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Chapter 2028: Abstinent young master Li, cool ~

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elder brother Li, youre cursing me, ” ye Tianxin retorted unhappily.

“No! Im serious!” Li qingcang reached out and pulled ye Tianxin into his arms.

In a gentle voice, he said, ” Tianxin, your body now doesnt only belong to you.

It also belongs to me and the children.

For the sake of people like us who need you, you must take good care of your body.

You know that you want to lose weight! I want to have a good image, but Tianxin, in my heart, no matter what you become, you will always be the most beautiful.”

“Youre really angry”

Ye Tianxin reached out and gently touched li qingcangs face.

Li qingcangs face darkened and he didnt say a word.

He wanted ye Tianxin to realize her mistake.

Ye Tianxin blinked her big eyes and looked at li qingcang.

alright, I know I was wrong.

Elder brother li, be good.

Dont be angry …

Unexpectedly, li qingcang, who had always doted on ye Tianxin, still had a cold expression on his handsome face.

He exuded a cold aura that kept people away from him.

Ye Tianxin wasnt afraid of li qingcang, who was filled with anger.

She climbed onto li qingcangs body and hugged him tightly.

“Elder brother li, dont be angry.

I was wrong.

I wont make a fuss like this again.”

Li qingcang was a man.

During this period of time, she had been in a state of abstinence.

At that moment, ye Tianxin was still twisting and turning on his body like a little kitten.

He felt like his entire body was about to explode.

In the past, li qingcang would have cooled down by this time.

But today, he had done it completely on purpose.

He wanted to see what ye Tianxin would do to appease him.

“Elder brother li.”

Seeing that li qingcang was still pulling a long face, ye Tianxin immediately kissed li qingcang on the lips.

She gave him a light kiss.

brother li, dont be angry.

You wont be handsome if youre angry!

Li qingcang still did not move.

Ye Tianxin had no choice but to use her trump card.

People said that between husband and wife, they fight at the head of the bed and get together at the end of the bed.

Ye Tianxin held li qingcang in her arms, kissing, biting, and gnawing.

Then, she deliberately moved closer to li qingcangs ear and whispered in a soft voice, ” brother li, dont you want to Hmm”

“Dont mess around! You still need to recuperate.”

Li qingcang wasnt a holy monk, so it was only natural that he would feel flustered after being teased by ye Tianxin.

“But … My mom said that its enough! Are you sure you dont want it”

Ye Tianxin blinked her eyes slyly, and Li qingcang was once again convinced.

“Mom, did you really say its okay”

Ye Tianxin nodded her head seriously and said, ” thats right.

Elder brother li, count it.

How long have I been here ” Its been more than 50 days, almost 60!”

When li qingcang heard ye Tianxins words, he instantly relaxed.

He kissed ye Tianxins lips with all his might, his lips gently grinding against hers.

The long-lost intimacy made li qingcang feel as happy as a God.

Ye Linlang walked to the door and was about to call for them when she heard an indescribable sound coming from the bedroom.


She retreated silently again.

Ye Tianxin heaved a sigh of relief when she heard ye Linlangs footsteps disappear into the distance.

However, li qingcang did not allow her to sigh at all.

He brought her to the sea like a storm.

She was a lone boat, rising and falling in the rolling waves of the sea.

It was not until his entire body was submerged in the cold and warm seawater that he felt as if he had come to life.

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