

“If this continues…our village will be destroyed.

And so we were going to ask the Tengu who live in the far north for help…”

“But on the way, you were attacked by orcs, and almost captured by humans.”

Then Iria opened her mouth.

“Sir Joshua… Isn’t there anything that we can do to save them”

But the Tengu shook its head.

“I thank you…it is a generous proposal.

But we cannot allow you to put yourselves in danger… They are much stronger than you know.”

“But if we don’t do something, only death will await you! You could at least escape to this village!”

“If we do that, they will come here…”

And then I turned to the Tengu.

“No…I have a plan.

If they really are Undead…”

“You do! …Then please.

Save the village!”

The Tengu said with a trembling voice as he clutched onto my leg.

And so after that, I made preparations to kill the dragon.



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