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Chapter 48 – I Made Wings!

Sweat dripped from Ecleshia’s forehead as she said,

“You’re saying that an army of monsters is headed this way …But we’ve only just dealt with the humans…”

After returning to the village, I gathered the chiefs of each race and held a meeting.

Mope turned to me.

“Baaaaahh! The Demon King’s Army has been on a roll recently! We could barely keep up with their demands! If you only knew how much we were milked…”

Mope said with a slight blush.

And then Mette asked,

“In that case, it would not be strange for the Demon King Army to break through the human cities and reach us here”


But we were mere cattle to them, and so we don’t know much about military matters.

But I did hear things…”


In any case, we must do something about this.

After all, we let the wyverns escape…”

Mette said regretfully.

I nodded.

“Those wyverns will likely return to their base.

And when the comrades of the orcs see that the riders are missing, they will send out a scouting team to investigate.”

“I’m sorry.

If only I had shot them down…”

“No, Mette.

Even if no one did return, they would still think it odd, and want to find out what happened.

It was just a matter of time.


I looked to the tent where the Tengu was sleeping.

“It’s possible that this Tengu’s home was attacked.

Or perhaps the Demon King Army is trying to occupy these territories.”

“So we must fight then…”

“It is not unlikely.

But then again, I doubt the Demon King is foolish enough to occupy land without much resources.

My guess is that they will use the western town roads to advance up north, where they can continue to attack the human towns and villages.”

Besides, hadn’t Mope said that they couldn’t keep up with demand

Even if things were going good for them, I doubted they had taken every human city in the south already.

And they would need soldiers to defend occupied territory.

Any nearby soldiers would likely be from faster units whose purpose is to loot.

“In any case, we should all avoid going to the west side.


Please tell the other Ents to avoid clashing with the Demon King army as much as possible, even if they enter the western forest.”

‘Very well.’ Said Ecleshia with a nod.

“On top of that, let’s take proper defensive measures.


Teach all of the Kijins and werewolves how to use bows and crossbows at the very least.”


Still, if they are anything like that orc who was all talk, then they have no chance against us.”

Mette said proudly.

Iria also nodded with a confident expression.


Besides, we have the walls and towers that you built, Sir Joshua!”

Melk agreed with a ‘No need to worry.’ They all seemed so confident.

Indeed, as long as there weren’t too many enemies, it was hard to imagine that we could lose.

But if it turned into a war, then people might die.

And others would definitely be injured.

If we wanted to prevent that, we either had to avoid fighting, or find a way to achieve an overwhelming victory.

Just like we did against the slave hunters…

What did we need to make that possible… I would have to think about that.

One of the Kijins was now running towards us.

It was the guard who was watching the tent with the sleeping Tengu.

“Th-the Tengu is awake… But it is trying to fly away!”

“What I will go now.”

And so I headed to the tent where the Tengu had been sleeping.

What I saw there was a Tengu, whose arms were being held by the Kijin guards.

So the Tengu was trying to escape.

And so I spoke to her.


We don’t mean to keep you here against your will.

But with those wings…”

I turned my gaze towards the tengu’s wings.

I had been able to heal the bodily wounds with my magic.

However, parts of the wings had been torn off, and I doubted that she would be able to fly.

Still, the Tengu moved her wings and tried to take off.

Perhaps she didn’t even understand what I was saying..

However, it was obvious that she wanted to fly away.

Mette grabbed my arm gently.


We should let her go… Even without wings, she can walk back up the mountain.

I think that’s what she wants.”

“I know.

But her health hasn’t fully recovered yet either.

Besides, the Demon King Army might attack again… I know.

Wait one moment.”

I checked to see that I had Arrow Crow feathers in my magic workshop, and then I crafted something by combining thin, metal sticks.

Once the metal frame was complete, I attached the feathers to it using thread made from Mope wool.

What was then completed was man-made wings.

When the black wings suddenly appeared in my hands, the Tengu looked at me in shock.

“…I don’t know if this will work, but please try it.”

And so I used Mope wool to attach them to what was left of the wings on the Tengu’s back.

It looked a little awkward, but they were still wings.

With a cautious look, the Tengu stepped outside and began to beat her wings as if to test them.

Perhaps she felt they were promising enough, as she then began to beat them swiftly and…she rose into the air.

“Woah! She’s flying!!”

Mette and the other demihumans raised their voices in astonishment.

There was nothing surprising about a flying Tengu.

In fact, Iria and the others were looking at me with surprise.

“Si-Sir Joshua can even make wings…”

“It only works well because she’s a Tengu…”

After flying above us for a short while, the Tengu flew down towards me.

From the looks of it, she could use the wings without issue.

“It looks fine for now… But don’t do anything reckless.

Those are really just a temporary measure.

You shouldn’t try to fight with those on.”

I said, and Iria warned the Tengu as well.

“If anything is troubling you, you must ask us for help.

There is no need to waste your life.”

Perhaps Iria had been touched by the desperateness of the Tengu earlier.

Judging by the situation, it was clear that she was worried about her comrades.

After a moment of silence, the Tengu began to beat her wings onces again.


Was all she muttered, before taking off into the sky.


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