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Chapter 11: Grandma Driven to Her Sickbed (2)

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“Yes, really Grandma. I know that Ive been a handful in the past and caused you to worry. But Grandma, you can rest assured that from now on Ill work really hard to get a good score on the college entrance exams and make you proud.”

Holding onto Ye Tianxin to stand up, her grandmother replied, “Good. So Tianxin, you should buck up and study. Ill cook you something to eat.”

“Grandma, you should rest. Let me do it.”

Ye Tianxin didnt have the heart to see her grandmother tire herself out any further.

Her grandmother was getting old and had increasing health issues, and Ye Tianxin wanted to take good care of her.

“Thats not necessary. Ill do it. You go study now. Theres a good girl.”

Ye Tianxin, who was pushed into another room by her grandmother, relented, sat at the desk, and opened her backpack.

Very gently, Grandma pulled the door shut, happier than anyone on earth that her granddaughter had come to her senses and was going to work hard going forward.

Then, there was a loud “bang” as Grandma fell backward away from the door. Hearing the noise, Ye Tianxin was so shocked that it felt like her heart stopped beating.

In a panic, she scrambled to open the door and immediately saw her grandmother lying unconscious on the floor. Scared out of her wits, she knelt by her grandmothers side.

“Grandma... Grandma, dont frighten me please!”

Panicking, Ye Tianxin didnt even think about her slight frame or her physical weakness. She mustered all her strength and hoisted her grandmother onto her back and rushed out of the little yard.

As Ye Tianxin ran through the little town in the late afternoon, the setting sun cast its twilight rays on her, casting a long shadow on the ground.

She tightly held on to her grandmothers thighs, and tears continuously streamed down Ye Tianxins face, blurring her vision, as she thought to herself, “Grandma, you will, you must be fine.

“Please give me a chance to show my filial piety and be a good granddaughter to you. Grandma....”

Ye Tianxin wept as she ran. Shed been reborn because she wanted to change her destiny.

Little did Ye Tianxin know that from the instant she was reborn, the wheels of destiny had already begun churning!

Her life as it was now would be turned upside down with all the changes coming her way.

In the town of Jiameng, there was just a little clinic, and Ye Tianxin, sweating profusely, trudged into the emergency room of the clinic with her grandmother on her back.

“Doctor, please. Please save my grandmother....”

After the doctor completed his assessment, he turned to Ye Tianxin, who was drenched in perspiration, and said, “She only had a fainting spell. However, with her age, there could be other implications. Let me give her some medicine first....”

Nodding, Ye Tianxin gave the doctor a deep bow and replied, “Thank you, Doctor.”

In her panic, Ye Tianxin had used up every single ounce of her energy and willpower to get her grandmother to the hospital and keep her safe.

Now that she knew her grandmother wasnt in any danger, Ye Tianxin started to relax. All her energy had left her, and she collapsed and flopped onto the floor in the doctors emergency room.

The doctor picked her up and sat her in a chair to the side. He applied pressure on her philtrum and then gave her a glass of sugar brine to drink.

“Young lady, you cannot collapse. Your grandmother needs you to look after her. Here, drink this!”

Ye Tianxin thanked him and accepted the paper cup from the doctor.

The doctor completed his examination of Ye Tianxins grandmother. He then sent Ye Tianxin and her grandmother to the adjoining room used for administering intravenous drips.

“Young lady, just stay here with your grandmother. As for you, you should take care not to catch a chill. You ran for quite a distance, and youre soaking wet with perspiration.”

Ye Tianxin was well aware that her grandmothers health wasnt good. After her rebirth, the first thing shed planned to do was take her grandmother to Capital City for a comprehensive health check.

Ye Tianxin recalled how at this stage in her previous life she had squandered away her time and energy without a thought for her grandmother, not even aware that her grandmothers health had been failing so badly. She had definitely been a very bad granddaughter....

“Grandma, you must get well soon. Ill make money, a lot of money, so you can enjoy the good things in life.”


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