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Chapter 1: Reborn with a Vengeance (1)

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“... Is that Mrs. Gu She caused her sons death and yet she still has the audacity to attend his funeral! Has she no shame”

“Yes, thats her. She went to keep her appointment to meet her lover and locked the young master in the car. The poor young master Gu literally suffocated to death in the sixty-degree heat in the car!”

“Is she his biological mother Surely she must be his stepmother! The Gus should take her to court for murder!”

Ye Tianxins eyes were like vacant, empty pools. All she could see was the black-and-white photo set in the center of the white chrysanthemums.

That was her son, Gu Yunjin.

Just a few days ago, she and her son had been discussing destinations for their vacation.

Today, however, her treasured son was a cold, lifeless corpse lying in the midst of a bed of white flowers.

Gu Yancheng, his expression cold and emotionless, walked over to Ye Tianxin and stood in front of her.

Looking like a savage beast, he grabbed Ye Tianxins slender wrist and, suppressing his fury, demanded in a low voice, “Ye Tianxin, have you not caused us enough public humiliation already”

“Yancheng, that wasnt me!” Ye Tianxins eyes were completely dry, not a single tear in sight, as she responded mechanically, “The woman in that photo is not me!”

Gu Yancheng laughed coldly. His thin lips were pursed into a straight line, and his eyes were burning with rage.

Everyone in the whole wide world knew about his cheating wife, who had made him the cuckold of the century.

Everyone in the whole wide world knew that his wife, who had been on her way to a tryst with her lover, had left his son to suffocate to death in sixty-degree heat inside the car!

And here she was, this promiscuous woman who knew no shame and even had the audacity to show her face at Jins funeral!!

“Ye Tianxin, do you think Im blind” he asked.

Ye Tianxins slender and delicate fingers trembled as she reached behind her back, pushed aside her hair, and pulled down the zipper at the back of her dress.

Right there, in front of all the family members and friends who had come to attend the funeral, she pulled her elegant little black dress down past her shoulders, exposing a butterfly tattoo on her breast.

Gu Yanchengs icy cold eyes flashed with disgust.

Emotionlessly, he turned around and instructed the bodyguards, “Throw her out of here!”


Utterly revolting!

To think that he had spent six years of his life living with such a repulsive woman.

“Madam, please!” The bodyguards walked over to Ye Tianxin, who at this time was clad in nothing but her black lace underwear, and stood in front of her.

Ye Tianxin looked at Gu Yancheng with disappointment. He didnt believe her.

She had thought that Gu Yancheng, having been married to her for six years, would surely give her a chance to explain....

Oh, that was so very naïve of her!!

“Yancheng, look. Your name is tattooed on my breast! The woman in that photo doesnt have it!”

Gu Yancheng turned around and looked at Ye Tianxins left breast. There was a tattoo of a dancing butterfly with three Han characters, “Gu Yancheng,” on its wings.

“The woman who was photographed with that man wasnt me! I had no idea that Jin was in the car! Honesty, I didnt mean to do it. He was my son, too! How could I kill my own son!”

There was a lot of murmuring and whispering among the people attending the funeral. Their eyes were full of disdain and were like numerous daggers piercing her body.

Ye Tianxin simply did not care. She wasnt at all affected by other peoples gossip or speculations.

All she wanted was for Gu Yancheng to believe her. If only he would believe her....

Gu Yancheng walked over to face Ye Tianxin. He wrapped his large hand around her waist and lowered his head, as though he were about to kiss the butterfly on her breast.

Suddenly, Ye Tianxin felt a sharp pain in her breast.

Wincing from the pain, her brows furrowed, Ye Tianxin realized that Gu Yancheng had savagely bitten into the butterfly tattoo on her breast. When he lifted his head from Ye Tianxins breast, blood spilled from the corners of his lips, making his exquisitely good-looking features appear more devilishly charming.


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