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“So you can use the original name if you want.

Your name is Beatrice and your nickname is Betty.”

“I’ve decided!”

And while talking to my mom, I made up my mind.

“I want to be Beatrice.”

As expected, the mother’s eyes were a little disappointed.

That’s what I wanted, but I nodded at my mother, who mumbled towards the end of the sentence.

“I’ll only do that on the documents.

Bebe… Because I’m my mom’s Bebe, I want to keep being Bebe.”


“Then he won’t be able to find us well either.”

I doubted it.

No matter how different the name was, he’d be suspicious of the sudden appearance of the Grand Duke’s child.

The Emperor would be looking for me more than anyone else.

But I wasn’t worried, because I knew that the Grand Duke  would protect my mom and I.

“Bebe, for your mom…”

“I like the name Bebe.

It’s best when my mom calls me Bebe.

So it’s not for your mom unconditionally.

It’s because you like me!”


“Yes! I like Bebe.”

Mom’s eyes became moist.

“Mom also… You like the name Bebe more than Mom! It’s a good thing I became Bebe’s mother.”

“Yes! Please continue to be my mom!”

Meanwhile, the door opened again.

“My Lady, I prepared a meal.”

With a more lively voice and behavior than ever, Cecilia brought in food.

“Oh, it looks delicious.”

“Young Master, didn’t you have dinner”

“Yeah, but I’m going to eat with Bebe because I enjoy spending time with her the most.”

Looking at them, I got up from my seat before my mother and ran to Allen.

“Did you finish your work today”

“Of course.

I finished training to be with Bebe, and I finished class.”


“So don’t worry.

Let’s hurry up and eat.”

“It’s nothing.

We’re going to eat together in a special way just this time.”

Only then did Allen smile brightly and nod.


Even talking like that, I couldn’t kick him out, so I looked at Allen with a defeated look and reached out to my mom.

“Mom, can you get up”

“Oh… maybe Don’t worry.

I have enough energy to run around.”

However, as soon as I heard her, my mother’s body, which jumped from her seat, tipped to the side momentarily.

“Oh, Mom!”

I was surprised and tried to catch my mother, but it was not enough.

“Are you okay”

On that day, Cecilia ran over and caught my mother.

“Oh… It’s okay.”

Thanks to Cecilia, the mother quickly turned her head and looked at her.

However, my mother’s eyes were uncomfortable.

“Should I bring a doctor”

“No, it’s okay.”

It was clearly different from what I saw.

Perhaps because she didn’t want to look weak on purpose, but my mother shook off Cecilia’s arm slightly and started walking slowly.

Maybe it’s because she had been lying down for a while, but it was just as awkward as a baby learning how to walk.


“It’s okay.

I can walk.”

At the same time, I felt very anxious.

But I couldn’t stop her.

‘I don’t want my mom to look weak either.

She was always weak because she was beaten…’

So all I could do was hold my slow-walking mother’s hand tightly.

Fortunately, my mother arrived at the table without falling.

As if it was hard, sweat was on her forehead.

“What do you think Mom, are you okay”

I didn’t forget to smile as if nothing had happened.

“Yes! Mom!”

“Then… I’ll go out so that you can eat comfortably.”

As always, Cecilia poured water in front of us and went outside.

But my mother didn’t take her eyes off her until Cecilia left.

Although my persuasion had softened her a bit, she still couldn’t dispel her doubts.

“Mom, let’s eat.”

“The Grand Duke’s food is excellent, especially the meat.”

However, my brother, who said he would eat with me, was busy eating vegetables, saying the meat was delicious.

He looked like a foal eating carrots.

Even the vegetables were so delicious that my fork naturally went toward the salad.

“Don’t eat vegetables.

You eat the meat.”

“Why It looks delicious.”

“Bebe is small, so you have to grow up quickly.

So eat meat.”

Then, he pulled a large salad plate toward him.

“Tch… Greedy.”

“Yes! I’m greedy.

So go ahead and try the meat.”

My mom, who was looking at us like that, looked at the bowl of soup in front of me silently.

There were different types of soups in front of my mom and me, but my mom’s was too watery.

“Mom, do you want something else”

“No, it’s enough, but he seems to be more considerate of us than I thought.”

“Oh, right! I think it’s right! Cecilia is sweet.

She washed Mom’s body every day while you were sleeping, and washed her hair alone.

She also changed your posture when you were lying down.

If you lie down for a long time, you’ll get something weird.”


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