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Chapter 23 – I Made A Golem!


I instantly absorbed the crumbling boulders.

Iria sheathed her sword and then turned to me.

“Were you hurt, Sir Joshua!”

“I’m fine.

But more importantly, this is a great success, Iria.”

“Huh Th-thank you! I’m glad to hear it! Though, it was mostly your doing, Sir Joshua.”

“No, I mean, it was amazing that you defeated it.

But look at this…”

I took out a piece of the doll stone that had been split in two from the Magic Workshop.

It was still shining in a dark red color.

“It’s that thing from the Golem…”


A doll stone.

It’s quite brittle, and they usually fall apart once a Golem is defeated.”

Not only do they break from being attacked, but they are usually smashed to powder when the Golems crumble.

“I-I see.”

Iria did not seem to understand yet, and so I showed her the severed surface of the stone.

“Can you see that it’s still shining It’s because you cut it so cleanly.

In this state, it can still be used as a doll stone.

Not only that, but we can make two Golems.”

However, the amount of stones that a Golem could gather was determined by the size of the doll stone.

As the stone was halved, that meant the Golems would be half the size of the one that was defeated.

Well, that was still twice the size of a human, so it was still large.

Back when I was at the Knights Order, I had made a Golem, just once.

However, Captain Royg’s hatred of monsters resulted in it being used as a disposable pawn in battle.

He had said it was an eyesore.

I heard about it later and complained to Royg.

But he just ignored me.

Iria thought for a moment and then turned to me.

“In other words, you can make a rock giant like the one we just killed But won’t it just attack us again”

“With doll stones, they will obey the orders of the owner, so they should listen to me now.

I could also just keep them as doll stones and only turn them into Golems when there are invaders.”

There were some people who believed that doll stones were made from the blood of a Demon King.

A lonely Demon King had made them due to a desire to have underlings that would never betray him.

“It’s hard to believe such a thing… But I am glad that I was able to be of help, Sir Joshua.”

“Yes, it really was amazing.

Even if one wanted such a stone, they are hardly ever available in the market.”

I answered, and Iria smiled and bowed.

“In any case, I’ll see if I can make one.


That being said, it was just a matter of making some rocks into the shape of a human… But then again, that didn’t seem too reliable.

And so I decided to cover the stones with a layer of iron plates.

Within a minute, a Golem that was half the size of the one we had fought, appeared in front of us.

When Iria saw the Golem moving towards us, she put her hand on her sword.

“Don’t worry, Iria.”

Immediately, the Golem went down and kneeled before us.

“…You really can make anything, Sir Joshua.

Even living creatures.”

Iria was sweating from her forehead as she looked at the Golem.

I didn’t know if Golems were actually living creatures… But since they moved, it was no surprise that some would think they were.

“This one is special.

Besides, it’s not like I can make the doll stone, which is their core… All right, since it’s here.”

I turned to the Golem and pointed at the crags.

“Can you cut out some rock About this big and in the shape of a square.”

I pointed to a random part of the ground.

It was about 1 beter squared.

The Golem bowed its head and then began to slam its fists into the ground.

And then, it cut out a block of stone material, just as I had asked, and raised it into the air.

“Woah! So Golems can do such things as well!”


They are monsters that control rocks.”

Now, we had another reliable ally.

I would leave the acquiring of rock materials to the Golems now.

Not only that, but they would surely be useful as part of the defense fighting force.

And if we had more iron materials, I could make them wear iron armor, or modify them into Iron Golems.

There were as many types of Golems as there were types of stone and metal.

After that, I made one more Golem and had it cut out stone blocks as well.

Then I had them memorize the road back to the village, so they could deliver the stone.

And so as the stone material was gathered like this, I decided that I would build a tower on the following day, and went to bed…

But before dawn, I awoke to the sounds of screaming coming from outside.


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