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Chapter 19: Application Successful (2)

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Clutching the study plan designed especially for her by the teacher, Ye Tianxin returned to the classroom and walked briskly toward Li Xiaohui.

Li Xiaohui was the only person who knew about her trip to the internet café.

“Li Xiaohui, were you the one who told the teacher about my trip to the internet café”

Confused, Li Xiaohui looked up and replied, “Nope!”

Seeing how confused Li Xiaohui looked, Ye Tianxin decided that she wasnt lying. If it wasnt her, then who told the teacher of her trip to the internet café

Ye Youran was pretty sure that Ye Tianxin had been given a good scolding at the teachers office.

Otherwise, why else would she look so upset

“Ye Tianxin, as the study monitor for this class it is my responsibility to report to the teacher anyone who skips class and goes to the internet café.”

Ye Yourans words had successfully roused the classs interest. Everyone turned in unison to look at her.

“So Ye Youran is the class snitch whos always running to the teacher with information about us!”

That said, Ye Tianxin went back to her desk.

The other students in the class looked at Ye Youran with some displeasure. Did this mean that Ye Youran had covertly been keeping the teacher informed on all that was happening within their class

Ye Youran, who had obviously picked up on the unhappy vibes from the rest of the class, quickly said, “I didnt tell on any of you. I only informed the teacher about Ye Tianxin skipping class.”

To the other students, Ye Yourans explanation sounded like she was merely stating the obvious about her role as study monitor.

However, they also felt uncomfortable, unsure if Ye Youran had also told on them at some point.

“Ye Youran, of course youre not an informant. As the study monitor, you were simply reporting on where the student was at in their studying.”

After Ye Tianxin finished speaking, Li Xiaohui followed up to say, “Ye Youran, did you do it because you were worried about losing to Ye Tianxin after you saw that her grades have been quickly improving!”

Ye Youran was livid. If only she had kept her mouth shut and didnt admit to informing the teacher. Her admission seemed to have backfired.

“Li Xiaohui, do you mean to say that Im jealous of Ye Tianxin Do you see something in her that I should be envious of!!”

Growing up as a kid, Li Xiaohui had often seen her shrewish mother fight with others and had picked up on how to add salt to the other persons wounds in a fight.

“Havent you always been envious of Ye Tianxins beauty That shes prettier than you”

Ye Youran was so upset that her eyes turned red. Glaring daggers at Li Xiaohui, she ran out of the classroom. At the door, she noticed the homeroom teacher walking toward their classroom.

“Ye Youran, please inform Ye Tianxin that theres a phone call for her in the school office.”

Returning to the classroom, Ye Youran took one look at Ye Tianxins pretty smiling face and turned around, walking out of the classroom and toward the teachers office.

“Sir, I dont think Ye Tianxins in the classroom.”

Having been told that Ye Tianxin was there, the homeroom teacher became a tad flustered. If Ye Tianxin wasnt in the classroom, where was she

“All right, thank you for telling me. Go back to your study session.”

Back in the classroom, Ye Tianxin was working on some difficult advanced math problems. Coming across a problem that she didnt understand, Ye Tianxin poked Di Shanshis arm.

“Shi, help me and take a look at this problem. Is this how I should solve it Is this correct”

When Di Shanshi saw Ye Tianxins method of problem-solving, he was stunned. He hadnt expected Ye Tianxin to solve the mathematics problem with an algorithm that was so unique.

This had to be the simplest and most straightforward algorithm that he had ever seen.

Noting that Di Shanshi had become extremely quiet, Ye Tianxin became increasingly unsure of her answer. She asked anxiously, “Shi, is there something wrong with how Im approaching the problem”


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