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Chapter 12 – I Made a Watch Tower!

“Th-the princess has killed the enemy leader.”

Mette and the other Kijins were astonished.

But then Mette continued to shout.

“Their leader is dead! Now chase after the enemy!!”

“Mette, wait! There may be others hiding out there.

We should prepare for a second wave!”

“I-I see! Everyone, ignore that order!”

And so the Kijins did as Mette said, and waited.

In the meantime, I ran over to Iria.

“Iria, I said that you shouldn’t… Iria”

When I called out to her, Iria’s body shook, and she turned to look at me.

“Ah, Sir Joshua… I don’t know what came over me.”

She seemed a little confused.

Surely she didn’t mean to say that her body had acted on its own

“…Well, without that sword, we would not have been able to get through his black demon iron armor.

You were able to cut it because of your horn.”

“Th-thank you.

It really is thanks to you, Sir Joshua!”

I had underestimated the enemy as being merely slave hunters.

I didn’t think that a knight…and a knight from the order I used to belong to, would come here.


He was really sending his own knights to do this

We will need much stronger defenses here now…

“…In any case, I’ll take their equipment and burn their bodies.


Will you continue to watch the area with the other Kijins Also, take turns so that you can get some sleep.”


Iria said, and then she ran back to the others.

After that, I gathered the equipment of Gaius and the other slave hunters, and then burned the corpses.

When I last saw Gaius’s face, I was overcome by an indescribable feeling.

This was someone I had fought alongside in battle.

I had made armor and weapons to protect him.

And this is what he had soiled his hands with…

After that, without sleep or rest, I continued to produce crossbows and bolts.

However, there were no more attacks that night, and we were greeted by the dawn.

If someone as strong as Gaius was with them, they must have been the main unit.

Still, there was likely a base somewhere.

“Sir Joshua.

You must be exhausted.”

Iria said as she offered me a wooden cup that was filled with water.


Thank you.”

“Sir Joshua.

Why don’t you get some sleep Both Mette and I have rested.

You can leave the rest to us.”

“I think I will then.

I’ve made quite a lot of crossbows already.”

I had made fifty of them.

And thirty iron spears as well.

That should be enough to deal with an ambush of the scale that we experienced last night.

Currently, Mette was teaching the other Kijins how to use the weapons.

The Kijins had taken turns watching for the enemy.

So there should be no problem if I rested now.

“However, there is one last thing I want to do.


Is there a strong tree anywhere in the area”

“Indeed… The trees in the surrounding forest are so hard that a stone axe cannot penetrate them.”

So that was why there were no wooden buildings in the village.

But if they really were that strong, then they would be great for building materials.

“While I could make a woodsman’s axe, there is an easier and safer way to do it.


I want to go to this forest.”

“Yes! I will guide you there!”

“Thank you.”

Iria and I walked for a few minutes after leaving the village, and then we entered the forest and she pointed to a certain tree.

“I think this one is especially strong.

It won’t even burn.”

“Iron oak, huh I see.

This will make great building materials.

But it’s so big…”

I wasn’t sure if I could absorb it.

However, all of the iron oaks in the area were of a similar size.

“Then perhaps…I can cut it for you!”

Iria grinned as she took out her sword.

…It was a little frightening.

I better make a sheath for her.


That’s not meant to cut down trees… Though, I’m sure it could do it.”

In any case, if it didn’t work, I would just make an axe or find a different tree.

And so I placed my hand on the trunk.


I chanted, and the tree vanished in the blink of an eye.

Iria shouted.

“What! Sir Joshua.

You are able to absorb trees of this size!”

“Uh, yes… Previously, I could only do it with trees that were the height of a human.”

Even I was surprised by this.

Perhaps my shadow magic had improved, and my Magic Workshop had expanded.

“You must have incredible power…”

“Well, there are many who are better.”

I had lived in a small world called the Knights Order for the last ten years.

And so I was sure that there must be more amazing Production Magicians elsewhere.

“In any case, this tree should be enough.

Let’s go back to the village.”

And so Iria and I returned, and then went to a small hill that was right in the center of the village.

“All right.

This spot should provide a good view.”

“What are you going to do”

“Make a watch tower.

So we can quickly detect enemy attacks or anything strange.”

“A watch…tower…”

“Well, I’m going to try.


Build was different from Craft, in that you could make recipes out of much larger things.

While it had not been a terribly tall watch tower, I had made a few on the battlefield before.

But since I was using a very large tree this time, I thought I could make a tower with at least four floors.

And then, in front of my eyes, a great wooden structure appeared.

It was no surprise that the Kijins started to shout, ‘What is that!’

“Sir Joshua.

You can even make buildings…”

“Only simple ones like this.

Now, let’s try going up the ladder.”

I said, and started to climb.

Iria followed after me.

“This is incredible! I can see the whole village from up here!”

Once we were on the top, Iria exclaimed as she scanned her surroundings.

To the west and north were forests.

To the east was the river where we hunted the Hell Alligators.

And to the south was a great field.

“From here, you will be able to catch enemy movement.

And then at night, we just need to have torches lit in the area, and it will be perfect.”

“Unless they are in the forest, we will be able to see those we sent hunting or fishing!”


That’s what this tower is for.

Will you post watchers here who can take turns”


There are some with especially good eyes and ears, so I will send them.”

“Good… Also, I’ll make some iron axes, so you can use them to cut down trees.”

If I was being honest, I also wanted to build a log wall to surround the village.

Maybe even one made of stone.

However, right now, I am just sleepy.

I will think about that tomorrow.

“Thank you! I’ll have them cut down the trees in the area to clear the view.”

“That would be safer… Hahh… In any case, I think I’ll be able to sleep easy now.”

“You’ve really worked so hard.

Well…I suppose I’ll have to take care of you some other time then.”

“Oh, you really don’t need to do that… Well, I’m going then.”

“Yes, have a good sleep!”

And like this, I slept for the first time in Fendel village.

And it was a deep sleep.

However, when I woke up, it was due to shouts about something coming from the north.

And for some reason, Iria and Metta woke up right next to me.


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