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Chapter 15: Application to The Film Academy (1)

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Remembering the person she had been in her previous life, Ye Tianxin violently shook her head, vowing to never repeat the stupid mistakes she had made in this new life.

The girl who sat in front of Ye Tianxin turned around to ask her about her grandmother, looking concerned. “Tianxin, I heard that your grandmothers ill. How is she”

“Not too bad.”

Looking at Ye Tianxin, the girl asked, “Whats wrong with you today”

“I spent the entire night at my grandmothers bedside in the hospital and didnt get much sleep.”

Placing her backpack on her desk, Ye Tianxin walked straight up to Ye Yourans side and gently tapped on her desk.

“Ye Youran, when schools out today, please go home and tell your mother not to harbor any designs on my familys property!”

Staring wide-eyed at her, Ye Youran retorted, “Ye Tianxin, stop accusing people with your unfounded lies!”

“Last night, your mother drove my grandmother to her sickbed. Ye Youran, Im telling you now. You and your family had better pray that my grandmother gets well soon. Otherwise, I, Ye Tianxin, swear on my life that your entire family wont have any peace....” Ye Tianxin declared, her eyes flashing with hostility.

Shuddering, Ye Youran realized that she was in fact secretly afraid of Ye Tianxn.

“Ye Tianxin, your grandmothers old, so its normal that she isnt in the pink of health. Dont blame my mother for everything under the sun.”

However, Ye Youran felt guilty about it. When she returned home the previous afternoon, her mother noticed that shed been crying and had asked why. She then told her mother what had happened at school.

After that, her mother went out, but she had no idea that her mother had gone to see Ye Tianxins grandmother.

“Ye Youran, hasnt your mother always been proud of you, bragging about how well you do in school When the time comes, dont forget to invite your mother to come see you do the rabbit hop in front of the entire school!!”

Having made her brutal little speech, Ye Tianxin walked back to her own desk.

Keeping her head very low, her tears fell, drop after drop, from her eyes.

In her previous life, her college graduation certificate had literally been paid for by the Lu family.

Then, when she became Gu Yanchengs wife, and not wanting to be an embarrassment to her husband, she had hired a foreign language teacher to teach her English and various other teachers to coach her on other subjects.

Thinking back, at this age in her previous life she was simply a pretty face with neither knowledge nor skill.

Just like a beautiful airhead. Empty-headed and subject to ridicule.

It was no wonder that no one had believed her when that incident happened!

Wiping away her tears, Ye Tianxin held her head high and opened her textbook to study.

Besides for English, she felt completely lost in all her subjects. It was all Greek to her.

With only three short months until the college entrance exams, she had to buck up and work really hard to seriously give it another shot, to get good grades in the college entrance exams and be in a position to control her own destiny.

Ye Tianxin started on her arduous journey of preparing for the college entrance exams, sleeping only four hours each day.

She spent all her time memorizing her books, including during mealtimes, when she went to the bathroom, and while she was walking.

Even her homeroom teacher, seeing how hard she was working, went out of his way to ensure that she was well supported.

But Ye Tianxins grandmothers collapse hung over her head like dark, ominous clouds that refused to disperse.

Having given it some thought, Ye Tianxin decided that she had to first make some money to send her grandmother for a medical check-up at the hospital in the city. But how was she going to make money

How could she go about making money while at the same ensuring that her studies werent affected

“Tianxin, why is it that since your last bet with Ye Youran youve suddenly turned into someone who loves to study”

Seated by a flower bed on the school grounds, Ye Tianxin held a half-eaten red apple in her hand, balancing a Chemistry lesson guide on her lap.

“I want to be a filial granddaughter to my grandmother. I dont want her to have to worry about me in her advanced age.”


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