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Chapter 88: Dont Misunderstand

Wang Wen vaguely remembered that the first time he ate a crocodile in his previous life was when he was in a Survival in the Wild level.

At that time, he was still a piece of trash that had not even reached the 100th floor.

The group looked down on him, and he did not have any extravagant hopes of becoming the elite that the group worshiped.

He just climbed the tower silently.

He was with the boy and Xiao Yi.

Before catching the crocodile, they had not found anything to eat for a few days.

They were so hungry that they felt dizzy.

Xiao Yi said that she wanted to leave the tower to eat.

She had only earned a few hundred points from entering the tower.

When she left, she had to pay half of it to the group as a basic fee, plus items, medicine, and other expenses.

Xiao Yi said that she had some money from her father, so she could treat the two of them to a meal.

Did that mean they would have to live off a woman

He would rather not eat.

So, under his willful insistence, the three of them went hungry for a long time.

When he thought about that, it seemed like he had always been willful and stubborn, which was why he had killed his teammates, his partners, and finally himself.

Later that day, he was so hungry that he could not stand it anymore.

He did not know what they could eat in the rainforest, so he decided to fish in the river.

He did not manage to catch the fish, and he almost turned into crocodile food.

However, he managed to defeat it, and Xiao Yi set up a mechanism to cut the crocodile into pieces.

Finally, they gathered around the small bonfire.

The three of them cried as they chewed on the charred crocodile meat.

They were scared out of their wits after escaping death.

However, the crocodile meat was fresh, so it was delicious.

Wang Wens mind was full of wild thoughts as he kept moving his hands.

He dug a hole in the ground with Zhu Xingguo and buried all the internal organs and other things that had been cleaned up.

Then, he took the washed meat and roasted it on a temporary stone rack.

Ren Ruoruo had taken a lot of seasonings from the supermarket, so she had oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar for a barbecue.

In fact, the grilled crocodile meat was not as delicious as they had imagined.

It would have been difficult to swallow if they were not so hungry.

One of the reasons was that it was difficult to overcome the psychological barriers.

Plus, it was indeed not as fragrant as a chicken drumstick.

However, thinking of the rich nutrition, the three of them still chewed on the meat happily.

After all, it did not cost them money.

After a few hours, after eating and drinking their fill, Wang Wen and the other two walked back.

The drones progress was around 30 percent, and there had been no movement for a while.

They decided to go back and check on the situation.

Along the way, they carefully tiptoed.

They tried not to attract the attention of any strange creatures.

When they got close to the checkpoint, they could see that the grassland was a mess, with the bodies and blood of the lion monsters everywhere.

Following the traces, they realized that the two men had escaped in another direction.

The bodies on the ground were all extending in that direction.

Wang Wen and the other two slowly followed the directions.

For safety reasons, they stayed on the periphery as much as possible.

Later, the traces of the battle became fewer and fewer.

It was difficult to tell the direction, so they stopped.

Not far away, they could hear faint cries of pain coming from a few rows of bushes.

“It stings! It stings! Dont touch it!”

“Shut up!”

“But it hurts!”

“Do you want to bleed to death without bandaging it”

“Alright, Brother Shu, dont you think those three people looked down on us They dared to run away!

“No, we cant take that lying down.

When they return, Ill kill one or two of them to vent my anger!

“The big guy likes to have small meetings in private.

Lets take care of him first! ”

Among the three people eavesdropping not far away, Wang Wen secretly poked Zhu Xingguo, signaling that the big guy was finished.

Someone wanted to take care of him.

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head helplessly.

“Theres also that skinny monkey who always acts like hes the best in the world.

He needs to be taught a lesson! ”

Zhu Xingguo silently laughed at Wang Wen.

Wang Wen shook his head in embarrassment.

Just as he was about to lead the two of them away, he heard a conversation from the bushes.

“That woman has a pretty good figure.

Ill bury her after I find her.

Anyway, once the item takes effect, she wont wake up and wont be able to run away.

“Arent the prostitutes more fun Why do you always have to pick tower climbers Isnt it enough to kill that woman last time”

“Those ugly and dirty women in the slums are not as fun as tower climbers! Besides, we dont need to spend money!”

Wang Wen stopped in his tracks and frowned.

Zhu Xingguos expression became murderous.

Ren Ruoruo clenched her fists.

The conversation in the bushes continued.

“Forget it! Dont give me trouble! ”

“What are you afraid of, brother Ever since you got that thing, no one has been able to escape from our hands.

What kind of trouble will we get”

“Im afraid that one day youll offend a big shot, and even I wont be able to protect you!”

“Those big shots have their own teams that can go up to the 200th floor.” Well always be in the lower levels.

They wont be able to touch us.”

“You still have to be careful.”

“Dont worry!”

Wang Wen silently led the two of them away slowly.

Ren Ruoruos face was calm, and she only took a few deep breaths occasionally.

Zhu Xingguo looked at Wang Wen with a solemn expression.

Wang Wen shook his head and observed the distribution of the monsters around him for a while.

That seemed to be the place where the group of lion monsters lost their target.

The number of lion monsters seemed to have increased as they wandered aimlessly in the distance.

From time to time, they would sniff the corpses of their companions on the ground.

He thought for a moment and led the way back.

The two people behind him did not understand and followed him obediently.

He returned to the battlefield with the most corpses.

After confirming there was no danger, he took out a Shear Water Bead!

He flattened the Shear Water Bead and placed it where the lion monster had the most blood.

Then, he began to collect the blood!

Zhu Xing was confused.

He turned his head and looked at Ren Ruoruo, who was deep in thought.

Ren Ruoruo asked him to bring all the corpses to them.

It was more convenient for Wang Wen to use the syringe to suck the blood.

After a few minutes, they had managed to get at least 1,000 liters of blood.

Since the corpses on the ground no longer had more blood, Wang Wen stood up and returned to the bush where the two of them were hiding.

He could hear faint cries of pain coming from the bush.

Wang Wen nodded with relief.

He made a crossbow-like device.

He hung the Shear Water Bead on the top of the arrowhead and hooked it on the left and right.

He ensured that when the arrow flew out, it would tear the water bead apart and bring it to the target.

Zhu Xingguo finally understood what his captain was trying to do.

His eyes lit up.

Wang Wen looked at the distance and moved two meters forward for accuracy.

He crouched between the weeds and aimed at the bushes.

At that distance, the other partys voice could already be heard clearly.

“This checkpoint is a little strange.

There are so many monsters, and each monster costs 500 points.

Ive never seen such a high reward in the lower levels!”

Wang Wen adjusted his aim slightly according to the direction of the voice.

The voice continued.

“Brother, Im a little hungry.

Its those three damn things! They made us get chased by the monsters! ”

The trigger was pulled.

The arrow successfully pierced through the Shear Water Bead and entered the bushes.

“When we find them, we must… Argh! Something bit my butt!”

The three people lying in the bushes saw a large pool of blood suddenly burst out from the bushes.

Then, a short man jumped up with his hand on his butt and screamed crazily.

His whole body was covered in blood.

Even though the other party was quickly pulled back into the bushes by a hand and his voice seemed to be muffled by someone covering his mouth, Wang Wen still noticed that the lion monsters wandering in the distance had disappeared.

It seemed like they had found their target and had entered hunting mode.

Wang Wen silently gestured to retreat, and the three of them crawled far away.

After retreating for a few meters, the bushes in the distance finally exploded with the sound of gunfire.

Two figures supported each other as they retreated from the hiding spot.

The tall one used his gun to point at the group of lion monsters that were surrounding them.

However, he was accidentally pounced on by a lion monster that had jumped out from the side.

Then, all the lion monsters in the surroundings pounced on the spot in the center as if they were stacked on top of each other.

Zhu Xingguo, who was watching from afar, felt great as he retreated.

“I did not expect to meet such a scum.

This is for justice!”

On the contrary, Ren Ruoruo looked at Wang Wen with a worried look.

“If we trick them like that, will people talk about this Its like we framed them, right”

“Dont misunderstand.” Wang Wen focused on the progress of the drone and said lightly, “Thats not for justice or frame-up.

Im just progressing through the level.”


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