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Chapter 8: Teaching the Entitled Little Madam a Lesson (5)

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“Ye Youran, for this competition to be fair and square, dont you think you should ask the teacher what my score was on the English test before jumping to conclusions!”

Hearing what Ye Tianxin said, the other female classmates erupted into angry protests.

Ye Yourans test results had already been announced, and it was an all-time high of 125 points. Wasnt it obvious who the winner would be

What did Ye Tianxin mean by what she said

Was she trying to squirm her way out of the bet

Or was she still trying to fight her way out of a losing battle

“Ye Tianxin, are you trying to squirm your way out of the bet Are you afraid of being the loser”

“Ye Tianxin, are you trying to avoid having to clean the female toilets”

By then, the English teacher had already decided not to get embroiled in his students petty business, but the classmate who shared a desk with Ye Tianxin ran over to him and asked him for Ye Tianxins test results. He then silently picked up Ye Tianxins test paper, returned to the classroom, and placed it in front of Ye Youran with Ye Tianxins test score in full view.

Ye Youran looked at the name on the paper: “Ye Tianxin.”

And in the score box, written in red, was “149.” Ye Youran was shocked beyond words!!

“Impossible. Ye Tianxin, you cheated!”

“You mustve cheated. You couldnt have possibly gotten such a high score!”

She was a bad student, someone who either played truant or slept in class all year round. How could she have gotten such a high score

Posturing like an empress, Ye Tianxin looked around at the many pairs of eyes around her, which were brimming with curiosity. Her clear, lilting voice, like the gentle trickling of a spring, sounded across the classroom.

“I requested to sit in the corridor because I was worried that you guys would accuse me of cheating. This was just a simple English test. I didnt need to cheat.”

Her eyes dancing with laughter, Ye Tianxin deliberately took one step forward to squarely face Ye Yourans frown of disbelief and disgust at having lost.

“Ye Youran, be a good girl and call me elder sister!”

Ye Youran tightly clenched her fists.

No way, no. You are not my elder sister!!

I will not!!

I refuse to!!

I dont have an illegitimate older sister whose father is unknown!!

Teeth tightly clenched, Ye Youran couldnt bring herself to say elder sister. The embarrassment of losing the bet had caused Ye Yourans face to immediately turn a burning red....

Dozens of pairs of eyes were all focused on her.

With her fists tightly clenched, Ye Youran murmured in a very low voice, more like a mosquitos buzzing, “Elder Sister.”

“Ye Youran, youre talking too softly. You said it yourself that one has to honor ones bet. Be mindful that you dont give the entire class a reason to lose their respect for you....”

In a very loud voice, Ye Youran exclaimed, “Elder Sister.”

“Now that sounds much better. Remember, from now on dont forget to address me as Elder Sis. I dont want others claiming that the Ye family doesnt know how to discipline and raise their kids properly, neglecting even basic manners, like respect for elders....”

Crystal tear droplets spilled from Ye Yourans eyes. All tears of humiliation.

She wouldnt forget this day for as long as she lived....

She vowed that she would repay Ye Tianxin ten times over for the humiliation that she had subjected her to today!

No, make it a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times!

A female classmate said to Ye Tianxin, “Ye Tianxin, youve gone too far! Youve made Ye Youran cry from all your bullying....”

Ye Tianxin eyed her classmate, looking serious. “Hey, you. Before we made the bet, you all assumed that I would lose.... When Ye Youran wanted me to clean the female toilets, all of you agreed that that was what I would have to do if I lost. However, now that Ive won, and all I want is for Ye Youran to address me as elder sister, you call it bullying Didnt you pay attention during language class, or are your comprehension skills lacking”


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