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Chapter 89: The 30th Floor Ends

It was just as Wang Wen had said.

The progress, which had initially stopped at about 30 percent, was rapidly increasing.

The tall man in the distance might have unleashed all his firepower because he believed his life was in danger.

His left hand was holding a knife, and his right hand was holding a gun.

His legs kicked incessantly, splintering the mountain of lion monsters.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruos expressions were stiff as they looked at the mans powerful strength.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, nodded from time to time.

The tower climber, who had reached nearly 200 floors, finally looked a little extraordinary.

Unlike that tower climber, Wang Wens ability was not much different from that of an ordinary person.

He only had some unusual items.

The tall man fighting desperately in the arena had no idea that his burst of strength had won the approval of an audience outside the battlefield.

He only knew that he was very anxious at the moment.

He took a moment to examine the unconscious short man who had half of his arm bitten off by the lion monster.

He gritted his teeth and took a small potion bottle from the drones storage.

That was a life-saving potion.

He had climbed the tower for half his life and could only find that one bottle.

He had to use it then.

He kicked another lion monster away.

The tall man used his teeth to open the bottle cap and sprinkled the potion on the small mans broken arm.

The remaining drops were poured into the small mans mouth, hoping to help him wake up from the coma.

If he could not wake up, he would not be able to leave the tower.

He would be buried in the lions stomach.

There were many kinds of companions.

It only took one day to go from a stranger to a teammate.

It took ten months to go from a stranger to a sibling.

Other people might have abandoned him, but he would never leave his brother.

The tall man waited by the short mans side for him to wake up.

With his right hand, he used two bullets to kill a lion monster, and with his left hand, he cut off a claw.

Finally, he was hit in the back.

The sharp, long claws dug out a large piece of meat.

The intense pain made his vision go black.

He turned around and slashed with his long knife, but because he used too much strength, he almost fell.

Then, another lion monster pounced on him.

The tall man finally fell to the ground.

He could only watch as the short man, who was already showing signs of waking up, was eaten by the lion monsters.

He closed his eyes in pain.

That expression stunned Wang Wen, who was secretly aiming his machine-gun crossbow at him from afar.

He looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

Wang Wen sighed and lowered his crossbow.

The tall man on the opposite side did not know that he had escaped death.

His face was ashen as he left the tower.

A lion monster that did not get the meat shook its head and pounced on him.

Its body suddenly stiffened halfway, and it stood still.

A bead appeared in the tall mans hand, and he fixed it on the lion monster.

It took five seconds to leave the tower.

He needed time.

The Body Immobilizing Bead was very effective on humans, but it was not effective on the monsters in the World Tower.

Furthermore, it could only target one mark.

It was meaningless to use as there were too many monsters in the fight.

However, it looked like it might be enough to buy him time to get out of the tower.

He looked at the white light on his body.

He thought of his brothers tragic death and could not help but scream in pain, “I will avenge you! I will never forgive those three dogs!”


Before he could finish his sentence, an arrow accurately drilled into his eye socket.

Then, the arrow exploded in his brain, turning it into a mess.

A white light lit up.

It was extinguished again.

The World Tower would not teleport the dead.

The tall mans expression was forever frozen in the moment of his painful scream.

The all-rounder climber from the 900th floor was dealing with a child who had not even reached the 200th floor.

It would not give him any more time to think.

The lion monsters gnawing on the bones around us suddenly stopped eating.

As if they had smelled the scent of a stranger, they raised their heads and looked in a certain direction.

A figure in that direction no longer hid and walked straight over.

The lion monsters had just won a battle, and their morale was high.

They did not even bother to show their teeth and immediately turned around and charged forward.

Then, they flew back at an even faster speed.

After landing on the ground, they whimpered a few times and then stopped moving.

The drone landed and opened the entrance to the next level, indicating that the progress had been completed.

Zhu Xingguo walked to Wang Wens side and looked at the tall dead man on the ground.

He said, “When I saw you put down the crossbow earlier, I thought you would spare his life.”

Wang Wen shook his head and bent down to pick up the bead that had rolled out of the tall mans hand.

He looked at the items information and said, “Unfortunately, he said one more thing.”

A supreme treasure from the 200th floor—Body Immobilizing Bead

When he saw the information, Wang Wen was a little puzzled at first.

After thinking about it carefully, the corner of his mouth curled into a silent smile.

He showed the item to the two people beside him.

Ren Ruoruo was speechless after reading it.

“A supreme treasure! A priceless treasure! ”

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head after reading it.

“Why does he have an item from the 200th floor”

Ren Ruoruo heard that and said, “Oh, right! Didnt he say he was only on the 198th floor How could he get that ”

Wang Wen smiled and kept the Body Immobilizing Bead without explaining.

Then, he said, “I want this supreme treasure.

The estimated price is $5 million, which is not low.

After we leave the tower, Ill give each of you 500,000 points to settle it.

Or if you want some Shear Water Beads or Body Health Water, you can have them as well.”

Zhu Xingguo waved his hand.

“Theres no need for that! Its not a tool found at the checkpoint.

Wang Wen took the lead and walked to the next floor.

He stood at the entrance and looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo calmly.

“Killing and stealing can be considered the teams gains.

We should split it according to the rules.”

Zhu Ren and Ren Ruoruo looked at each other and did not dare to say anything.

They stepped into the entrance and disappeared.

“The 30th floor, ends.”

They waited for the drone to retract and the entrance to disappear.

A few surviving lion monsters nearby quietly approached.

They smelled the blood and walked to the tall mans head.

First, they stuck out their tongues and licked the liquid from the eye sockets.

As if they liked the taste, they opened their mouths wide and were ready to enjoy the delicious food.

The scene suddenly stopped.

As if the low temperature froze them instantly, the few lion monsters froze on the spot.

A human figure gradually emerged from the air.

She lowered her head to look at the tall man, who was already cold and stiff.

She exhaled a breath of white gas and smiled.

“What a heavy grudge.

He will definitely be an obedient puppet.

Come with me.”

She waved her hand.

The tall mans corpse on the ground disappeared without a trace.

The human figure also disappeared.

The few lion monsters around them were like crystal-clear sculptures.

A gust of slightly stronger plain wind blew past, and the sculptures turned into dazzling ice crystals that scattered.

The scene was as beautiful as a dream.

From the 30th to the 39th floors.

Wang Wens luck seemed to have returned to normal.

He did not encounter the same kind of checkpoints consecutively.

Some ordinary observation-type skill levels, as well as small-scale single-layer illusions, disorderly mechanisms, and other checkpoints, also appeared randomly.

During the process, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were so sleepy that they could not open their eyes.

Wang Wen calculated the time.

It had been more than a day since he entered the tower, so he found a relatively safe room to rest in.

In the room, there was no place to rest except for all kinds of mechanisms that had been dismantled.

If they wanted to rest, they could only hide in a corner and rest against the wall for a while.

There was no food or drink.

The ground was hard, and there were sharp, poisonous thorns and other dangerous items everywhere.

The only advantage was that there were no snakes, insects, rats, ants, or dangerous beasts.

And there was no time limit.


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