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Chapter 16: Application to The Film Academy (2)

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Ye Tianxin looked at Li Xiaohui, who was clad in her school uniform and sporting a pair of plaits.

She vaguely remembered that Li Xiaohui had gone on to study at a special training college.

After she started working, someone played matchmaker, resulting in her marrying a local civil servant.

Life after marriage wasnt ideal, as Li Xiaohui was often subjected to abuse by the civil servant.

In one particularly violent incident, Li Xiaohui ended up dying from the physical abuse.

At the time of her death, she had been six months pregnant....

After Li Xiaohuis death, her family kicked up a big fuss, and the incident blew up and became the talk of the town.

In the end, the civil servant paid Li Xiaohuis family a large sum of money.

Li Xiaohuis family used the money to renovate a three-story house for her younger brother, bought him a car, and arranged for him to get married.

Her family carried on living happily and harmoniously, and the sad story of their departed daughter seemed to have been intentionally forgotten.

“My mother says whats the point of studying so hard A girl will eventually be married off once shes twenty!” Li Xiaohui announced, objecting to working too hard for the exams.

Silently, Ye Tianxin felt sorry for Li Xiaohui and resolved to help change her destiny too.

“Xiaohui, your mothers right. All women will eventually get married, but think about it. If you go to university, you could marry someone who holds a degree. If youre just a high school graduate, what kind of man will you be able to marry People say that to a woman marriage is like being born again. Dont you want to be able to marry well”

However, Li Xiaohui didnt seem to understand what Ye Tianxin was trying to say.

“But just because I want to marry well doesnt mean Ill actually be able to, right!”

“But why not Xiaohui, think about it. What if you were able to earn ten thousand a month Would you be willing to marry someone who earned just one thousand a month If you made ten thousand, youd be able to marry a man who made ten thousand.... We dont have to look too far away to see this. Just look around us. Just look at our music teacher. Shes the type of woman every man dreams about. Check out who shes married to—someone in the provincial city who owns a house and drives his own car. And shes also been transferred to work in the provincial capital.... If youre content with how things are, you cant see the forest for the trees. Think about it. Do you see any good men around you”

Deep in thought, Li Xiaohui seemed to have understood her. Ye Tianxin didnt interrupt Li Xiaohui. Instead, she felt sympathy for her. She had been given a chance to start over again, but Li Xiaohui hadnt gotten a second chance....

If she could only somehow give Li Xiaohui a hand, shed be doing a good deed and would build up her treasure trove of blessings.

Ye Tianxin had originally planned to return to the classroom, but halfway there she stopped, having decided that she should have a back-up plan.

What should she do if she didnt do as well as expected on the college entrance exams

Ye Tianxin remembered that some art academies didnt have exceptionally high entrance scores for subjects on culture.

So she should definitely try to sit for the entrance exams for the art academies.

Standing in front of the door to the teachers office, Ye Tianxin gave a quick rap on the door, to which someone responded, “Come in!”

“Mr. Chen, I have a question.”

Ye Tianxin looked respectfully at her homeroom teacher Mr. Chen.

Nodding, Mr. Chen asked, “Ye Tianxin, what is it”

“Sir, I wanted to ask if I could apply to the Capital University and the Capital Film Academy at the same time” While Mr. Chen was contemplating her question and not responding, Ye Tianxin continued, “Mr. Chen, as you know, I realized my mistake too late, and although Ive been working really hard, Im not confident that Ill make it into Capital University. So, Im thinking, would it be possible for me to apply to sit for the entrance exams to the Capital Film Academy”

Jiameng High School, Ye Tianxins alma mater, was just a small school located in a small, ancient town. And the teachers there definitely werent as knowledgeable or worldly as those in the city. In fact, her teacher hadnt even heard of the Capital Film Academy.

“Ye Tianxin, youre right to be concerned. Of course you may apply to sit for the entrance exams to Capital film Academy if you wish to do so. Lets do this. How about I call the Education Department later to find out if they know what to do and how to apply”


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